As a young man, I didn’t get alone with parents so I left. Drifting around. I found myself homeless, I road the rails going into California, got into town and quickly met up with local a homeless area, I joined right in. A guy in his 30s was showing me around, telling me all the ends and outs.

We were hanging out one day and this older man driving a pick up truck with a topper on it, drove by very slowly, my new buddy Sam told me, what ever you do, don’t hook up with that guy, I asked what’s the deal? Jim said he will offer you a job, place to stay, and feed you and all but it’s not good,, and he didn’t say anymore about it.

After a couple of weeks went by, I was in a bad way. Haven’t bathed in a while, hungry, and it just wasn’t working out. I noticed the guy in the truck cruising slowly, so I waved him over. He stopped as I walked up to his truck, he rolled the window down and I said, excuse me sir, would you have any work that I could do, I’m in a bad way. He said yes. He needs some help at his place, he said I could hop in the back and he would take me there.

I opened up the topper got in and off we went. After we got out of town a bit he slid the sliding glass window open and asked me if I wanted a beer. SURE, he handed me one as we keep driving. Through out the long trip I drank 5 beers. The truck Finley stopped and he told me to get out and open the gate, then close it after he drove through.

He drove through I shut the gate then got back in, we drove about a mile on a twisting dirt road to arrive at his house. There was a circular dirt drive way with a fire pit in the middle that was smoldering, as we got out, he said well this is it. He pointed to an outdoor shower on the side of the house and told me I needed to shower.

After I finished showering there was a towel laying there, and my clothes were missing, he was sitting on the front porch drinking beer, and he called me over, I asked him where my clothes were and he said not to worrie, I’ll get ya some. There was only 1 chair, and a floor stool he pushed the stool my way and said get us another beer would ya? There was a cooler besides him. I got him one and one for myself. I sat on this stool as we drank beer after beer. Until he said damn I gotta piss, I did too.

He was an older gentleman, somewhat overweight, as it was getting dark he said hand me that pisser, pointing behind me . I looked over, there was this hospital type container laying on the ground, I picked it up and handed it to him. He unzipped, pulled out his dick and pissed into it, and then handed it back to me saying dump it out there in the yard. I took it and walked next to the fire pit and dumped it out. I noticed it looked like some clothes had been burned, thinking they were mine, he hollered out, now you can piss out there too.

I passed then walked back to the porch took my seat on the stool, noticing his pants still undone, as he said hang on, I’ll be right back, we went inside, turned on the porch light, returning with two bottles of vodka, he sat down handed me a bottle and said, now we can start drinking.

We started matching drinks, until I was just blitzed, I was tired drunk off my ass, and wanting to go to sleep. He took my towel and said he needed his shower and told me I could go in and sleep in the living room, there’s a pillow and covers already there. I waisted no time, as he went to the shower, I got up went inside fixed my bedding area, covered up and I was out in no time.

Not sure how long I was out. I was awaken with his dick in my mouth. He had sat me upright, and was skull fucking me. He noticed I woke up and he said, good your awake, he keep pushing his dick in my mouth and sliding it back and forth. He told me I had begged for it so much he wasn’t going to denied me any longer,

I just let him have his way. His cock wasn’t very big, I was not sure if it was all the way hard or not, as his hands were both sides of my head pushing me in and out. He lifted one leg put it besides me spreading them, he told me he likes his balls played with, as he reached down to grab my hand leading it to his balls. Damn he had a huge sack,

His cock started to get harder just not bigger, I would guess it at 6 inches. As I could get all of it in my mouth he was talking to me, saying how he loved a good cock sucking from time to time, and I’m doing very well, he would tell me to give his balls a little squeeze, then he would hold me all the way down on him and just hold me there for a while.

This went on with him talking the entire time, and I think he even called me his cocksucking bitch, it seemed like 7 to 10 minutes, then all of the sudden he pulled out, started jacking himself, as he held my head close, then bam. He shot a load of warm beer tasting cum all over my face, in my mouth, even on my forehead, he just about covered my whole face in one shot. He said squeeze my balls bitch, squeeze my balls, I reached up got a hand full and lightly squeezed. With him still pumping away he pulled my head in closer just to get the head of his cock in my mouth and unloaded like there was no tomorrow. It filled my mouth some running out dripping on my legs, as he held me on it with each stroke he was hitting my nose, I tried to pull off, I started choking coughing, he released me until I cough my breath, within seconds back at it.

He keep on jacking himself off, both my hands cradled his huge balls, he pulled my head in until his cock was part way in my mouth. He started calling me every name in the book. Telling my I was his personal cum slave, I couldn’t believe he shot another load in my mouth, then he pulled his cock out, held my head in his hands lifted me back a bit and he said swallow every drop cunt! I did as told, then he told me to lick his cock clean, and lick the cum off my face.

He watched me for a bit, then he walked to the rest room. I just sat there doing what I was told. He returned telling me to come on, I have earned the right to sleep in the big bed. He lead me to the bedroom, told me this was his side and that was mine. As we got into bed, he told me I was to sleep with my back to him at all times, unless otherwise ordered differently, some how, for some reason I answered him, with Yes Sir. I quickly fell asleep,

The next morning, I was awaken with him pushing on my back he was saying wake up bitch, then he said ok I’m ready for my morning bowl job. I simply said yes sir, as I turned over, got down between his spread legs and started sucking. His cock came pretty fast, I remembered to play with his balls, he filled my mouth again with cum, he ordered me to swallow, and then lick his cock clean. After I was done, he told me to go cook breakfast.

I set the table with two plates , put the breakfast on the table made him some coffee, as he came into the room he sat down and said I only get to eat what he doesn’t eat, and for me to stand there, awaiting futher instructions. I did as told.

While he was eating he told me that he would go ahead and keep me, as long as I followed orders, I said yes sir. As he told my my name is cocksucker, and I would go by bitch also. I would suck his cock anytime he wanted it sucked. And then he asked me if I understood? I said yes sir. He finished eating, handed me his plate told me to put it on the floor. Then I could eat what’s left. I put the plate on the floor, got down on my hands and knees and ate what was left. He told me to always arch my back and spread my knees as I ate.

With me down like a fuck toy, I felt his hand rub on my ass crack working it’s way to my hole, then it very gently slid in. It was lubbed up and he worked it very easily, wiggeling it around, I was surprised at how good it felt. He removed it for a while I think to re lube, then back in it went. He got it all the way in and wiggled it all around, as I let out a moan or two. He laughed and said, yea, I thought so.

I was finished eating just maintaining my position as he worked it all around. My cock quickly grew to full attention and I went to play with it, he noticed and said no no no. Not with out permission, I stopped then I said, please mr, sir, may I please jack off. He said not yet. He fingered me for a while then he called me a bitch and told me to clean up the kitchen.

After the kitchen was clean , I went to the living room where he was watching TV. There was a stool besides his chair, he told me to sit there. He told me I was not allowed on the furniture, unless ordered, he asked me if I liked being fingered , I said yes. This is when he said good, now, suck my pussy finger, he held out his hand with his middle finger upwards, as I took it in my mouth sucking it. He asked me if I liked the taste of my own pussy, I said yes sir.

He told me he loves porn and he has many tapes and told me to get one by the TV pop it in and let’s watch. I grabbed one at random popes it in, came back to sit by him as the tape started to play. I was kind of surprised but not really, it was him with two young men, ordering them around, fucking them making them suck his cock. He even spanked one of the guys on the video, and then another older fat man joined in, having his way with one of the guys.

He told me that making a porn movie is mandatory around here. And yes, I do let my friends play. While the movie was still going he said oh yes, come on in here cocksucker, I followed him into a different bed room where there were all sorts of women clothing, he told me to pick out some panties, stockings, a bra, then come back to watch the video. It took me several times but I found some that fit.

I returned to the living room all dressed up and he made me model for him, he decided I didn’t look good in this or that color and ordered me back to change. He told me there are some fake tits in there too, and I better return with a great set of tits.

I did as told. I returned modeled again for him, he called me over to his ordered me to turn around, then he pulled the back side of my aunties up my ass, saying there that’s better. He instructed me to always let my balls hang out the crotch less panties. I pulled then through the area. He then told me I was to keep my legs shaves smoothe at all times. And I was to wear a wig and make up. He would teach me how later.

Look forward for part 2

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