Tanner’s Wish Part 1

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Hello, my name is Tanner, and I am an average teenage boy who tries to be normal but feels like a weirdo freak. It was hard because I was constantly horny and wore clothes that covered most of my body. This awkwardness made me few friends at school and no girlfriends. I spent my nights fantasying about sex or becoming a hero like in like comics.

My life took a sudden turn with the death of my favorite uncle Roland. He was the odd one of the family, and super rich after cashing in on the rise of apps. The whole extended family arrived at his castle, yes, a freaking real Irish castle he bought and transferred to Northern California. The family gathered outside the castle doors and waited for the lawyer to read Uncle Roland’s will.

The lawyer waited for some of the family to fall into silence. It was hard because there were thirty kids including me and my two sisters Hannah, Annabelle, and older brother Marcus. My parents were standing to the side whispering. I glanced around to my cousins whom I hardly ever seen. I looked at the older girls with women’s bodies looking sexy. Then there were the cuties who held their parents’ hands talking. Then I saw her. She was wearing a deep dark green dress that contrasted against her red hair and freckles. She was young with slight budding boobs just big enough to show the outline and just small enough to not require a training bra. She was my favorite little cousin Jewel.

“Ok everyone” the lawyer called for silence he opened an envelope “Herein is the last will and testament of Roland Francis Berger.” He cleared his voice. “The lands and structurers of Ballycarbery Castle are hereby transferred to a non-profit organization with enough funds to maintain her for a hundred years.” I looked around and saw Michael my handsome older cousin eyeing my sister Annabelle. She wore a sundress with yellow flowers that was just low enough to highlight the tops of her chest. She was beautiful and a year older than me.

“As for everyone one else you are allowed a box to fill up or one item that is larger than the box.”

I was confused. We were just going to raid Uncle Roland’s stuff. I felt completely disgusted, but I wanted to get something to remember him by. A pretty woman with large boobs handed me a box the size of a copy paper box. I glanced around to see the adults talking in hush tones and some were obviously angry.

“What should I get Daddy” Annabelle asked. He whispered an answer I barely heard.

“Ready… Set… Go.” The lawyer shouted. The whole family bolted through the dark wooden doors. It was chaos and I hated every minute of it. I knew the castle very well since I spent a month each summer and would run around. I wanted something personal, so I went to Uncle Roland’s personal study. I was the only one headed that way because it was away from the more expensive prizes. I almost knocked on the heavy oak door before I remembered he was dead. I opened the door and slipped inside closing the door behind me.

Then a memory surfaced.

It was two years ago and a week into my vacation with him. He was typing on an old typewriter his strong hands dancing around the keys. I was lounging in a small sofa reading a comic book. I was lost in the story of great powers and equal responsibility. When my Uncle’s voice brought me back.

“Ok. I’m done for the night.” He leaned back stretching out. “You remember our conversation last night?” I nodded. He got up and went to his bookcase. “Here is something special.” He removed a book opening it to reveal a remote. I watched him closely because he is super tricky. The small remote had a single button. He pressed it and a click sound happened in his desk revealing a small compartment. He pulled out a small laptop turning it on. “The password is your name.” He opened the file named exploits and I tons of pictures of naked flesh. My Uncle with little boys, girls, adults, and even my mother. I was shocked. I felt my cock get hard pressing against my shorts. I nervously shifted and a smile crossed his face. He clicked a video and my mother appeared standing in front of the camera holding her bare boobs and covering her pubic area with a hand. My cock was rock hard. Mother was in college when the film was made.

“Now Eva, we agreed” my Uncle gently told her. “If I paid for your schooling you would be my slave.” Her shoulders slump revealing her boobs. I started rubbing my cock through my shorts. My Uncle moved around the desk with the computer screen set so I could keep watching. My younger mother knelt and pulled down my uncle’s pants. His cock was huge as it sprang free. This was not the first time I watched a porno; I had a smart phone since I was ten. He watched me watching mom.

“Let me help” he knelt and pulled my shorts off. My cock was a ridged pole sticking up with a small amount of precum forming on the tip. “Simply beautiful my lovely boy.” His large hand made it look small when he wrapped his fingers around it. Slowly he stroked it up and a burst of pleasure filled my belly. It was building and I was confused by the feeling then he stopped. I was moaned in pleasure. “My turn.” he stood up and dropped his pants and silk boxers. His cock was a massive ten-inch piece of meat. It was at my eye level. I reached wrapping my hands around it slowly stroking it. His thumb traced my mouth. “Watch your mother.” I look over and mother’s mouth was around his cock sucking it deeply. The camera picked up a slurping sound. My eyes found his cock again. My tongue flicked across his tip. “Fuck,” he gasped “yes my beautiful boy.” I could only fit a little more than the tip in my mouth. My hands stroke him as my tongue worked his cock. “Urh Fuck. I’m Cuming.” He shouted. Then a flood of his seed filled my mouth before he removed his cock from my mouth shooting thick streams of juice across my face.

The memory ends as I collapse on the floor in a haze of confused pleasure. I never sucked Uncle Roland’s cock. I would have but I never… did I? I found myself standing and walking to the book looking for the remote. The book that was in my fantasy was on the shelf and it had a small black one button remote. I felt scared as I pressed the button. The same click opened a compartment. Inside was the laptop, an old looking leather bound book, and a small jewelry box. I open it to find a silver ring that was warm to the touch.

I slipped the ring on my right ring finger. With a pop, a girl appeared before me. She looked like my youngest sister Hannah. She was barely five feet tall wearing a see-through nighty.

[Master] a soft sexy voice filled my mind. [I am yours.] I was confused. [I may look like a little girl, but I am ancient. Your stories call us genies or jinn.] I blurted out three wishes. [Unlimited wishes if you don’t overreach or lose the ring. Think about something you want.]

I made my first wish.

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