Sukhi Sansar

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Episode : 1

It was the great “Durga-puja Vacation” in Bengal when the most shattering news came to the famous ‘Sen-Family’. Sumana ( 22 yrs. old Primary school teacher ) elder sister of Subha ( a brilliant Madhyamik pass student ) became widow when her husband met with a severe car accident. The whole family was suddenly immersed into darkness of shock and became speechless for more than six months.

In this critical juncture the continuous counseling of the family’s Guruji was able to help the family to overcome from this grave situation. Not only that, with Guruji’s advice, the family built-up a small Kali Mandir ( Temple of the great Goddess Maa Kaali ) in their house compound where they spent one hour ( morning and evening, two times ) daily by chanting mantras and puja.

However the Sen couple ( 48 yrs. old Sudhirbabu, a well-known and qualified Headmaster and 45 yrs. old Sumitradevi, a renowned Politician cum Social worker ) became changed mentally as well as physically into a religious couple to some extent after that massacre and spent most of their time in Guruji’s Ashram. Inevitably Sumana also accompanied her parents but other times she kept herself busy in household chores and Primary school teaching where as her studious brother was prepared himself for his “Joint-Entrance” examination at Hostel in Pune.

After five months, in this Summer Vacation Subha returned home by Air and Sumana picked up her brother at Dumdum airport. His eyes immediately took in the sexy contours of his elder sister’s body. Naturally being a Bengalee widow she was wearing in a thin white saree and white blouse which made her sexy body even more sexier.

Gawking of their surrounding males as well as females also made Subha angry, although he himself was not exception as he was at the age where his hormones pulsed every time he would see a girl. The female shape drove him crazy, but he concealed his excitement well.

It was getting later into the evening by the time they got back to the house. His parents greeted him joyously and proceeding forward he touched their sacred feet ( Pranam ). The proud parents blessed their dear son by touching his head and shuffled his wavy hairs affectionately.

Returning home Sumana showed her brother the layout of his room and the bathroom ( modified recently ) down the hall, all kept in tip top and proper ordering. At last she said goodnight. Her own room was directly across from him. They both settled into sleep quickly.

The next morning Sumana had showered and walked downstairs into the sacred Worship-room in nothing but a thin saffron saree with a plate of Complacency ( Prasad / small cut pieces of different fruits ), some burning insane sticks ( Dhoop ) and a small Burner ( Pradeep ) for puja. Hearing a nice religious song along with chanting of mantras by his widow sister, Subha woke up from his dream.

Coming down, he entered the Worship-room and kneeled beside his praying sister who was worshipping the great Goddess in closed eyes with folded hands. His parents were also copying his sister’s praying kneeling behind her.

Naturally he followed his sacred Sati-saddhi ( Chaste ) sister but was unable to concentrate in praying as her saree slipped away from her right shoulder, exposing her upper body to him. Immediately his cock stirred up, forming a huge bulge under his pyjamas.

Embarrassed, he looked away, stood up, and turned his back to her. Distracting from her chanting, Sumana realized the situation and immediately adjusted her saree. She felt what was done during her puja. Both acted normally and completed the rest of puja as if nothing happened.

Later Sumana made a lot of fun to talk to as she made breakfast for the two of them and her parents. At last Subha was going to kick back in the backyard, work on his tan, and generally do nothing. Sumana had to cover her Primary school duty for a few days before she was officially on vacation.

As soon as she left the house along with her parents, Subha went to her bedroom with a screwdriver. There he checked out the door frame and pried the trim apart slightly so he could see inside with the door closed. This was a trick he learned earlier spying on his mother.

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