Rank and its privileges

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David was furious, ‘why was Lucien coming to stay with us, why!!’

Well, there had been history. History associated with the French Canadian Officer’s attachment to my husband’s unit. An association in Salisbury when Lucien had regularly come to our home and took me to bed. Three years ago, when we were still in the forces I couldn’t say no to Lucien and David knew it. When Lucien beckoned, I went to him. It was chemistry and there was nothing that my husband could do about it.


‘Please don’t go with him, please!’ David pleaded.

I looked at him. It was pointless wasn’t it, trying to resist. Some things in our lives are meant to be. Some things in the brain are dominated by instinct. Lucien outranked David in military terms and as a man too. So I went to Lucien and yes, he fucked me, It was discreetly managed, Lucien coming ‘to dinner’ and staying the night. Lucien fucking me, whispering his sweet French seductions in my ear. David had ‘slept’ next door, tossing and turning in a bed, listening to us couple. My husband had grown first moody and then belligerent. Lucien had had to hit him. Just the once, very hard indeed. Then David had co operated and we had settled into a regular hierarchy where David called Lucien ‘sir’ in the house as well as on the camp.

‘Lucien expects the usual arrangements, you’re to email him and tell him you’re grateful that he is coming to spend the summer with us’ I said simply.

My husband looked crestfallen, absolutely beaten.

I waited. Did we have to have our conversation all over again. The leaving conversation, the conversation about his peccadillos at work. I knew that David was defrauding his company. I knew that he hated the bosses at work and had tried to get back at them. No, David would accommodate me, he would respect my needs. From the moment I met Lucien I had wanted him. No, I had needed him in that aching, down in the pit of your sex way that only honest women know. Lucien had fucked me after that ladies night dinner, David had glimpsed it and we had gone from there.

I watched David open up the draft email and start to type in front of me. It was the requirement necessary if the summer was to be without fuss. There were some preliminary pleasantries, a report about where David worked now and then he wrote it. ‘Jenny still adores you. I’d be grateful if you continued all that you gave her when we knew you in Salisbury. There won’t be any trouble.’ I kissed David’s head, rubbing his ears as he typed. He was meant to elaborate. ‘ To be frank she never seemed happier, more feminine, more assured than when you took her in bed. I know something when it is truly beautiful’ he wrote.

‘Kiss me’ I whispered. I wanted my husband to kiss me in the old way too. I slid up the hem of my pleated mini skirt and showed him the sex that Lucien had remodelled. I was still stretched down there, still petulant and taunting. I slipped my fingers below and teased open my sex lips so that the peachy moist interior showed to him. With Lucien, there had always been creamy white spunk oozing out. I waited for David and of course he came to my cunt. A kiss became a lick. A lick became an open mouthed supplicant eating of my sex. He buried his face against me and I pushed back hard, forcing his nose against my clitty so that I could enjoy using him.

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