Son seduces his mother using a fake email account

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Several months before graduating from high school my girlfriend and I broke up. My interests were science studies and I had got accepted to a local University. She was interested in the Arts and accepted a scholarship on the other side of the country. We both decided a distant relationship wasn’t going to work and decided to terminate it before we changed our minds and not pursue our field of interest.

She was a great looker and we’ve been steadily fucking since we both turned 18 in the fall. That kind of put me in a depressed mood from the time we broke up to graduation. She even gave me back the one thing she had really enjoyed from me. In one of her art projects she learned to cast rubber sculptures, one of them being a perfect cast of my dick. She did a near perfect job of it and had used it often when I wasn’t around, but she wanted a full break so she gave it to me when we split up. As bad as the breakup was, I wasn’t totally devastated. She was a great fuck, but I have lusted after my mother for years and during sex I usually fantasized it was my mother instead of her.

I decided I needed to buckle down on my studies since a lot of my time was previously devoted to my girlfriend and my grades were good, but not excellent. I also decided to enroll in a few on-line self paced college courses to get some electives out of the way so I could concentrate on core studies at the University. So now all my free time was devoted to studies which helped me forget about all the sex I previously enjoyed.

Our family schedule at home has been pretty consistent the last few years. My single mother would come home from work, fix dinner for the two of us, then we’d watch TV for one to two hours. Now I’d come home from school, finish up my schoolwork before mom arrived, hastily eat dinner, then spend less than an hour with mom before going to my room and work on the college work. I was spending a lot less time with mom and I was mostly distant in conversation with my head crammed full of assignments. It was stressful and it appeared to my mother that I was depressed.

I do love her immensely and didn’t want to chance harming that relationship. I could tell she’d noticed a difference in my mood since my break-up. She didn’t really know about my girlfriend so she didn’t know the reason for my initial depression. More than once she’d ask if anything was wrong and what she could do to cheer me up. I would’ve liked to tell her what would cheer me up but was afraid of the consequences so I refrained and provided short, softly spoken responses.

The day before graduation she came in my room while I was working on the computer and she asked “Honey, what are you going to wear for your graduation tomorrow? Do you need me to wash anything?”

I quickly replied “No thanks. I’m not going to attend the ceremony. I’d rather just stay here.” She looked visibly shaken and said “Oh dear, that’s a shame. Graduation is such a big event. You should attend and then go out on a date or something fun to celebrate.” I quickly retorted “No. I’ll be fine. Please just let me be.” I felt bad that I said it a little too harshly to the one person I truly loved. I could tell she was hurt when she turned and left the room before I could apologize to her. The real reason I wanted to stay home was that my college finals were the day after graduation and I wanted to do some last minute cramming. I didn’t bother mentioning that to mom because I was keeping it a surprise.

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