Sex with my cousin

Hi my name is Kiran. This is my real life experience. This happened when I was in my junior college. I has to take tests for my neet exam.
But my parents has to move to another country for a while. So they left me with my uncle.
Then I met my cousin anu. She was older to me i.e,20 having a perfect figure.
I was unable to control my self. She asked me about my whereabouts and study.
It became night. We slept in same bed. I can’t resist myself. She went to deep sleep. So I placed my hand on her ass gently and massaged it and after some time I slept.

Next morning her parents has to go to their home town for 3 days.
We were alone in home. We are watching TV sitting on sofa.
I was unable to control myself. So, I went in to bedroom. She came to me after some time for charger. She took charger and going to living room. I held her hand and pressed her against the cupboard.
She was in shock. Slowly I placed one of my hand on her waist and other on her neck. I went to her lips and kissed her. She was trying to go. I slowly placed my hand into her tracks on backside. I hugged her tightly. She was not talking anything. I asked her whether she is ready to go with this. She was trying to say no. I pressed her waist and kissed her on neck. She said okay. I asked her to get pills. She got it from her mothers cabin.

I threw her on to the bed. And I slept on her and kissed on her neck. I removed my shirt. I went down and removed her track and t-shirt. I removed my shirt. I try to insert my cock inside her. She was shouting loud. I kept blanket in her mouth and pinned her hard. After some time I cummed inside her. She became calm. I turned her and had sex in anal
Thi is her first time. She was full of pain and pleasure. I took her to washroom and asked her to give me a blow job. She rejected. I held her hair firmly and made her do it. She felt on ground chocking. We did foggy style. We freshen up and went to living room watching TV. I thanked her. She felt shy. I slept on her lap facing her tummy to me. I lifted her t-shirt slowly and started licking her navel. She was rubbing my hair. We had sex again on sofa. Those three days it was awesome everyday. Hope you liked it

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