Seducing my maid and losing my virginity

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I was 18 years old when this happened. I was preparing for an entrance exam after completing school. So I was at my home most of the time. We had a maid who was in her late 20s. She had a son who was around 4 years old. Her husband left her after childbirth and she has been single since then.

She was about 5’1″ tall, had a dusky skin tone. Her boobs and ass were in good shape which would make a man fall for her easily. She wears tight dresses which add to the beauty of her boobs. I had an eye for her right from the beginning but didn’t make a move.

The incident happened on a weekday when no one was there at home. My parents went to a temple and they would return only the next day. So I was all alone. She came home and she was washing dishes as usual. Her top became wet due to the splashing of water from washing. I saw her from the hall and watching her wet made me horny.

I decided to make a move. So I picked up some waste paper to put in the dustbin. The dustbin was under the dishwashing sink beneath her legs and she had to move so that I could reach the dustbin. I went behind her told her to move by touching and moving her hips, my body rubbed her ass and she gave a jerk. I threw the waste into the bin. She didn’t expect me to touch her hips but she gave a smile which boosted my confidence.

I told her that I was cleaning my shelves so I have a lot of waste paper to be thrown. She offered to help me clean them after work. I accepted her help. I had a plan in mind now.
When she came to help me clean the room, I told her to take the things from the topmost shelf. She can’t reach that shelf directly, so I placed a stool with shaky legs for her to climb on.

I told her that I will stand there holding her body for support as the stool was not firm. She hesitated but accepted and climbed on the stool. My room had no cot and there was a bed on the floor. I moved the bed near the stool for safety.

She was taking the things from the top shelf and giving them to me. There were some things deep inside the shelf and she had to stand on her toes to reach them. I held her tightly by touching her hips. I slightly pushed the leg of the stool purposefully. She lost balance and we both fell on the bed.

I was fine. But she had some pain around her hips due to the fall. My plan was coming into action. I told her that some stretches and a little massage could ease the pain. I made her stand up, told her to bend down, and touched every inch of her back and butt to ask where it pained.

I made her arch back standing and held her tightly. Stretching made her feel a bit relaxed. I told her that some more stretches and a massage would do the trick. I went to fetch some oil.

She hesitated that if someone saw me massaging her then it would be bad. I assured her that no one will reach home till tomorrow and told her to lie down on her back. She reluctantly lied down. I held her left leg, lifted them, and started massaging them from toe to knee.

I slowly moved near her thighs and massaged them hard. I could see that she was feeling relaxed. I moved my hands right up to the pussy and massaged her legs without touching her pussy. I did all of this with her pants on. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the magic of my hands. I did the same thing on her right leg.

I talked about her marriage and her husband and she sadly said her story to me. I told her to cheer up and said that he didn’t deserve such beauty. No sane man would leave such a beautiful woman. She said that I was so good and down to earth. I talked about all these things while massaging her.

She had a bit of pain in her lower back. I convinced her that an oil massage is the best way to ease the pain. This time I made her lie on her stomach and I made her loosen up her pants and removed them partially till her knees. I raised her top a little and now her hips, her panty, and her thighs were visible.

I poured some oil on her hips and started massaging there. I ran circles on her lower back and pressed her hips hard. While massaging her lower back, I slid my fingers inside her panty now and then. It was visible that she enjoyed my touch. I then poured oil on her thighs. She had juicy thighs. I wanted to bite and kiss on her thighs but controlled my feelings.

She said that she is loving the massage and thanked me for doing this to her. I said that I always want to see you happy. I couldn’t see you in pain so I am helping you

I gave a deep massage on her thighs. I moved my hands up to her pussy now and then and touched them. My hands were moving in an alternative fast and slow motion and she was already too deep in pleasure enjoying my touch. I moved my hands to her hips slowly slid them under her panty and touched her ass.

She tried to move my hand out but I told her that massaging her ass would give her complete relaxation. I told her to trust me. I started pressing her ass and massaged them. Her round ass was one to die for and I was in cloud nine massaging her ass.

With one hand from above inside her panty and another hand from down, I reached near her pussy. Both hands were moving in tandem and drawing circles around her pussy. I slid my hands and touched the opening of her vagina.

I slid my middle finger inside and started stroking her pussy. She moaned and told me to stop. I went near her neck kissed her earlobes while stroking her pussy hard. Her moan became louder. I told her to enjoy the pleasure. I told her that I have always wanted to fuck her. I won’t say it to anyone if she is okay with this.

Before she could reply, I started kissing her neck while fingering her and she continued her moans. She pushed me a bit and stood up. I asked her if she didn’t like it. She said that it was wrong. We shouldn’t do this. I looked her in the eye and leaned forward.

I told her ” I like you so much. I always wanted to do this to you. No one will find out about this. It has been so long since someone loved you. Let me do this to you”. Drops of tears were flowing from her eyes. I held her face and gave a deep long kiss on her lips. She responded well.

I broke the kiss, pushed her back to the bed, and removed her top. She removed my T-shirt. I started to kiss her again madly. I kissed her necks, cheeks, earlobes. I bit on her neck. I removed her bra and started pressing her boobs. Her boobs were so soft. This was my first time seeing and holding someone’s boobs. I fondled her boobs. I played with them, buried my face between her boobs, and shook my head fast. I was pressing and pinching her boobs. I took her left boob in my mouth and held her right boob. I licked, sucked, and bit her nipples. I pinched and played on her right boob. She was moaning out of pleasure.

I occasionally kissed her on the lips and jumped back to her boobs. She enjoyed it. I made her lie down. I kissed her navel, hips, and slowly moved to her pussy. She had some hair on her pussy but wasn’t too hairy. I bit her thighs, went near her pussy lips, and kissed around it. I slid my finger into it and kissed and sucked on the clitoris.

I was stroking her hard and didn’t stop the sucking. I inserted my second finger and stroked them even harder. I slowed it down for a few seconds, then increased the pace again. She pushed my head and was moaning so loud. I could feel the juices flowing out of her pussy. Her moaning sound increased continuously and I loved hearing it. I made her cum. I licked the cum out of her pussy.

I spent so much time on her pussy. I was a virgin then so I was afraid of how long I would last. So I decided that I should give her the best orgasm of her life. She was so horny after that.

I removed my pant and brief. My dick was so hard after this. she told me to put it in. I told her that I had no condom. She said that it was okay and pulled me towards her. I slowly slid my dick inside and started to move. My happiness was immeasurable. I am losing my virginity to a beautiful woman.

I stroked my dick back and forth. My dick came out of her pussy now and then. So we changed positions and tried doggy style. I inserted my dick back and held her boobs. I thrust my dick inside her and moved them slowly. I increased my pace. I held and pressed her boobs so hard while fucking her.

I would have fucked her for around 3 minutes and I was about to cum. She wanted it in her face. I pulled out and released my cum on her face. Suddenly I was sad that I didn’t last long. She told me that I did so well for a virgin guy and hugged and kissed me.

We both stood up to wash. I wanted us to take a shower together. So we went inside, opened the shower, and I started kissing her again. We were so wet. We hugged, kissed, and held each other for so long in the shower. We took a bath together.

She then wore her clothes back and kissed me goodbye while leaving. I held her back kissing her and told her not to go. She said that we will do this again sometime and left.

Hi, I am cuddles and kisses, a 23-year-old guy from Chennai. I am attracted to older women. I love the foreplay part more than the sex and I am an expert in giving oral to women. Women in Chennai looking for hookups or one night stands can reach me at [email protected].

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