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I am Rohan ,a young guy of 25 years with fair complexion,height of 6’0 feet,well built and penis lengths 08-09 inches long and 02 inches thick in full erection. I have a strong sexual addiction as my two sisters Juhi and Ruhi have lost their virginity to me and they both are enjoying their married life with their elder sister Juhi is 26 years old as Ruhi is of 23 years ,their white complexion as well as height of 5’5 and 5’6 feet make them both sisters are at her parents home as we three have enjoyed physical love once at midnight. it’s a nice morning as I am in balcony with a cup of coffee as I can see my mom and Juhi in hurry ,preparing breakfast for us after a while mom came to me and said……

Rohan ,I will go to market with Juhi after some time , so have your breakfast
(Rohan) but where is Ruhi ?
(Mom) I think she is still sleeping ,let him sleep.”


And mom walked away. I am with newspaper as my cup of coffee have I moved to my bedroom as I can see my mom and Juhi in their bedroom after having a nice bath.after some time ,both walked away as I can see Ruhi coming out of her bedroom in her night gawn.looking too hot and sexy as I can see her cleavage ,looking at me……

Rohan prepare a tea for me soon
(Rohan) oh Ruhi please prepare it for me also.”

And she walked towards kitchen as I am reading newspaper ,she came back after a while and both are having tea while sitting on sofa. I put my cup of coffee as Ruhi is still drinking it ,now my hand is on her thigh as it’s going inside her gawn and Ruhi after putting cup on table ,hold my wrist and put it away……

“ohh Rohan ,you are inciting me for sex ,and I put my hand on her breast and pressed it hard “oohhhhh aahh don’t be so rude” ,but I am pressing her breast hard while my other hand is on her shoulder.

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now Ruhi is close to me as I put my hand on her waist and make her sit on my strong thigh. Her sexy ass is on my thigh as she put her hand on my shoulder and she started kissing my face as well as lips while my hand is rubbing her back.ruhi put her lips on my lips and kissed hard…….

“mom and Juhi is out of home but if they come soon
(Rohan) they will come after 2-3 hours as they have gone to market.”

And Ruhi pushed his tongue in my mouth and while sucking it ,my hand is on her back. I can feel her soft breast on my chest as our eyes are closed and Ruhi is breathing fast as I sucked her tongue for some time.

It’s 10:20 am as my hot sister have taken a cup of tea only and looking too hot in her knee length gawn, I put my hand on her gawn and lifted it up to her neck as she removed it.

she is nude as her two breast are nude with her flat tummy and deep belly ,she is in a panty only covering her vaginal I started pressing her breast hard as Ruhi pulled down my Bermuda to legs ,my semi erected cock is in her hand as she is masturbating it Ruhi is on my legs and she have removed it’s skin as her lips are kissing my penis while my hand is on her breast.looking at me ,she started moving glans on her face and lips.

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My penis is in erection as she put my glans in her mouth and slowly took my long cock in her mouth to suck.she is sucking my penis fastly as her mouth have grabbed it and giving a hard and fast jerk on it,it’s in fire as I am screaming…….

“oohhhhh my hot sister you are so good in sucking cock aah .”

And she took my wet penis and started licking it with her 8 inches long and 2 inches thick cock is again in her mouth as she is giving me a nice blow job.she is sitting on sofa and I am on her legs,now removed her panty as she stretched her legs wide giving me full visibility of her vagina. It’s clean shaved with labias well distracted ,my lips are on her soft vagina as she is holding my hairs I put a finger on her cunt as I opened its hole ,my tongue is inside her cunt ,her vaginal flexibility shows her frequency of fuck as she is married for 6 months only but she is a modern lady with addiction of penis. I am licking her cunt as she is pushing my face in between her thighs and I can smell its natural odour and lastly ,I took her vagina in my mouth to suck as she is shouting……

“oohhhhh aahhh Rohan ,suck it hard aahh I will cum soon.”

And I got the taste of her vaginal we both are nude as we both are in short break,we are moving in our home nudely as I hold her waist while walking towards washroom. Ruhi took a towel as well as her clothes and we moved inside we both opened the tap of a cascade as we are under it ,we both have hold each other as we are ruhi closed the tap and we both took a bottle of gel and started putting it on each other’s body .she is putting gel on my chest to waist as I am putting it on her boobs and giving it a nice massage.we both are hot as well as horny and now our body are covered with gel and I kissed her lips……..

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“Ruhi now turn back and put your arms on wall as I will fuck you from behind .”

Now she is like a four legged animal as I hold my cock and pushed it in her wet pussy as my hand is on her waist ,I pushed hard my long cock in her vagina fast and she shouted…….

“ooh my god ,it’s too hard like a hot iron rod aahh.”

And I am pounding her vagina with speed and power ,she is enjoying my fuck as I hold her one breast to press it Ruhi started moving her ass fast as my penis is hitting her deep vagina ,our hot body are near orgasm as we both are enjoying fuck and after 10 minutes of deep penetration ,I shouted……..

“ohhhh aahh Ruhi I will cum soon AAHHH.” and my penis ejaculated cum in her vagina and she sucked my cock to taste it’s cum .

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