Sex with my gorgeous neighbour

This is Raj from Belgavi (North Karnataka) I am a regular reader of these stories here, I am narrating a story which happened a month back during lockdown. I am 37 separated and living alone I am self employed, I am 5.7 feet tall not very fair but normal complection with a normal body type, Coming to the story now.

This story is about my neighbour Veena on whom I always had an eye as I was now single (separated) and hungry for sex, I would always watch her when she would come in the balcony to put cloths to dry, she would tug in her pallu near her waist showing her fair tummy and ample amt of her gud size boobs, she always observed me starting at her exposed body parts but never said anything just exchange smiles and would go inside.


Veena who is a housewife, Age 32 Beautiful and gorgeous perfect amt of flesh at the rite place her height about 5.5 tall her stats 34-30-38 fair complexion Long hair till her hips, cute smile with sparkle in her eyes which would make any man turn back just to see her smiling. Always would wear saree with blouse sometime having deep front showing her cleavage (Men always get horny seeing a women wearing a saree with exposure of her cleavage is seen) her husband was an govt official and was elder to her by nearly 8yr, she had a son of 8yrs old and as everyone know due to the pandamic schools started with online classes,so this is where our story started.

One day it so happened that the wifi of her house was not working and she needed help for her son’s online classes and as her husband was on official govt job, I was her next neighbour she didn’t have any option but ask me for help, I was stand in the balcony wait to see my beauty. That was the first time we spoke and she had so soft voice,
V – Excuse me
M – Me with a smile said ha ji
V – Humare ghar ka internet kaam nahi kar raha hai, app kuch help kar sake the ho.
M – Sure, 5mins me appke ghar ata hu.

I was damm happy to go to her place for the first time. As I reached She had kept the door opened, and Was in the bed room cleaning, as I entered she came with a smile and guided me towards her bedroom where the computer was kept, I started checking for the issue and then got to know it was the router which was switched off, I was alone in the room so that was the best chance to browse the history, as I was going through I saw xxx video were seen and even sex stories website were browsed I was happy to know but was confused if it was Veena who would see or if it was her husband. So after some time I called her to say it was done.she was happy as it went online again before I could leave she asked me for my number and I happily agreed and gave her. I left back and was waiting for a msg from her all day, I was disappointed and was about to sleep when a msg pooped up, was happy to see it was Veena who had msged

V- Hi
M- Hello
V- Had dinner
M- S
V- so how was ur day
M- was gud, very happy day went well
V- What was so special
M- spoke to u for the first time
V- Ohhhhh why so
M- I would see u everyday but didn’t dare to talk to u as ur always a shy type person
V- Ohhhh so u have observed me so much
M- Couldn’t help from stoping my self from seeing such a beautiful women who was next door
V- What did u see in me to say such words
M- Ur perfect in all ways, ur smile, ur eyes
V- What else
M- to be frank I feel u damm sexy
V- Ohh really
M- Yes
M – I need to confess something
V- what’s that
M- Morning after I fixed the net issue I went through the browser history and saw there were xxx sites ans sex stories which were seen
V- offline
M- sorry
There was no msgs for next two days I tried calling her and sending sorry msgs still no replies, I was scared and didn’t dare to talk to her or see her in the balcony, on the third day nite a msg pooped up from veena late in the nite around 12:30 in the nite
V- slept ???
M – no
V- can we talk
M- ya sure but what ur husband

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No replies and then directly she called and said hi, she asked me why I didn’t sleep as yet,I told her as it’s lockdown I slept the whole day and so was not sleeping and was watching some movies. She said ok.i asked her what made her to call me so late in the nite and what about her hubby, she said her husband is out of town for some official work and would be back next day, I said ok and asked her sorry for what I had done, she was quite I understand that it was Veena who would watch xxx videos and read sex stories. She was low on her voice when talking so I told her she can share her problems with me but she was in no mood and I didn’t force her as it was her first time that she was talking to me and we were not so close. We spoke about normal daily routine and said gud nite and ended the call.
Nite around 3 again she msged me
V- slept ???
M- not yet, what happened do u need any help
V- I am feeling very lonely could u come home now
M- I can but what about ur son
V- he is sleeping and would not wake up till morning
M- fine, keep the door opened

In 5mins I reached her place, she was waiting at the door for me. As I entered she closed the door and asked me to sit on the sofa, asked if I would like to have tea or coffee, said coffee. In some time she brought coffee for both of us, we sat far from each other looking at each other but didn’t say a word. To break the silence I asked her what happened and how come she asked me to come at this time to her place, she said she just wanted someone to speak to and as I was her neighbour she thought of talking to me. I said fine and asked her what she wanted to share or speak to me ?

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Well she asked about my personal life and I told her then I asked about her life what’s going on and why she is so silent never mingles with other neighbour, she told me her husband has a extra marital affair after she had her child and most of the time he stays over nite with his keep and she had tears rolling down her cheeks, all I could do was get up and sit next to her and give her a hug and try to console her, I understood the matter that she was hungry for sex and thats why she would watch xxx videos and read stories. I didn’t want to force her for sex the same nite so just spent time with her for next two hrs and left. Two days past with normal texting the third nite again she asked me to come to her house as her husband was not home.

I reached her house and she was waiting for me at the door as I entered she locked the door and directly hugged me I was socked, I didn’t have words so in return I hugged her and slowly was moving my hand on her back to make her feel relaxed she was feeling it gud, I was getting a hard on and couldn’t control myself, I could feel her soft skin and the warmth from her hug. I took her toward the wall and broke the hug and seeing at her face I asked her do u want to go ahead she was silent. I understood it’s a green signal. So I slowly went towards her and first kissed her forehead then eyes her cheeks and her chin, her eyes were closed I touched her pink soft lips and was just kissing her and then it went on to a smooch. She was shivering and turned cold as she was scared I didn’t want to rush as I knew I had lots of time with her. I turned her around and hugged her from backside, moving my hands on her tummy it was soo very soft as though it was of a baby.

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