Kalpana aunty’s Nude Worship in village home

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Hello Readers,

My name is Chandu. Now the incident which I am narrating here is about my Kalpana aunty. This Kalpana aunty is my mother’s brother’s wife. So as per relations she is my atthe. However since she had a daughter she looked at me like a son-like. Even sometimes I used to call her amma. She was about 15 years elder to me.

So this incident happened when I was 27 which means she would be 42-43 then. Kalpana aunty lived in a remote village in South Karnataka. She and her husband (i.e my maava) used to ask me to visit her home and stay for few days. But whenever I was free, they weren’t. And when they were free, I wasn’t.

However, once I made up my mind and called her up and told “ Atthe, this 14th and 15th I will come and stay in your place”. She was so elated about my plans of a visit to her home. But alas after few hours again I received a call from her saying “Sorry Putta, On 14th I am having a ritual here…you may have to come after 16th”.
But I told her “No aunty….I have got leave on those dates due to festivals…..Its ok…I wont disturb your rituals….simply I will sit and probably help you…by the way, what is that ritual”

Atthe told “Son….actually on that day is my Nude Worship”

I couldn’t believe that I heard. I asked her “What? Come again”
Atthe told “See on, on 14th Nude Worship is there at my place. There are many girls in this graama and out of them 12 girls see me like their mother. So they want to perform Nude Worship, Yoni pooja to me.

Suddenly this embarrassed me and just told OK and kept phone. But later on embarrassment made way for exciting thoughts. Again I called her up and told “Atthe, Can I join in the rituals….I don’t get to participate in such rituals here in city”.
She laughed and told me “Putta….you have to be nude in the Pooja room….is it OK with you”

I didn’t know what to say but somehow said “No problem atthe, I am not ashamed to be nude there…after all you are amma to me”

She laughed and told “Son…..you are not ashamed in front of me….but remember there will 12 girls in the Pooja room…..all aged 20-23”

Wow….The very talks of Nude Worship,Yoni pooja has excited me…..so,now this talk of getting naked in front of aunty and dozens of girls…further excited me. Anyway I was ready to go. However after some days she told me “You can come over. But certain conditions you have to follow”. I agreed.

So, on 14th morning there I was in Kalpana aunty’s ancestral village home. Majestic place. Ancestral home in the middle of fields, coconut groove,banyan groove. In fact, houses were far off from one another. So after I refreshed in the morning sometime in the afternoon she told me” See putta, initially those girls were against you joining the rituals…saying that you are from city and might misbehave,mischievous….but after a long talk with them I convinced them that you will be decent,displined…..Now Putta, promise me that you will be disciplined….I know I can trust you..but you see naked girls in the Pooja room and you from city…..I don’t want complaints from the girls”.

I promised her that I wont misbehave and wont spoil her reputation and that I will be disciplined.

Finally came that evening. Time for the rituals. At 6 pm when I went for a bath,Kalpana aunty came out after finishing her bath just wearing a saffron cloth around her. She looked so lovely and hot in just a piece of cloth. She told me “Putta, finish your bath quickly. I have placed a komana(loin cloth). After bath just wear a komana and come to Pooja room”.

So I finished my bath and saw she indeed had hung a komana there. So I wore that saffrom coloured komana and went to the Pooja room. There I saw her husband i.e my maava too wearing just a komana. Both Kalpana atthe and maava were decorating the somewhat big Pooja room with flowers, incense sticks. I too joined and helped them.
At this stage I heard voices of girls. Then all of a sudden 12-13 girls wearing just a Saffron cloth wrapped around them came inside Pooja room…out of which one was Atthe’s daughter Hema.

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