Sex with my sister

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Hi everyone this is harsha, iam new to this site please forgive me for any small mistake

Coming in to the story

On one day evening time my friends watching porn movie, I also watched a long with them and I cum 4to5 times and thinking about fucking a girl and at the end of the movie I am thinking about my sister to sex with her.
One week my parents are going to a tour, me and my sister are there. I wake up in morning and said send off to my parents.

I went to bath and came out with towel,in bedroom my sister was sleeping I unwrapped my towel and kept my cock at my sister mouth and she doesn’t notice it and she licking like a lollipop and I undressed her, we both are naked and I am pressing her boobs and squeezing her butts.
Suddenly she woke up, I am felt very scared and I put my cock in my sister pussy it was so tight it doesn’t enter with one push all went and she screamed in pain ahhhhhhhh.

I liplockes her to do not shout and slowly fucking her and pressing her boobs, Liplocking her,then she escaped from me I placed my cock at her anal I push my cock in her anal but didn’t enter then with full force I pushed it inside it went she screamed in pain ahhhhahahha and waited for a minute and fucking her at full speed for 20to 25 minutes and we both cumed for 2 times and we both went to bathroom and cleaning each other body and fucking her 10to15 minutes and after bath we both camed to dinning table we both ate naked and after some time I played a porn movie we both are seeing at that fucking her also and I cumed 2times.

I was getting pain at my cock and I told to my sister then she taken my cock in to her mouth and licking and after some time I felt some good and then we both are licking at 69 position and biting her pussy she shivers.

I push my hand into pussy it doesn’t went and waited for some time and I pushed with full energy it went she screamed in pain ahhhha ohhhhhhh.

This is part-1

Please comment to my mail if there are any mistake.

My mail- [email protected]

If any girl interesting I will satisfy you and we can sex chat and it will be piracy

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