Dad and landlord

Had just moved into our house everyone came to help us move well that is besides your dad. As we unloaded the last box from the truck I left to go get dinner.

We ended up being up late that night but we got pretty much everything unpacked. You had to work the next day so we put the baby to bed and went to bed ourselves. The next morning you told me bye as you left for work and said try to finish unpacking today. I feed the baby and then we went back to sleep.

I woke up thinking I had heard someone knock on the front door but when I didn’t hear anything else I fell back asleep. I woke to your dad standing beside our bed. He said I knocked but no one answered. The back door was unlocked so I came in to see if anyone was home. I told him me and the baby were trying to sleep and you were at work so he’d have to come back later. He said why would I do that when we are the only ones here. I told him that whatever he was thinking wasn’t gonna happen. I told him when the baby and I got up I had stuff to do. He said well the baby is asleep and you already know your gonna do what I want or what will happen. I moved away from him and got up off bed from your side. As I walked out of our room I told him he was going to have to leave. He repeated himself telling me that wasn’t what was gonna happen. I walked to the front door and opened it gesturing for him to leave. He shut the door and grabbed my arm tightly. I jerked it away and walked to the other side of the couch and began unpacking a box. I again told him to leave and that I would tell you he came by but he would have to come back when you were home.

He walked to the middle of the couch grabbed my arm and pulled me away from the box I was unpacking. He said do you really want to tell me No. You know I will tell my son what you have done with me. I said what had happened before wasn’t going to happen again that he had blackmailed me and made me do it. But not this time. His comment was O but it is going to happen I’ll get what I want or yes I’ll come back later tonight and tell my son exactly what’s been going on. I will tell him you asked for it all of it. He said now don’t fight me get over here on this couch now. Then he pulled me across the couch by my arm. As he pushed me down onto the couch he told me to pull my gown up. I did what he said. He said now sit up and he stepped in front of me and undid his pants. As he dropped his pants to the floor he grabbed his dick and told me to open my mouth. When I didn’t automatically do it he stepped closer pushing the head to my mouth. He pushed harder against my lips trying to pry his way into my mouth. As he did this I began to cry I didn’t want to do this. He told me to hush and open up. He said one way or another this is going to happen. Now do you want it forced or are you gonna let it happen? He didn’t wait for an answer. He grabbed my head so that I couldn’t pull away and forced his cock into my mouth. As he entered my mouth he said now see there you go. I still tried to pull away and push him away he just held my head harder and pushed my hands away with his other hand. He said stop fighting it’ll be a lot easier it you just go along. He began moving his hips back and forth quickly pumping his dick in and out of my mouth. After what seemed like an eternity he stopped moving and pulled his cock slowly out of my mouth.

I thought he was going to thrust back in so I braced myself. But instead he stepped back and told me to lay back onto the couch. He slouched down on his knees in front of me. He moved my gown up above my hips. He lowered himself down more in between my legs and began licking and sucking down around my vagina. He started slowly at first before becoming more forceful and eager. He leaned back only for a moment and said relax you know your enjoying this. I didn’t say anything and he went back to eating my pussy. He suck tightly on my clit before licking down into my lips and sucking them. As he inserted his tongue into my tight little hole he sucked on my lips at that point my body responded and tensed. I tried my best to keep my body from tensing and responding to his advances. He must have noticed because he reached up under both my hips and held them closer to him.

As I came in and on his mouth he groaned. In my head all I could think was O great now he thinks I’m enjoying this. He continued on eating me out and I said this needs to stop he will be coming home from work soon. He ignored me and continued for a few moments longer before stopping i climaxed.

He stopped stood up and stepped closer to the couch before kneeling down on it. He scooted himself up in between my legs. He centered himself on the cushion and spread my legs farther apart. I put my hands up to stop him and said no. he stated we were almost done he just hadn’t finished quiet yet. He used his arms to hold my legs apart has he reached for his cock to bring it to my pussy. As I put my hands down to cover it he just moved them away and proceed with what he was doing. I couldn’t even clamp my thighs together cause his arms were in them holding them apart. He pushed his way into me. First just the head in and out then he thrust forward completely into me. Slow and steady a couple times. Then he buried himself inside me and began pumping into me. Faster and faster with each pump. I came against my will again.
He was getting rougher with each thrust as he groaned and moaned. He was panting and tensing every time he plunged into me.
He thrusted and pumped harder and faster before he buried once again deep inside my pussy, I could feel him swell and throb and I knew he was fixing to cum I tried to push his hips back but he just pushed harder into me. I felt him swell up again and then his cum started to shot into me, filling my pussy full of his cum.

He sat back onto the couch not saying a word. He then grabbed his pants off the floor and stood up pulling them on.
He stood there buttoned his pants and headed for the door his cum running out of me down between my ass cheeks. He said I’ll see you next time tell my son I’ll be by soon.
Seems like these last few days have been such a blur and very busy. We have our house unpacked and put away. And not even so much as a whisper from your dad. I had started to relax into everyday life and not worry about things. I was beginning to think that the whole outta sight outta mind thing might be for real. It had been a couple weeks since your dad had shown up. I had just let myself stop worrying about him showing up or anything else. That is until the morning he showed up not long after you had left for work. I had been out to do laundry already and was standing at the kitchen table folding the clothes getting ready to put them up.

There was a knock on the back door. I went to see who it was and when I looked out it was him. I told him you weren’t home you had left for work already but I would let you know he came by. I didn’t open the door. I just told him I was feeding the baby and otherwise busy have a good day and bye. I probably should have checked the doors to make sure they were locked but I hadn’t. I just went back to the table and started folding clothes again. I had just cleaned up our son an put him in playpen beside table. I was trying to get laundry finished when I heard the front door open. Before I had time to react he was in the kitchen. I told him again you were not home and he said I know. He said he was supposed to come by and pick up some tools that you had left for him under the cabinet. He grabbed them and sat them on the cabinet then stepped towards me. I moved to the end of the table and continued folding clothes. He picked up the tools and headed towards the back door. I said bye and went back to what I was doing. I had turned my back to him and faced the sink to start dishes when I heard door shut. I thought he had left without putting up and argument. Feeling relieved I started washing dishes.

Next thing I knew he was up behind me. He grabbed my arm and pulled me over to the kitchen table. He moved things out of the way on the table and pushed me over on it. With one hand holding me down he used the other one to undo my shorts and underwear then dropped them to the floor. I then felt him undoing his own pants. He pinned me down on top the table bending me over as far as he could. He then put his arm down on my back to hold me and used his other hand to hold his dick while he began pushing his way inside of me. He rubbed the head of his penis on my lips trying to get it to go in but I wasn’t getting wet

. I told him to stop and he said be quiet and just take it. The more I resisted the more persistent and irritated he became. As he pushed inside me he pushed his hand into the middle of my shoulder blades to hold me still. He pushed inside me hard and fast without even spit on his dick. Tears ran down my cheeks it hurt so bad.

He didn’t stop just kept pumping and telling me to be quiet before I woke up the baby. As he ravished me harshly right there on our kitchen table he gave not mind to the pain I was in. He just told me to shut up. In a abruptly scratchy voice he said you know you like this. He told me not to even try to deny it. He was thrusting so rough and hard it pushed me into table harder with each pump. He pulled his cock out to were just the tip was there and slammed into me again. It was so hard it moved the table. The noise of the table woke up the baby and he started to cry. He told me to make the baby be quiet.
He moved his hand up to the back of my neck as I turned my head and tried to quiet the baby.

But he never stopped fucking me. I could feel his every move every throb his dick made I felt. as his body tensed and started to shake my pussy burned. I felt him as he readied to blow his load and prayed it wasn’t going to be in me.

He started moving his hips franticly faster and harder and I felt him turn his upper body just a little bit but didn’t know why. As he was ready to blow his load he says its just god to pull out and I felt his cum filling me again. He released me and said maybe you should clean up wouldn’t want my son getting upset cause you don’t have the house clean. As he walked out he said see y’all later.

Oh yeah by the way your land lord was watching us, no he wasn’t. But he was and sure enough as soon as he left the land lord was knocking.

I didn’t want to open it for fear of what he was going to say about what he had seen.. i wrapped a towel around me and opened the door.

Well, that was quite the show. That’s your father in law wasn’t it? did I hear him right say do what he wanted to keep your husband from finding out y’all are fucking

So what if he did. Its none of your business.

Well yalls rent is past due. I think i might just have to come talk to your husband later when he gets home today.
Might just have to mention what i seen today. Dont really want this type of people renting one of my houses.

What are you talking about?

Incest and what are you like 12?

No im 16 and we will have your rent in the morning.

He stands there with his hand in his pocket and i can see he is rubbing his cock.

You know, that little show you just put on i think
You can either let me enjoy your tight little body or i can tell your husband what i seen and give him a eviction notice.

As i stood there thinking this sorry son of abitch.

He reaches out putting his fingers at the top of the towel and pulls.

At first i hold tight not letting it move. He says okey then. Turns to leave. As he reaches the door.

Wait just fucking wait a minute. I can call the police on you.

You can. But your husband will know everything. Bet he would really like to know your father in law filled u with his cum?

He walks closer to me. As i stood with my back against the counter. He reaches his hand down sliding it under the towel. Slowly up my inner thigh. His fingers reaches my lips. Rubbing his finger between my lips.

Still nice and wet. Your father in laws cum will make good lube for me.

He pulls the towel and i let go. As it falls to the floor. He smiles big. Dam you look like my daughter.
As he starts fingering me he looks at me. Pull it out.

I just look at him. Take your hands and unzip my pants pull out my cock.

I didnt want to do this. I wanted to scream for help. But i cant have my husband find out about his dad fucking me.
I reach out unzip his pants and pull out his half hard cock.
Foreskin, dam it as i held his dick in my hand he takes his free hand starts pinching my nipples. Starts moving his hips. He slides a second finger inside me.
Dam your just as tight as my daughter to.

His dick was getting harder and longer. He wasnt as thick as my husband or my father in law but he was getting longer.
After a couple minutes his dick was fully erect at 10 inches.

He picks me up sitting me on the counter top. He spreads my legs wide as i lean back against the wall. I close my eyes with tears running down my cheeks.
I feel him rub his head up and down my lips and push the head in.
Holy shit your hot. He says as he pushes more inside. I didnt think i could take any more as pushed deeper. Till he had all 10 inches deep inside me.
I came around his cock against my will as he started slowly started pumping his cock into me. At first he was pulling back about halfway before pushing back into me. Getting faster and faster as he kept saying how tight i was, how much i felt like his daughters pussy squeezing his cock.

Tell daddy how good it feels.

He pulls back till just his head is inside me. And i feel it sweel up.
Can you feel it sweeling up. He ask.

As he slowly pushes back into me i couldnt help but let a low moan escape as i cum again.

Thats a good girl cum all over my cock.

He pulls me off the counter top. Holding his arms under my legs walking into the living room.

What are you doing asshole?

He says nothing as we get to the couch he lays me down and starts fucking fast with long deep strokes into me. Again i climax around his long cock. Moans escape my lips again.

Oh im almost there.

Dont you even think about cumming in me.

He jumps up quickly moving up putting his dick etween my titts and starts pumping till he cums on my chest.

Dam your pussy is as good as my daughters. That takes o
Care of your rent this month so tell your husband we are good for now. I look forward to tasting your sweet pussy next month.

I dont think so. Isnt your daughter only 11 years old and you been fucking her. I bet the cops and your wife would like to know that.

Now wait a minute. No you wait. I might have had no choice this time but there will not be a next time and if you think about telling my husband i will return the favor and tell on you.

He zips up his pants and stomps out of the house.

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