Dad and landlord

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Had just moved into our house everyone came to help us move well that is besides your dad. As we unloaded the last box from the truck I left to go get dinner.

We ended up being up late that night but we got pretty much everything unpacked. You had to work the next day so we put the baby to bed and went to bed ourselves. The next morning you told me bye as you left for work and said try to finish unpacking today. I feed the baby and then we went back to sleep.

I woke up thinking I had heard someone knock on the front door but when I didn’t hear anything else I fell back asleep. I woke to your dad standing beside our bed. He said I knocked but no one answered. The back door was unlocked so I came in to see if anyone was home. I told him me and the baby were trying to sleep and you were at work so he’d have to come back later. He said why would I do that when we are the only ones here. I told him that whatever he was thinking wasn’t gonna happen. I told him when the baby and I got up I had stuff to do. He said well the baby is asleep and you already know your gonna do what I want or what will happen. I moved away from him and got up off bed from your side. As I walked out of our room I told him he was going to have to leave. He repeated himself telling me that wasn’t what was gonna happen. I walked to the front door and opened it gesturing for him to leave. He shut the door and grabbed my arm tightly. I jerked it away and walked to the other side of the couch and began unpacking a box. I again told him to leave and that I would tell you he came by but he would have to come back when you were home.

He walked to the middle of the couch grabbed my arm and pulled me away from the box I was unpacking. He said do you really want to tell me No. You know I will tell my son what you have done with me. I said what had happened before wasn’t going to happen again that he had blackmailed me and made me do it. But not this time. His comment was O but it is going to happen I’ll get what I want or yes I’ll come back later tonight and tell my son exactly what’s been going on. I will tell him you asked for it all of it. He said now don’t fight me get over here on this couch now. Then he pulled me across the couch by my arm. As he pushed me down onto the couch he told me to pull my gown up. I did what he said. He said now sit up and he stepped in front of me and undid his pants. As he dropped his pants to the floor he grabbed his dick and told me to open my mouth. When I didn’t automatically do it he stepped closer pushing the head to my mouth. He pushed harder against my lips trying to pry his way into my mouth. As he did this I began to cry I didn’t want to do this. He told me to hush and open up. He said one way or another this is going to happen. Now do you want it forced or are you gonna let it happen? He didn’t wait for an answer. He grabbed my head so that I couldn’t pull away and forced his cock into my mouth. As he entered my mouth he said now see there you go. I still tried to pull away and push him away he just held my head harder and pushed my hands away with his other hand. He said stop fighting it’ll be a lot easier it you just go along. He began moving his hips back and forth quickly pumping his dick in and out of my mouth. After what seemed like an eternity he stopped moving and pulled his cock slowly out of my mouth.

I thought he was going to thrust back in so I braced myself. But instead he stepped back and told me to lay back onto the couch. He slouched down on his knees in front of me. He moved my gown up above my hips. He lowered himself down more in between my legs and began licking and sucking down around my vagina. He started slowly at first before becoming more forceful and eager. He leaned back only for a moment and said relax you know your enjoying this. I didn’t say anything and he went back to eating my pussy. He suck tightly on my clit before licking down into my lips and sucking them. As he inserted his tongue into my tight little hole he sucked on my lips at that point my body responded and tensed. I tried my best to keep my body from tensing and responding to his advances. He must have noticed because he reached up under both my hips and held them closer to him.

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