Aunt and nephew are the only humans alive

It was the day everything changed. The world had ended. The humans went extinct and I and my aunt (mother’s sister) were the only humans probably alive. There was complete silence. No cars, horns, factories. We both were scared and my aunt started crying. I hugged her and told her that everything will be okay.

Bibi ki saheli

Hii friends I’m sahil , ye story Meri aur Meri Bibi ki friend ki hai jo aapko shayad pasand aaye , Meri Bibi ki umra 32saal hai sir thodi moti hai , ye story tab 2saal pehle ki hai Meri Bibi ki ek friend hai jiska naam ranjna hai wo ek company me job karti


Hello Readers ! I am here again with my true story.In my previous stories titled’MY YOUNGER BROTHER JEET‘ & ITS PART…02/03/04 AND ‘SUNNY FUCKED ME‘ with stories revolving my hot mom titled ‘MY HOT MOM JULIE‘ & ITS PARTS, readers have liked it….but not got best response from them.I am here again to narrate my