Tailor measures depth of my asshole

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Hey guys, Pranali here. I want to share with you my story of Rough and filthy anal sex with my tailor.

It was wedding season of December here in Ahmedabad in 2017. I was 19 years old at that time. I was ( and of course I am) delicately slim with a tight and round ass and foxy cute face and huge seductive lips. I bet I can make your cock rock hard just by walking past you in tight jeans.
So we had to attend wedding and I had to go to the tailor for taking measurements of new clothes.
Tailor uncle as we called him was a hairy black masculine guy with a hunk handsome face and big moustache. I always kinda fantasize about him and his sweaty and hair body.

I got there and he started measuring me. I lifted up my arms and I was kinda embarrassed as there was a little bit of sweat. Uncle gave a little smile as he took a sniff. I think he liked how I smelled.
He went down measuring waist and measured butt and thighs. He gave a little pinch on the butt. I giggled in embarrassment.

Suddenly out of nowhere he grabbed my face and started sucking my lips and tounge forcefully. At first I was shocked but I kinda liked it. His mouth was smelling and his moustache hairs were hurting my soft lips and skin.
” What a delicious tounge…I want to keep on drinking this mouth juice forever.” He said and bit my lower lip aggressively and I gave a soft moan.

He tore my top and started sucking and pinching my nipples. He then started licking my armpits and I was literally blushing in shame.
“ON YOUR KNEES BARBIE GIRL”He said orderly and I sat down like a slave and opened my mouth.

He ripped out his 8 inch fat monster and it scared me. It really scared me. But before I could think anything else he shoved it deep down my throat. I gagged almost breathless.
He pulled my hair and fucked my face like a cheap whore and I loved it all.
Then he slapped my face real hard and made me lick his stinky hairy balls.
My face was all roughed up and I was looking like a whore.
“Time for your ASSet kitty”
He pushed me against the wall and kissed my neck from behind while ripping apart my trousers.
“Damn you shameless slut, how could you not be wearing any panties” He laughed.
“I thought it would be easier for you daddy” I winked at him. He kissed me and spanked hard on my ass.

He then spreaded my cheeks apart and took a deep sniff. “Woah it smells so filthy, Do you ever wipe it?” He spanked again and I was literally screamed.

He started licking my butthole and I was going crazy. His tounge felt like heaven down there

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