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As a young man, I didn’t get alone with parents so I left. Drifting around. I found myself homeless, I road the rails going into California, got into town and quickly met up with local a homeless area, I joined right in. A guy in his 30s was showing me around, telling me all the ends and outs.

We were hanging out one day and this older man driving a pick up truck with a topper on it, drove by very slowly, my new buddy Sam told me, what ever you do, don’t hook up with that guy, I asked what’s the deal? Jim said he will offer you a job, place to stay, and feed you and all but it’s not good,, and he didn’t say anymore about it.

After a couple of weeks went by, I was in a bad way. Haven’t bathed in a while, hungry, and it just wasn’t working out. I noticed the guy in the truck cruising slowly, so I waved him over. He stopped as I walked up to his truck, he rolled the window down and I said, excuse me sir, would you have any work that I could do, I’m in a bad way. He said yes. He needs some help at his place, he said I could hop in the back and he would take me there.

I opened up the topper got in and off we went. After we got out of town a bit he slid the sliding glass window open and asked me if I wanted a beer. SURE, he handed me one as we keep driving. Through out the long trip I drank 5 beers. The truck Finley stopped and he told me to get out and open the gate, then close it after he drove through.

He drove through I shut the gate then got back in, we drove about a mile on a twisting dirt road to arrive at his house. There was a circular dirt drive way with a fire pit in the middle that was smoldering, as we got out, he said well this is it. He pointed to an outdoor shower on the side of the house and told me I needed to shower.

After I finished showering there was a towel laying there, and my clothes were missing, he was sitting on the front porch drinking beer, and he called me over, I asked him where my clothes were and he said not to worrie, I’ll get ya some. There was only 1 chair, and a floor stool he pushed the stool my way and said get us another beer would ya? There was a cooler besides him. I got him one and one for myself. I sat on this stool as we drank beer after beer. Until he said damn I gotta piss, I did too.

He was an older gentleman, somewhat overweight, as it was getting dark he said hand me that pisser, pointing behind me . I looked over, there was this hospital type container laying on the ground, I picked it up and handed it to him. He unzipped, pulled out his dick and pissed into it, and then handed it back to me saying dump it out there in the yard. I took it and walked next to the fire pit and dumped it out. I noticed it looked like some clothes had been burned, thinking they were mine, he hollered out, now you can piss out there too.

I passed then walked back to the porch took my seat on the stool, noticing his pants still undone, as he said hang on, I’ll be right back, we went inside, turned on the porch light, returning with two bottles of vodka, he sat down handed me a bottle and said, now we can start drinking.

We started matching drinks, until I was just blitzed, I was tired drunk off my ass, and wanting to go to sleep. He took my towel and said he needed his shower and told me I could go in and sleep in the living room, there’s a pillow and covers already there. I waisted no time, as he went to the shower, I got up went inside fixed my bedding area, covered up and I was out in no time.

Not sure how long I was out. I was awaken with his dick in my mouth. He had sat me upright, and was skull fucking me. He noticed I woke up and he said, good your awake, he keep pushing his dick in my mouth and sliding it back and forth. He told me I had begged for it so much he wasn’t going to denied me any longer,

I just let him have his way. His cock wasn’t very big, I was not sure if it was all the way hard or not, as his hands were both sides of my head pushing me in and out. He lifted one leg put it besides me spreading them, he told me he likes his balls played with, as he reached down to grab my hand leading it to his balls. Damn he had a huge sack,

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