Sister in law and sister

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My Sonika was making a huge sound as I was giving her a .Hy let me introduce myself.I am Amit of 19 years with a very attractive body….

Sonika was impressed with my body so one day when I was doing exercise Sonika came was started touching my body due to which my dick started to raise…She noticed it but she acted as she didnt noticed so I pulled her and kissed her..But she didn't object so I started to press her boobs and kissed her wildly and I satrted to open her t-shirt also.And slowly I opened her pant and her panty …Now she was naked infront of me due to which my dick also hrried to come out of my pant so I hrrily opened my pant and my dick was released…She was shocked by seeing my dick and started to it…and after my dick I wanted to her so I throw her in bed and m dick was ready to go inside her …And slowly I tried to insert my dick inside her pussy it didnt go inside as she was virgin but I didnt gave up and tried..And I tried to insert and slowly a small part was inside her pussy and Ipulled my dick so fast that she screamed loudly…Thank god there was noone at home…I started my dick in and out and now she was enjoying it..

After 25 minute Iwas bout to so Iasked her to suck it and cummed into her mouth and kissed her very roughly….After that day we were having sex regularly and one day when we were alone at home I wanted to do anal with her so as soon as I opened her dress I was ready to give her anal…So I pushed my dick in her she was screaming very loudly that gave pleasure to me..
As I was very excuted to give anal I didnt closed the door…My in law came home back due to work and saw us fucking and she was shocked seeing that and she told that she will say to everyone but we convinenced her and she gave us a chance and told that I must fuck her also and I was ready….I pulled her near and opened her sari and tear her blouse…OMG her boobs was so milky so I pressed it so hard that she started to shout and as couldnot complete my Idecided to give her anal so I turned her and pushed my dick in her ass and fucked until I cummed in her ass..As I was tired we decided to take A bath together and while bathing also I fucked both of them..

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