Son seduces his mother using a fake email account

Several months before graduating from high school my girlfriend and I broke up. My interests were science studies and I had got accepted to a local University. She was interested in the Arts and accepted a scholarship on the other side of the country. We both decided a distant relationship wasn’t going to work and decided to terminate it before we changed our minds and not pursue our field of interest.

She was a great looker and we’ve been steadily fucking since we both turned 18 in the fall. That kind of put me in a depressed mood from the time we broke up to graduation. She even gave me back the one thing she had really enjoyed from me. In one of her art projects she learned to cast rubber sculptures, one of them being a perfect cast of my dick. She did a near perfect job of it and had used it often when I wasn’t around, but she wanted a full break so she gave it to me when we split up. As bad as the breakup was, I wasn’t totally devastated. She was a great fuck, but I have lusted after my mother for years and during sex I usually fantasized it was my mother instead of her.

I decided I needed to buckle down on my studies since a lot of my time was previously devoted to my girlfriend and my grades were good, but not excellent. I also decided to enroll in a few on-line self paced college courses to get some electives out of the way so I could concentrate on core studies at the University. So now all my free time was devoted to studies which helped me forget about all the sex I previously enjoyed.

Our family schedule at home has been pretty consistent the last few years. My single mother would come home from work, fix dinner for the two of us, then we’d watch TV for one to two hours. Now I’d come home from school, finish up my schoolwork before mom arrived, hastily eat dinner, then spend less than an hour with mom before going to my room and work on the college work. I was spending a lot less time with mom and I was mostly distant in conversation with my head crammed full of assignments. It was stressful and it appeared to my mother that I was depressed.

I do love her immensely and didn’t want to chance harming that relationship. I could tell she’d noticed a difference in my mood since my break-up. She didn’t really know about my girlfriend so she didn’t know the reason for my initial depression. More than once she’d ask if anything was wrong and what she could do to cheer me up. I would’ve liked to tell her what would cheer me up but was afraid of the consequences so I refrained and provided short, softly spoken responses.


The day before graduation she came in my room while I was working on the computer and she asked “Honey, what are you going to wear for your graduation tomorrow? Do you need me to wash anything?”

I quickly replied “No thanks. I’m not going to attend the ceremony. I’d rather just stay here.” She looked visibly shaken and said “Oh dear, that’s a shame. Graduation is such a big event. You should attend and then go out on a date or something fun to celebrate.” I quickly retorted “No. I’ll be fine. Please just let me be.” I felt bad that I said it a little too harshly to the one person I truly loved. I could tell she was hurt when she turned and left the room before I could apologize to her. The real reason I wanted to stay home was that my college finals were the day after graduation and I wanted to do some last minute cramming. I didn’t bother mentioning that to mom because I was keeping it a surprise.

The day after graduation I finished all my on-line finals. I was mentally exhausted at that point. Several days of intense studying really got to me. Now I was free for the summer and it felt as if a great weight had been lifted. Being a healthy 18-year old boy I resorted to what I enjoyed most– masturbation. It was accomplished with the aid of one of many fantasies that involved coupling with mom. It took me less than 30 minutes to spew out a big load. Now that school was behind me my focus was entirely on sex.

At that moment I realized I had to come up with a plan to seduce my mom. It was all I could think of lately and it was driving me nuts. I hastily put together a seduction scheme but figured at some point something would blow up. She seemed more concerned than normal over my depression so I thought I’d use that angle.

Why the fascination with my mother? My mother is 34 and stunning. She had a high school pregnancy and she didn’t want to give me up. Her boyfriend wanted nothing to do with her once she was pregnant so she decided to devote the last 18 years to raising me and has not had any relationships.

She’s a very conservative dresser so I have not had an opportunity to see exactly what lies underneath, but what has been exposed is perfect. Her legs are long, very lean and sexy. She has shoulder length brunette hair which she usually wears tied up. She is not thin and not fat. She is very curvaceous and does not have an ounce of fat on her. She has a beautiful face and her smile and laugh is contagious and has often brought me into a good mood when I felt a little down.

She tends to wear dresses and suits that don’t show a lot of cleavage. She has a smallish body frame which makes her breasts appear larger than the 35-C bra I’ve masturbated to on more than one occasion. We don’t hug or kiss but otherwise she shows me a lot of love. I’ve fantasized about her a lot, but felt a sexual liaison was probably not feasible.

I made up a fake Email account, with a name of Dr Sue and proceeded with my seduction plan. It took me several drafts to finally come up with my initial contact to her.


I’d like to introduce myself and offer my services. I was an assistant counselor this last year at your son’s high school. I am no longer working at the school but I am offering my services to provide guidance to single-parent mothers and their sons – this is my specialty and I have had great success in absolving mother-son relationships. As the case with many sons of single-parent mothers, I have observed some signs that your son may have some issues and may be progressing on a less that positive relationship track . If you are interested in starting a dialogue, reply to this Email.

Thank you,

Dr. Sue

Now I just had to wait to see if she’d just ignore it or worse, contact the authorities if she suspected foul play. I continued my mopey behavior to try to convince her there might be some truth to the Email. I didn’t get a reply until the next day.

Dr. Sue,

I don’t recall my son mentioning you and I’m not even sure if you worked at the school so I’m a little leery of your email. I’d like to contact the school to confirm your employment. Would you have a referral you can give me? Also, what is the cost for this treatment?


I thought I might have blown it. I would have to be more careful with my next email. I would have to try to bring it down to a more personal level and gain her trust. I also had to soothe her fears that it was not a scam to get money since she brought up the cost. I wrote another email and sent it at 6 pm.


I did not personally interact with your son so he would not know me. I observed various students from the senior class often without any of them knowing I was conducting my research. I was working under a federal grant and I did not interact very often with school authorities. Their views did not coincide with mine as they were primarily concerned with just pushing students through. They thought the psychological welfare of their students was not their concern and believed I was wasting everyone’s time. I can tell you now I would not get a good referral from that school.

I am also a single-parent mother with a son and spent too much time at work while he was growing up and as a result he did not end up going in a positive direction after graduation.

I decided to research this phenomenon in order to figure out where I went wrong. What I discovered was that many sons with single-parent mothers would get very despondent when they got close to finishing high school and would have trouble with relationships the rest of their lives. They would also start to resent their mothers blaming them for their inability to have a healthy relationship. This is primarily a result of missing a father and relying only on his mother during his development. They exhibit low confidence and often get involved in harmful relationships.

Since my failure with my own son I have decided to devote my free time to helping others. I have helped dozens of parents the last several years with a very high success rate. I do not charge for my services. I’m only trying to make up for my own failure as a parent who loves her son. Since it is a free service, I do no face-to-face interviews or office visits. I check my Email a couple times a night and offer guidance and that’s generally enough.

If you do not feel comfortable with this arrangement please don’t bother to reply. I’ll understand completely. If you do recognize your son starting to get despondent I recommend you both get seek professional help.

Thank you and I hope this answers your questions,


Just as I sent it mom called me out to the kitchen. When I got to the kitchen Mom was there with one of her intoxicating broad smiles no doubt in an attempt to cheer me up. She confirmed that when she told me “What would you like for dinner? You seem a little down. Let me cheer you up with one of your favorite meals.”

I paused long enough to compose my answer. “Whatever you want to fix mom. I don’t really have any preference. In fact, I’m not that hungry.” That should send up a red flag. I’m always hungry. All through dinner I played up my depressed state, picking at my food and remaining quiet. After dinner I helped her put the dishes in the dishwasher and then went in to the living room to watch TV.

She came in and sat in a chair where she could see me and the TV. I could tell she was trying to figure things out in her mind. After awhile she started questioning me again about going out and having some fun. I continued to act depressed providing only short answers. She was wearing one of her work dresses and it came down midway down her calves so not much was showing. It was enough though to have an effect on me. I was getting happier just sitting there with her cheerful personality, broad smile and sexy legs. I didn’t want her to see me cheering up. I yawned feigning tiredness and told her “Mom, I think I’ll retire early tonight. I’m feeling pretty tired”.

I got up to go to my room. She had a concerned look on her face and I felt a little bad putting her through this. I did love this woman and I didn’t want to hurt her. Forty five minutes later the email came in.

Hi Sue.

I’ve been thinking about what you wrote and I’m a little hesitant about communicating my personal information to someone I haven’t met. I can understand your reasoning though and I would like to participate. The fact that you’re a single-parent mother also convinces me that this is worth pursuing. You can truly relate how difficult it is to raise a child as a single mother. I think you’ll be more understanding than other professionals that don’t have your background.

I have noticed my son getting more and more depressed. I’m worried for him and don’t know how to proceed. Our communications have deteriorated and I’m afraid of losing him. I’d like to keep it low profile and help him any way I can. What methodology are you using? If possible, I’d like to start as soon as possible. I am taking this week off from work and can devote some time to helping my son.



Success! That worked out better than I thought it would. I figured at this point she felt more personally connected to Dr Sue. I started to work on my next reply. I waited an hour to send it.


Thanks for your confidence in me. I’d be happy to help you and if you have any more questions, please feel free to ask me. As far as the procedure, it’s quite simple and very effective as long as you adhere to the guidelines.

The objective is to get your son more confident in relationships. This is accomplished without his knowledge, so you don’t need to worry about discussing this with him. Since we can’t really send a stranger in to boost his confidence we use the only resource that’s available and that’s his mother, you. He probably still cares for you even though he’s depressed and will react favorably with someone he knows. We boost his confidence interacting with you until he is on solid ground and then once he’s fully confident we introduce him to other relationships.

The first step is to get him attracted to the opposite sex again. This will help his confidence level. This may be a little uncomfortable for you but the rewards of a future healthy relationship are worth it. I need you to dress a little less conservative and flirt with him if you can. Hopefully he’s not in such a depressed state that he won’t be attracted to you.

Good luck and let me know how it goes,


All I could do now is wait and see what happens. I got up the next day and went into the kitchen and there was my mother with a dress that came up several inches above her knees. My plan was working. She appeared to be really happy while she served us breakfast. I picked up my mood a little to correspond with her attitude.

We discussed where we were going today and decided to do some shopping and eat out for lunch. So all day while walking around I couldn’t help but to look at her legs often. I’m sure she caught me several times.

At home we followed our regular routine and ended up in the living room. We were both on the couch tonight. After awhile she brought her legs up which caused the dress to go a few inches higher. Now I was blatantly staring and she would catch me several times but not say anything. After awhile I figured that I had taken it far enough and excused myself to my room. My mother followed me down the hall and went to her room.

Half an hour later I got an email on the Dr Sue account.


It’s working! I wore a shorter dress and he did a lot of staring and he seemed much happier today so it looks like he’s already improving. I almost started to say something to him about staring so long, but then I remembered about what you said. I hope I’m doing the right thing. So far I’m happy with the results. Is there anything else I should be doing to improve things?


Well, everything was going according to plan. I didn’t want to take it too fast so I was careful in my next note to her.


It sounds like you’re doing a wonderful job. It’s good you didn’t reprimand him for staring. It’s a real confidence breaker and he might slip back into a depressed state. Continue with how you’ve been proceeding. If you can somehow introduce casual touching it might help him also.


Next morning we decided on a walk in the city park with a lunch. I notched up my attitude a little to show her that improvement was being made. A couple times during the walk she held my hand. Later that night she sat by me on the couch while we were watching TV. She then said we should take our showers and watch TV in comfort. We both took our showers and when we were settled back on the couch she spoke up “Boy, that walk really tired me out. My feet are so sore – it’s been awhile since I’ve walked that much.”

I hastily replied “Mom, I really enjoyed walking with you today. We probably went a little too far for not having walked that much lately. The least I can do is give your feet a massage.” Before she could say anything I picked up her feet, swung them up to my lap and started a gentle massage. She responded with a wide smile “Oh son, that’s so considerate of you. I haven’t had a foot massage for a long time.” I could feel her relax as I continued on her other foot.

I then ran my hand up that wonderful firm calf and massaged it while explaining my actions “Mom, your muscles do feel tight. I’ll work the knots out for you.” Her eyes got a little wide as I started to massage her calves but she didn’t say anything. I so much wanted to jam my hand up her leg and grab that wondrous pussy but I played it slow. She was pretty tense at the start, but started to relax after awhile. After half an hour of groping her legs, under the pretense of massaging I set her legs down and continued to watch TV and also was looking over plenty of times to admire her beauty.

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We then departed to our rooms and I waited for her email. It only took her 10 minutes to receive one tonight.


I took your advice and held hands with him today. It felt so special and I could tell he was a little apprehensive at first but then started to perk up. Later we were watching TV and I mentioned my sore feet and he picked my feet up and massaged them. It felt so wonderful I hated for him to stop. Then he ran his hands up my calves and massaged those too. I almost stopped him but once again I heeded your advice and didn’t say anything. It felt so good. I still feel a little awkward doing this as I’m so much older. I’m not sure if he’s going to get grossed out by an older woman rather than a girl his own age. I’m not sure how to proceed now. Any advice?


I responded through Dr Sue’s account.


Good progress. It sounds as if he’s rapidly improving. It’s good that you didn’t say anything to him when he went out of bounds a bit by feeling your calves. You don’t want to do anything to slow down his confidence escalation at this point. As far as him getting ‘grossed’ out, I’m not sure if that’s really applicable. I’ve never seen you so I’m not sure how to proceed. I know this sounds a little forward but if you could send me some pictures of you in different stages of dress I might be able to prescribe an appropriate attire selection to correctly direct his actions. I know you’re probably uneasy about sending pictures of yourself over the Internet, but I promise to destroy any pictures I receive from you and will only take notes to make the appropriate recommendations. You don’t need to include your face if that makes you feel more comfortable. If you don’t want to send anything, I’ll understand and proceed to the best of my ability. I’ll stay on-line for a little while longer if you want to continue this discussion.



I wasn’t sure if mom even had a camera but I knew she was very familiar with her phone so she could take selfies if she wanted. I hoped I wasn’t too aggressive and had scared her off. Sending risqué pictures after a few emails to a virtual stranger didn’t really fit in with how mom worked so I just had to hope.

An hour later and I got an email with attachments.


If someone would have told me a week ago I’d be sending pictures of myself to a stranger I would have told them they were nuts, but I’ve seen the progress my son has made and I have a lot of trust in you. The first picture is of the dress I’m currently wearing around my son. The next few are of dresses and skirt/blouse combinations that I haven’t worn for years. The last few pictures are ones of my nighties that I rarely wear. I only wear them in the bedroom just to feel good at times. I did cut off my face in all the pictures which is a good thing as I was blushing so much it might have just been a red splotch. I have never done anything like this. I just hope it helps you direct me to help my son. I plan on touring his University tomorrow. Any advice on what to wear?



Wow, what an email. There was the dress that she currently wears and a couple dresses I’ve never seen. The skirts/blouse combinations were very hot and when I clicked on the lingerie pictures I saw the beautiful woman I had envisioned. A few of the nighties were not transparent but still really sexy. The last couple were thin and although she had on bra and panties they showed off her exquisitely sexy body. Her breasts were noticeably pushed up contained in a half bra with her nipples barely covered. One transparent nightie was especially revealing. It was a two-piece light blue nightie. The top barely covered the bottom of her bra leaving her midriff bare and the bottom skirt was very short.

Well I could admire these more later on. I needed to make up a reply to her to quickly ease her mind.


Your pictures are just amazing. You could easily find work as a lingerie model. You should not be concerned with your son getting grossed out. I took some notes and have already deleted the pictures so don’t worry about that part. I think we could step it up a bit from the dresses you are currently wearing. I’d like you to wear the red dress tomorrow at the University. It looks like it goes down to mid-thigh which should peak his interest a little more. Also it’s low cut enough that he might strain his neck looking up and down.

Good Luck and let me know how it goes.


Now I just had to wait until the next day to see if she follows through with the Dr’s instructions.

The next morning at breakfast mom was wearing her normal outfit so I figured I had failed. Oh well, it was worth a shot. We ate and then she stated “Son, how about if we walk around your University campus today. I’d like to see where you’ll be going.” I already knew today’s agenda but I put on my best game face and replied “Sure mom, that’s a lot of walking though. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think we’re doing long walks just so you can get a foot massage every night.” She smiled back and laughingly said “Well, that is a bonus I’ve been getting. I hope you’re not getting tired of it.” I replied “No problem mom, I love making you feel good. You’re always so good to me I’m glad I can make you happy. Let me get dressed and we’ll head out.” Mom then said “I need to change too son. See you in a bit.”

I still had hope I guess. She said she was going to change. I changed into some comfortable walking clothes and waited for her. When she came out I started to get an instant erection. She wore the exact dress I prescribed her to wear by Dr Sue and it fit her better than I could imagine. She was wearing the half push up bra that presented a lot of cleavage and the mid-thigh length tightly clinging dress displayed her beautifully toned legs. I was openly staring at her now. She started to blush so I figured I had pushed it enough. I went to go get in the car and she followed.

The drive was interesting with me ogling her legs most of the time. When we got to the University we walked to all the buildings where I would be attending classes. At one point we walked by a group of boys and they were openly gawking at mom the same way I was doing earlier. I could tell she was getting a little nervous so I interlaced my arm in hers and held her hand to calm her down. She did seem to relax and we walked around for awhile after that holding hands. We then went back home.

After dinner we did our new routine of taking our showers and then retiring to the living room for a few hours. I decided to wear my bathrobe tonight. I wanted to step it up a bit but wasn’t ready to be nude under my robe so I wore a pair of shorts in case the robe came undone.

She was already on the couch when I got there and she had on one of her old dresses that came down to her knees. She looked a little taken back when she saw I was in my bathrobe but didn’t say anything. I didn’t waste any time in the foot/calf massage. After I was done, I swung my legs up on the couch on to her lap and asked her “Hey mom, would you mind giving me a massage too? That was a lot of walking we did today.” She just stared at my exposed calves as if in a trance so I thought maybe that was too much. I tried to recover “Oh don’t bother Mom, you’re probably too wore out. I shouldn’t have asked you that..” She surprised me then by grabbing my feet before I could lower them and stating “Oh nonsense, I’d love to reciprocate the massage. You just let me know if I do as splendid a job as you do.”

After massaging my feet for awhile she also went up my calves. There wasn’t much massaging going on as she was mainly stroking my hairy legs. She had a dreamy look on her face as if she was recalling a past event. After awhile she came to, patted my legs and said “There son, how was that for a massage.” I replied “Wonderful mom. I just love the feel of your hands. They’re so soothing and it makes me feel so good. Thanks so much.”

After a little more TV we got up to go to our bedrooms. I was in the lead and stopped in the hallway and turned around to stop her. She was still walking and we ended up very close face to face. That’s when I hugged her. I could feel her clothed breasts pushing into my chest but I was careful not to press too hard into her as I had quite an erection. I didn’t want to scare her. I then whispered in her ear “Mom, I just love how this week has went. I feel closer to you than ever. I love you so much. Thank you so much.” She then reached up, grabbed my head and moved it so we could look into each other’s eyes and stated “Son, I love you too. This has been a wonderful week. I should be thanking you. I needed a little relaxation.” I then leaned down and gave her a simple kiss, just touching with the lips, nothing more. I pulled back then, she wasn’t as startled as I thought she’d be. “Goodnight mom, see you in the morning.”

I soon got the email.


The dress was a real hit. I think he did get a sore neck. Later he also wanted me to massage his feet so I did and then before we turned in for the night he kissed me. I wasn’t sure if I should stop him at this point or not, but it just felt right so I did not resist. He was wearing a bathrobe tonight after our showers. I haven’t had a robe for years so I feel a little awkward. He looks so relaxed in the evening now I’m a little jealous. I wonder if I should buy a robe so I can enjoy the same comfort level. How soon do you think we can transfer his aggressiveness to someone else? It better be soon or I’m going to have to go look for a man. Feelings that have been pushed aside for too long are starting to emerge.


I needed to rectify this. I couldn’t have mom going out and looking for someone else to plug her. Then it hit me. The perfect solution. I hastily made up the email and sent it.


It’s good you didn’t stop him from kissing you. It’s shows his confidence is increasing and it’s not that harmful to you. A lot of relatives kiss each other and it is not considered that unusual. We’re not quite ready for the next phase of treatment but you mustn’t see another man. That would destroy him at this point. You’re the only woman he feels close to and the rejection would be traumatic. I have some techniques to help you deal with your problem. I’m going to leave a package at your door early in the morning. It should help you until we finish. It’s also good he’s wearing a bathrobe now. That means he trusts you enough to be more relaxed. You should reciprocate to show the same trust. There is no need to buy a new robe. Tomorrow night wear the pink nightie. The one that comes down to mid-thigh and is not see-through. It’s so similar to a bathrobe it shouldn’t make a difference.


I retrieved the rubber dildo my girlfriend had cast from my dick, wrapped it up and put it in a box. I set my alarm for 4 am so I could put it on the doorstep before she got up. The next day we decided on just staying around the house to rearrange furniture and clean the house. She wore one of the short skirts and tight blouses that were in the pictures. I was hard most of the day. I checked the doorstep and the package was gone. Hopefully she got it and not some package thief. After dinner we took our showers. I was first out and was wondering if she’d be wearing her nightie. She glided in and her blushing was as pink as the nightie she was wearing. It seemed shorter than in the picture coming down only six inches below her panties. I tried not to stare too much and didn’t act like anything was different.

We did our mutual massages which at this point was just feeling each other’s legs. When I was done with her calves I went a little higher with my hand on to the inside of each of her thighs, not real high, but high enough to feel her firm hot thigh flesh. I then leaned into her and kissed her. This time I ran my tongue along her lips. She didn’t pull back.

Then I relaxed back on the couch and put my legs in her lap for my massage. In doing so I pulled my robe up to just several inches below my dick and balls. I hadn’t worn shorts that night. My dick was hard as a rock by this time and fortunately was lying down on my stomach so it wasn’t that noticeable. My ball sack was hanging low so if she went up too high she’d get a show. She quickly moved from my feet, lingering on my calves for awhile, then made the same advance I had done on her thighs. Her hands were close to the bottom of the robe and I’m sure she could see my balls hanging down. I couldn’t really see her face so I couldn’t tell if she saw anything.

After she was done we finished the night sitting close watching TV and then I got up to retire to my room. She immediately got up and followed me a little too close as if she was looking forward to a departing hug in the hallway. When I turned this time she didn’t hesitate and came into my arms wrapping her arms around me pulling me into her. At the end of the hug I kissed her and this time it was an open mouth kiss. After a few seconds I put my tongue in and she reciprocated. While we were kissing we were both rubbing each other’s backs.

I think at this point I could have taken her on the spot, but this slow seduction was too exciting to end. After the kiss I said goodnight and retired to my room. While I was masturbating I wondered if she was in her room doing the same with the dildo I left on the doorstep. I didn’t have to wait long for my suspicions to be confirmed. In came the email.


Wow, what a night. I had to use your fabulous gift you left for me two times, once before our time in front of the TV and once after. It’s now my favorite toy. I hate to admit it but my son makes me so hot. He not only felt my thighs tonight but gave me a French kiss. And then to top it off he had no underwear on so I got a perfect view of his ball sack while I was massaging his legs. I may have to use the toy again just replaying it in my mind. I can get off just by rubbing the toy head on my pussy lips. The head on that thing is just amazing. Are we close to finishing?


It didn’t take me long to compose a reply.


Nice progression. I think we’re close to the end of his treatment. Hang in there and use my toy as much as it takes to keep under control. I love the head too, it’s so flared and so nice to rub on the lips. I’m glad you enjoy it, I don’t miss it because I have the real thing. It was modeled after my lover so I get to experience it all the time. I’d like you to wear the two-piece light blue nightie tomorrow night. If he actually has the confidence built up enough to caress your bare midriff I think we may be near the end. And don’t worry about the French kissing. It’s not that much of a step from a regular kiss and is nothing to be concerned about.



I’m glad she liked my prick head – my girlfriend often said that was my best attribute. My dick isn’t huge but the head is larger than normal and resembles a Nazi helmet with big flared edges when hard. I could hardly wait until tomorrow night. I kicked myself for not picking out her outfit for tomorrow though. I guess a surprise would be nice. I was almost feeling a little too controlling at this point.

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The next day we went out shopping again and she was sexy as usual. She wore another short skirt and tight blouse combination. She initiated arm and hand holding this time. She also hugged and kissed me several times during the day. Our kisses were brief but nice. I think she was a little leery of a romantic kiss in public.

After my shower I impatiently waited for her to show up in the living room. She didn’t disappoint me – she had on the two-piece blue nightie. She was wearing a bra so those perky breasts were still hidden but there was still a lot of skin showing.

After our routine massages we sat close together watching TV. I put my arm around her and grabbed her midriff with my left hand. I began gently caressing her ribs and belly. I couldn’t believe how smooth and tight her skin was. She seemed tense at first but then started to relax after I was stroking her for several minutes. At one point she put her hand down on my thigh and started to gently caress it. This went on for some time until I decided to go to bed before I raped her right there.

Once again we hugged in the hallway. I bent down and kissed her and she immediately jammed her tongue into my mouth. She was hot and totally aroused. I then used both hands to grab her midriff and stroked up and down her midriff. I went up right to the bottom of her bra and down to where her nightie bottom began. She had her hands on my head to make sure I was pressed tight on her lips. After about 10 min of this I backed off and said goodnight and retired to my room. It took a lot of willpower not to submit to my desires but I was still enjoying the seduction. I got the email in about 15 min.

Dearest Sue,

Just got done enjoying the toy again. It was quite a night. He definitely took advantage of my bare mid-riff. I think he’s past any inhibitions he may have had before. Don’t you think it’s time we transfer his affections to a more healthy relationship? I’m not sure how much longer the toy is going to be adequate enough to satisfy me.


Well, I think it was time to close the deal. I wanted it be special on our first night so I came up with the following email.


Good job. Yes, I’d say it’s time to begin the transformation of affection. You should be proud you’ve improved your son’s attitude in such a short time. I’d like just one more night of testing, then I’ll relate to you how to proceed from there. I’d like you wear the same two-piece nightie, but don’t wear a bra and then let me know his reaction. I’ll be on-line to help you, so don’t hesitate to send an email to me if you have questions.


It only took 10 min to get a note back.

Dear Sue,

I’m not sure about going bra-less. That nightie is very transparent and my nipples are very dark and pointed and lately they’ve been hard all the time. Isn’t that going to encourage him to do something inappropriate with me?


I answered back fairly quick not wanting to break the mood.


It won’t be that bad and it’ll be the final phase of the treatment. If he does happen to feel your breasts, it won’t be that harmful. After all, he was sucking on those breasts 18 years ago. It’d be just a breast feel and not completely inappropriate. In order to keep things under control I highly recommend that you don’t use the toy tomorrow night. A freshly used vagina is a turn on for most men and they can pick up on a scent that you’re unaware of, so don’t use the toy at all. It may frustrate you a little but it will help your son if you don’t.

Good luck and let me know how it goes


I received no more emails so I hoped I had convinced her to do what I wanted. The next morning when I went in for breakfast mom was facing the other direction working on breakfast wearing her non-transparent pink nightie. The backs of her thighs were so shapely and firm. I so badly wanted to start stroking them but resisted. I was in my robe with nothing underneath and my prick was already standing up tall. I walked up to her from the back and wrapped my hands around her waist and hugged her close and so tight my prick was lodged in her ass crack separated only by a couple layers of material.

“Good morning mom, you look lovely this morning.”

“Well thank you son, I’m feeling really good today. I feel extraordinarily refreshed and ready to face the world.”

She then turned around and hugged me and we kissed. I hugged her close enough to push my stiff prick against her right above her pussy. I could tell she was bra-less as her breasts were mashed against me and I could feel the hard points of her nipples. After the kiss we ate and discussed today’s activities. We decided to just go on a drive and relax. So all I day I was subjected to my mother’s beautiful legs driving around the country. We got home and ate dinner. While she was cleaning the dishes I went into her room and retrieved my rubber dildo. I figured it’d be close by her bed and it was. I just hoped she didn’t try to find it before or after her shower and become alarmed. I was hoping Dr Sue’s instructions would stick as they had in the past.

It didn’t take long to ejaculate all over the shower floor when I took my shower in anticipation of the events to come. I wanted to take the edge off so I could give my mother a thorough fucking tonight. Thirty minutes later I made it out to the couch and she came in shortly after that.

In she strutted with her see through two-piece nightie and clearly not wearing a bra. I couldn’t tell about panties as her bottom material was a little more dense. Her breasts did not sag at all and her hard pointy nipples were clearly visible trying to escape the fabric. Her hair was down and she had applied just enough makeup to look ravishing. She stated she didn’t need a massage and just wanted to cuddle tonight. That was fine by me and I immediately wrapped my left arm around her and started a smooth caressing of her mid-riff.

After half an hour of gentle stroking I went up a little higher until I was at the bottom of her full breast. I just hit it with the back of my hand – not too aggressive but enough to feel that fine breast. She wrapped her arm around me too and was rubbing my right thigh. I could feel the heat from her smooth skin. It was almost searing my hand as I was stroking her exposed flesh.

She then pulled her arm from my back so she could rub my left thigh with her right hand. This enabled her to move further up my thigh. A few times I’d lean over and kiss her gently on the lips. I then raised my hand up again and moved my open hand over the bottom part of her breast but stayed below her nipple.

I leaned in and gave her a French kiss while gently squeezing the bottom part of her breast. She was hotly returning the kiss and moved her hand just below my nuts and grabbed the inside of my thigh and squeezed. We did this for about ten min, then I told her I needed to go to my room. I knew I could have thrown her down and fucked her on the couch, but I still wasn’t ready.

Once again in the hallway she came up to me and hugged me. She initiated a long sloppy French kiss and then moved her hands inside my robe to grab the sides of my ribs. Since her hands were busy I took the liberty to run my right hand up the back of her exposed thigh while holding her close with my left arm.

I was rubbing up and down and really enjoying the firm feel of her thigh. The intensity of my warm hand rubbing on her hotter flesh was electrifying. I kept going up higher on her thigh and was surprised when I didn’t feel anything but smooth hot flesh. So she took it a step further and didn’t wear panties. I so much wanted to grab her pussy but I resisted. I ran my hand up over her firm ass and held her tight. Then I started to massage and squeeze that hot mom ass. In response her kissing became more intense and her hands were moving up and down my bare back.

I then removed my right hand from her ass and placed both hands on either side of her ribcage while still kissing her. She sucked in her breath probably in anticipation of what she knew was going to happen. She removed her left arm from my back and used it to bring my head tighter to her. While tongue fucking her mouth I slowly raised my hands up her rib cage and stopped when I had both breasts cupped in my hands. I gently squeezed her firm breasts for a few minutes. They were small enough that there was no sag at all. They were still more than a handful and they were as firm and hot as her ass had been.

I moved my fingers over her nipples which were hard as rocks and I started to twist on them. She was moaning now and had wrapped her right arm around my body and was pulling me in as tight as she could. I’m sure she was close to the breaking point. After a few minutes of squeezing her nibbles I released them and ended the kiss.

I then told her exactly how I felt. “Mom, I love you so much. I wouldn’t ever do anything to hurt you. I trust you more than anyone in the world.” She replied with “Son, I love you too. I know you’ll never hurt me and I’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy.” With that said, I kissed her again and then said goodnight and headed to my room. There was more than a little disappointment in her face and a lot of sexual frustration. I’m sure she wanted me to take her right there.

The email came within 5 minutes.


Well, he did grab my breasts. It was so wonderful. He got me so hot that I needed relief when I got to my room but I can’t find my toy. I’m so wound up now I’m not sure if I’m thinking with a clear head. I need relief really bad. Please help!


This was what I was waiting for. I couldn’t see my seduction failing at this point. But just to be sure I sent this email.


Congratulations. I think you’ve successfully transformed your son into a confident vibrant sexy man. As far as your relief I can help you out with a technique that has proven to be successful. You’re going to need to do something since you misplaced your soncock. That thing has bailed me out several times. I’ll stay on-line for a few more minutes if you have any questions.


I stuck that soncock in there just to see her reaction. It got a reaction.


Soncock? What is that? Are you talking about the toy you gave me?


I immediately replied.


Oh, that’s just the name I gave to that toy. I gave it that name because it’s modeled from my son’s cock. Do you want to try the technique I mentioned in my last message?


I wasn’t sure if mom was lucid enough to put it together, but she did.


The toy dildo is a model from your son? How did you get that? And you told me earlier that it was modeled from your lover? I don’t understand. And yes, I definitely need to try that relaxation technique.


My final email from the fake Dr Sue.


Oh, did I say that was from my lover? That would mean my son is sticking his fat-headed dick up my juicy horny cunt. That just wouldn’t be appropriate and would be very very naughty of me. I have to run now, so let me explain the technique and then I’ll get back to you later.

This requires complete concentration to effectively execute. Remove all your clothes if you haven’t already so that the maximum amount of skin is exposed to air. Lie on your back on your bed. Wear your sleep mask so you’re not distracted by any lights. Spread your legs and begin a gentle stroking of your vagina lips with your fingers. Try to imagine it’s the head from the soncock and then imagine a nude man behind it. Use whoever first comes to mind and continue this for 10-15 minutes. Let me know how it works.

Very Very Naughty Sue

As smart as mom is I knew she’d catch the ‘naughty’ repetition and it’d be in her mind that Sue was fucking her son. This meant show time for me. The hottest woman I knew was in a room a few feet away from me and I was hoping she was as horny as I was. I was ready to get the fucking of my life or go to jail. Either way I was going to fuck my beautiful mother tonight.

Even though I had relieved myself a few hours earlier I was hard as ever and precum was already oozing out of the head of my dick. I started the walk down the hallway nude knowing my mother was also nude, very horny and spread out. Her door was ajar and I quickly opened it. Once inside I was not disappointed.

Her hard nipples were proudly erect on top of her perky breasts. She couldn’t have had her legs spread any wider. This was the first time I saw her hairy gash. She had shaved the sides to leave a nice patch of hair accenting her marvelous pussy. She was busily rubbing the lips and they were a deep red, engorged and glistening wet. She was wearing her mask as instructed and had a wide smile on her face as she was imagining her toy servicing her. I just hoped I was the imaginary man behind the imaginary dildo.

I just stood there and admired her beauty for a few minutes. I wanted to burn this image in my brain forever. I then approached the bed. I gently placed my knees between her outstretched legs and leaned down to latch her right nipple in my mouth. At the same time I grabbed her other breast with my right hand and started to tease that nipple as well. She moaned very loud and then yelped when she realized what had happened. She took her hands off her pussy lips to remove her sleeping mask. She was panting so hard she could barely talk.

“Oh son, you shouldn’t be in here. I was just trying a relaxation technique. You really shouldn’t be sucking on your mother’s breast either. Even if it feels so good. My nipples are so sensitive. You don’t know what you’re doing to me.”

“Relax mom, I came in here to tell you I found something you lost.” From her angle of vision added to her glazed stare she couldn’t tell I was nude. I then gently took her hand and wrapped it around my hot hard prick. She immediately started to explore all of it as if she was rediscovering something. Then she wrapped her hand around the head which from her emails I knew she had intimate knowledge.

“Oh my, this is just like something I own. I don’t understand. Oh, you are so wonderfully hard. And your balls feel so full and big. The head is just like the toy I’ve been using. Have you been seeing a Dr Sue?”

“Mom, I am Dr Sue. I was her the whole time. I’m the one telling you how to seduce your son. I love you so much and I’ve wanted to make love to you for such a long time. Forgive me for tricking you but I am so desperately in love with you. I want to physically love you as much as I do emotionally.”

“Oh son, I love you too. This was going to happen tonight with or without anyone’s coaching. Kiss me son and show me how much you love your mother.”

“Mom, let me help you with your problem while we kiss. Use the head the way you need to. Rub it all around, just the way you told Dr Sue. Show me how you can have an orgasm from just the head.”

She immediately pulled me down so she could put the head of my dick on her labia and then she ran it around the outside of her hot leaking pussy. I leaned down and we kissed like true lovers. This was a passionate wet kiss. I then moved my hands to her firm hot breasts and started to squeeze and twist her rock hard sensitive nipples some more.

She continued to kiss but stopped every so often to gasp, catch her breath and whisper to me.

“Oh son, twist my nipples hard. That feels so good. I’ve needed this for so long. Forgive me for enjoying this so much. I’m such a nasty mother to be doing this.” I continued my sexual assault twisting her nipples while passionately kissing her. She was feverishly rolling my fat head around her engorged pussy lips lingering on her clit each time around.

Sex stories:   Mother Son love story

“Yes, you are a nasty mother but a very sexy nasty mother. I believe most mothers would love to come on their son’s cocks. Isn’t it exciting to be doing something so taboo – coming on your son’s prick?”

She was now moaning in my mouth. She was getting close to a release. I then moved my mouth down to her breast and sucked in her nipple. This was all it took. She was so horny at this point she didn’t need much stimulation to bring her to orgasm. She then threw her head back screaming and moaning at the same time.

“Oh son, I’m coming. Oh it’s feels so good. I can’t believe I’m coming on the head of my son’s prick.” Her hips were now thrashing around. I’m not sure how she kept rubbing her pussy lips but she managed to do it. Her cunt was convulsing so much I was afraid in her lust she might try to stuff my cock in her hot gushing cunt. I wanted this to last and didn’t want to fuck her yet. Then I could feel her hot cum pouring out of her pussy on to my helmeted prick. Her panting subsided and she then released my still rock-hard prick.

She then grabbed my head and pulled it to her face. She alternated between kissing me and talking once again. “Oh son, I love you so much. I’d do anything for you. I haven’t come like that for years.'”

“Mom, you know my love for you is deep. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you happy. I’m going to make you come a lot in the future. So I guess you’ve forgiven me for being Dr Sue.”

“Son, the very first time I used that dildo I fantasized it was you. I’ve been lusting after you for years but was concealing it because I didn’t want to jeopardize losing you. And if you wouldn’t have made a move tonight I was going to come in your room and rape you.”

“Damn, I was totally clueless. In fact I was worried with some of the Dr Sue emails I sent you that I scared you off. I was really surprised when you sent pictures of yourself.”

“You didn’t have to worry. I just needed someone to tell me to seduce you. I was too scared to do it myself. I just loved the plan Dr Sue set up and if she would have told me to walk in your room and fuck you, I would’ve.”

“That is funny mom, it’s a shame we’ve waited this long, but the seduction was so sexy. It’ll give us something to laugh about for a long time.” I then lowered my lips to hers and we tongue fucked for several minutes. I still hadn’t come and was now lying on top of my mother, my dick on her stomach above her hot snatch. Our bodies were melded together and the heat and sexuality was tremendous.

She was the first to speak after several kisses. “Son, don’t you think it’s time you act like Dr Sue’s son and fuck your mother. I don’t want Sue to have the only motherfucker in town. I need to feel my son’s hot dick in my pussy and I want it now.”

“I’d love to mother. This will be the first of a lot of fucking we’ll be doing.”

“Son, I expect no less. Just promise you’ll be kissing me when you come in me. It means so much to me to connect that way. I love you so much I want us to remember this moment forever.”

I sat up so I could get a better look at her and the sight was unbelievable with her legs splayed out to the sides, her cum oozing out of her cunt. I admired her thin waist which then curved out at her ribs and up to her breasts which were standing up even with her flat on her back. Her hard pointy nipples were pointing straight up begging to be mauled.

I grabbed her thighs and stroked up and down their length. They were so firm and beautifully shaped. I then went a little higher so I was hitting her cunt lips with the sides of my hand on each stroke. She started to squirm now and her skin felt so hot. Then I went a little higher and rubbed each pussy lip with my thumbs. It was driving her nuts. She was squirming now in anticipation.

I inched up until my stiff prick was lined up with her open and juicy pussy. I ran my prick head up and down her slit, not to wet it as we were both leaking like crazy. It was just a fantastic feeling knowing I was finally going to fuck my mother after years of fantasizing. I then pushed in just past the head. It popped in and she groaned as it made contact with her clit and cunt lips. I pulled out and did it again several times, just using the head to fuck her.

She then exclaimed “Son, please don’t tease me, fuck me! I’ve been waiting so long, give me all your stiff hot cock. Please!” She then reached up to me and tried to pull me down. I wasn’t going to torture her anymore, it was time to properly fuck this woman I loved so much.

I eased myself down on her and let my steel-hard dick slowly glide into her hot box. She started moaning immediately. Her pussy was very tight and hot and expanded wonderfully as I went deeper and deeper. It seemed to conform around me as I made my way down to her depths. I wrapped my arms around her to hold her close and started to fuck her with long deep strokes. It didn’t take 20 strokes and she was coming again.

“Oh god son, that feels so good. You’re making me come again. Fuck your mother. Please make me come again. Fuck me hard motherfucker!”

I kept ramming in as hard as I could and her pussy started contracting and squeezing my dick. I held her close squeezing her breasts against me. She was primed for a hard rutting and I was doing the best I could to satisfy her cock craving.

“Oh, here it comes. Oh, it feels so good. I forgot how good a fuck can be. Damn, you are making me come so hard!” Then I felt her juice flowing around my dick. Jacking off earlier in the day had saved me from coming with her. I wanted to give her three good orgasms so I needed to give her one more big one.

She lay limp after her release and her panting started to subside. Her face had such a pleased and freshly fucked look. We were so bonded at this time with as much skin touching as possible. I stayed hard in her and took my hands out from around her. I knew she needed some recovery time so I was content to lie on her and caress the exposed parts of her body. She was gently running her hands up and down my back, lingering at times on my ass.

“Mom, Dr Sue would be proud of you now. You’re doing so much to help your son.” I said in a joking manner to pass the time until she recovered.

“You have no idea son. She had such great taste in clothes too. I was thrilled when she or rather you suggested the light blue nightie.”

“Oh yea mom, , that one turned me on so much, especially when you wore no panties or bra. You really improved on Dr Sue’s recommendation.”

“To be honest I had bought those nighties for you. I had planned on seducing you months ago. That blue nightie was a graduation gift I intended on giving you. On graduation night I was going to wear that and nothing else, come into your room, suck your cock until it was rock hard, then climb on your prick and fuck your brains out. I was so disappointed I couldn’t give you a proper graduation gift.”

“Well mom, it’s a good thing you took it off tonight. We might have soiled it otherwise. I can hardly wait for you to present me my graduation present the way you wanted.”

Thinking about her in that nightie fucking me cowboy style made my cock twitch and that reminded mom I was still hard in her. She started caressing me harder and her hips started to gyrate around in an attempt to increase contact with the sensitive areas of her pussy. I then started to work on her breasts again with my hands while I started kissing her again. I wanted to take her back up for the big orgasm of the night so I was really working her breasts. She responded rather quickly. She started to talk pretty nasty when she was close to orgasm before so I thought that might be a good way to build her back up to my level of excitement.

“Mother, did you like coming on your son’s cock? Did it feel good when I was sawing in and out of your hot pussy with my rock hard prick? It was so tight and hot it was by far the best fuck I’ve ever had.”

“Yes son, it was wonderful. I’ve been without a cock for so long, you’re going to have to make it up to me for these years I’ve been fantasizing and lusting over you.”

“Mom, you don’t need to worry about that. I’m going to be sucking and fucking your pussy all the time now. I have a lot of fantasies that I’ve been dreaming up the last few years to re-enact with you.”

“We’ll have to alternate then, son. I have a lot of fantasies of my own to act out with you. I’m just glad I have a lot of vacation time saved up. I’m going to have to take a lot of time off to help my poor depressed son recover.”

I started to slowly fuck her again. Her pussy now felt oiled and velvety. So soft and hot, yet yielding to my shaft going in and out. Her breathing was short and her breasts were heaving rapidly now grinding our nipples together as we were coupled as no ordinary mother and son should be. After a few minutes of this slow fucking I started to speed up varying my attack each time connecting with her sensitive swollen lips and clit. Her hips were moving around making it harder to quickly thrust in her. She was already getting close.

“Mom, I’m going to be coming pretty soon. I need you to come on my hot spurting cock as it’s buried deep in your convulsing pussy.” I quickened my strokes in and out of her wet cunt to illustrate my excitement. I reached up and started to twist her nipples again. She was panting heavily now. This beautiful woman really did have a lot of sexuality built up in her. I was determined to sexually satisfy her.

She then wrapped her legs around my back. This caused her pussy to come up and I could go in deeper now. She was trying her best to get as much cock stuffed into her pussy as she could. She was humping up at me using her legs as leverage as I was thrusting into her. My balls were obscenely slapping against her puckered asshole as I continued the hard pounding of her cunt. I then lowered my hands from her full breasts and held on to each ass cheek which enabled me to get total control of her cunt and I went in even deeper. That’s exactly what she needed and was craving – a hard deep pounding.

“Mother, you are nasty. You need a hard deep fucking from your horny son, don’t you?”

“Yes son, the harder the better. Your cock feels so good in me. Pound it in harder son! Fuck your mother as hard as you can. Oh god, your cock fills me so good. I’ve never been so stuffed with cock in my life. Fuck me hard!”

All this talk was driving her as crazy with lust as much as it was me. She was moaning like crazy and guttural sounds were coming out from deep inside her. Her legs were tightening so much around my waist I found it hard to pound into her. She wrapped her arms around my back hugging me tight pulling me into her so our nipples were now rubbing each other. This made her even hotter. Her pussy was now rewarding her with mini-orgasms and was leaking profusely as she was building up to a major release. My balls were full and letting me know they were soon to going to eject my load so I needed to help her accelerate to her final orgasm.

“Do you feel the difference mother? Can you feel the difference between that dildo and the real thing? Do you enjoy your son’s hard prick jammed up your hot cunt? Is my hot beefy prick better than that piece of rubber?”

“Yes son. It is definitely bigger and harder too. The real thing is so much better. And the fact that I love you so much makes it so much better.”

“Another thing mother; in a few minutes my fleshy prick is going to swell up even more and it’s going to spew out a lot of boy cum. Is that what you want from your horny son? Do you want a big load of sperm from your young son shooting up your cunt?”

“Oh son, yes, come in me. I’ve been waiting for this for such a long time. Please come in me son, I’m so close. I want us to come together. Please son, now. I’ve never been more ready to receive a load of come from my horny little motherfucker. Fuck your mother as hard and deep as you can!”

I was still furiously plowing into her using my hands to hold her ass up. Her juices were flowing and making it so slick and hot but she was still so tight with all the squeezing her cunt was doing. Then her whole body started to tremble like she was having a seizure. I was ready too. She could feel me getting larger and she knew I was close.

She released her tight grip on my sides and moved her hands to the back of my head to pull me down to her lips. Immediately we were both trying to stick our tongues in as far as we could in each other’s mouths. Between our hot kissing and moaning I’m not sure how either of us could breathe. I could feel the sperm boiling up begging for release. My dick head was expanding and was getting harder and bigger than ever. Then she started her final massive orgasm. Her cunt was squeezing and releasing my dick like a vice. It was rapidly convulsing and I knew this was a really big one.

That just pushed me over the edge. I shoved my cock up as far as I could and after the first squirt sprayed her, mom released my lips and screamed “Oh god son, I’m coming on your squirting cock! Oh fill me up son, fill me with your sperm! Oh Jesus it feels so good!” She then pulled me back to her mouth and assaulted my tongue as much as my prick was assaulting her hot writhing cunt.

I continued to shoot into her spasming cunt and she continued to orgasm and convulse beneath me. She would pull me back to kiss her when she wasn’t exclaiming her joy of having her son’s cock rammed up her pussy. After 5 or 6 fire-hose blasts of sperm I was finally done. I could feel our mixed juices flowing out of her cunt.

After she spasmed several more times her legs fell off my back and flopped out to the sides. She was totally spent and I knew she finally achieved the sexual satisfaction that she deserved. I stayed in her soaking in the bliss of the forceful fuck we had both enjoyed so much. I finally released her ass cheeks and pulled away the hair that had got thrown in her face during our frantic fucking. I caressed her beautiful face and gently kissed her several times. The wait for this night was so worth it. I had never felt more complete or relaxed.

“Oh mom, I’m the luckiest man alive. I’ve never come that much or so hard. You are an amazing fuck. Of course it was so much better because I’m in love with you too.”

“Son, I’m the lucky one. That was the best sex I’ve ever had. I really need to thank Dr Sue for coercing me into fucking my horny son.'” Her smile was truly intoxicating and she was almost laughing while joking about Dr Sue.

“Mom, you can thank her son instead. He’ll appreciate a hot horny mother ready and willing to fuck.”

I regretfully pulled out of her dripping pussy and rolled off her. She then went on her side to cuddle up to me and started to lovingly caress my stomach and chest. We kissed again, a much more loving sort of kiss than sexual. We were so exhausted we both fell asleep knowing that our lives would never be the same.

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