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claiming Suzie as my own ,

i havent seen Suzie in more than 20 years yet i still have images of her in my mind that never faded . she was the most beautiful woman i had ever been with , she had lovely curves , beautiful skin , her pretty smile always wore red lipstick , her nice n petite figure made me feel like i wanted to protect her in this crazy world today but something went wrong and i lost her ,

but kept all my memories of her alive in my heart as i really loved her at one time ,i haven’t loved many women like that and i just wanted to reach out and let her know how fond i was of her even after all this time . i didnt know if she was taken , married or divorced as we havent talked in all this time . Patty was so jealous of Suzie i asked her to stay away the last time i saw her trying for a new start with Patty , it was one of the hardest days of my life as i loved looking at her and cried inside watching her leave that day ..

life hasent been easy but we managed , our passion was never like what i had for Suzie , it was more of a working relationship than true love , is that how most relationships are i would ask myself , i duno , but i never forgot how i loved n lost that Suzie girl , she had captured my heart like no other , it was more a passionate relationship than a working relationship , was that real love ? i duno .

after all this time had passed i found her on facebook and found the courage to make contact with her , my heart all jittery she wrote back , even sent a little E kiss so maybe she still like me a little too ….i asked her to come over for a little visit and she agreed . little did she know what i had in store for here . i dont know if i was crossing the line but my desires were so strong to get her back in bed even if it was just one more time . i got her a sexy little crotchless fishnet body suit , a little dog like collar with a heart shaped dog tag inscribed Suzie on one side and property of SteveO on the other , i had a candle lit a little box of sees candy and a leash to put on that collar .

i heard a knock on the door , i was freshy showered and groomed myself the best i can for this meeting . i opened the door and saw that smile and my heart just racing away . Hi Suzie i said as i looked her over , she was still as beautiful as i remembered . i told her of my plans for this get together and TOLD her she would have to drop her clothes to the floor right here and put these on for me ? there was the most beautiful woman i have ever known practicly naked before me in just a skimpy fishnet body suit , then i put the leash on her and said come with me as i lead her to the bedroom . i didnt know how this would go , all i had in mind was trying to please her and show her how much desired her ..i kissed the side of her neck , looking at her full breasts … i sat her on the bed , layed her back , spread her legs and just gazed at her little knob , in my mind this was the most beautiful pussy i had ever seen , i began kissing and sucking on her knob feeling it swell in my mouth , it was like i was giving her a little blowjob , i loved that knob of hers !!! i think was enjoying it as i felt her squirm a bit .

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