Sex with wife’s friend – part 3

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Yes I was ready for round 2. I wanted more of that voluptuous body. (Read part 2) I wanted to have every inch of her. She kneeled between my legs as I sat on the futon and began to lick my flaccid cock. She took her time licking my cum covered cock and balls. The feeling of her sucking ever so gently on my balls and slowly stroking my cock was amazing. Fuck I was getting harder by the second as she teased me with a look of lust on her face. She urged me to the edge of the futon as her she began to lick the underside of my balls. Her tongue reached my asshole as I let out a deep moan. Her tongue penetrated my asshole as she continued stroking my rock hard cock. My moans were constant as she took her time rimming my ass. I was getting close to cumming when she abruptly stopped and immediately started to suck the head of my cock.

She was bobbing on my cock as she began to deep throat me. I instinctively grabbed her head and guided her deeper. She was gagging on my cock but just kept sucking harder and harder. She pulled her mouth from my cock and said she needed to feel my giant cock in her pussy again. She climbed on my lap and hovered over my cock. She started to slowly slide down my throbbing shaft as she pushed her magnificent tits into my face. I eagerly sucked on her engorged nipple as her milk started to flow. I alternated between both her nipples as I squeezed her tits. Her milk was dripping down my chest as she grabbed my head and held me against her tits. I didn’t notice she had sat all the way down on my cock until she let out the loudest moan possible. “OH MY GOD. YOUR COCK IS SO DEEP. I CAN FEEL YOU THROBBING INSIDE ME. PLEASE DON’T STOP FUCKING ME. OH GOD.”

She started to bounce on my cock. It ached from being so hard but I continued to suck on her milky tits. Her moans were intensifying as she bounced harder and harder on my cock. She was riding me so hard she would let out a very sexual groan as she bottomed out on my cock. I could feel her pussy tightenening around my cock so I bit her nipple to put her over the edge. The look of pure extacy on her face was amazing. “YES, YES I’M SO CLOSE. OH GOD. I’M SO CLOSE. I’M CUMMING. CUMMMING. OH GOD I’M CUMMING.” Her orgasm was so intense I could feel her cum dripping down my legs onto the futon. She collapsed against my chest as she begin to kiss me. Her plump lips felt so good at that moment as I squeezed her tight. “I have never experienced any thing like that. It was amazing. love your cock just like Sarah said I would.”

“Wait, what? Well I’m not finished with you yet. Your body is amazing and I want more. My cock is still rock hard and I going to fill your pussy with my cum.” I wrapped my arms around her tightly and stood up with my cock still in her dripping wet pussy. She wrapped her arm around my neck. I placed my arms under her thighs and started bouncing her on my cock as I stood there. She started to moan as my cock went deeper and deeper. Her head was thrown back as I continued to bounce her on my throbbing cock. Her pussy began to tighten around my cock once again. I knew she was close to cumming again and so was I. It hit me. “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK CUMMING, FUCK I’M CUMMING.” Tamara just let out a long moan as her organism hit. “AHHHHHHHHHH FUCK MY PUSSY HAS NEVER CUM LIKE THIS BEFORE, FUCK. Sarah is fucking lucky to have your cock in her whenever she wants.”

A noise caught our attention and we both turned to see Sarah naked rubbing her pussy with one hand and squeezing her tits with the other.

“Yes I am very lucky that his cock is mine but I am willing to share,” as she walked over to us. I let Tamara down off of my cock. Sarah dropped to her knees and began to work on my cock. She grabbed Tamara’s hand and pulled her down next to her. I was stunned at what was happening.

Sarah took my semi hard cock in her hand and worked her way up and down my shaft with her lips. “I love your cock and it’s amazing when it’s covered in pussy juice. Whether it’s my juice or my beautiful friends.”

Tamara started to lick the other side of my cock as she started to squeeze Sarah’s tits. “Sarah your absolutely right.”

I was standing there in heaven as my cock was being pleasured by these gorgeous, voluptuous women. I was rock hard in no time. My wife grabbed Tamara’s hand and guided her to the futon. She had her lay back as she positioned her self between her legs.

Oh my god. One of my fantasies was happening here and now. I have always wanted a threesome with my wife and it’s with her voluptuous friend who I had just fucked silly.

Sarah wasted no time as she started to lick Tamara’s dripping pussy. Tamara’s hands were quickly on Sarah’s head forcing her into her pussy. Her moans started as her eyes rolled back into her head. I was standing there in awe when I was snapped back into reality. “I have an ass and pussy that needs to be eaten too. What are you waiting for? Isn’t this what you have always wanted?”

I quickly kneeled behind her and within seconds I dragged my tongue across her puckered asshole…

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