Nephew Fucked Innocent Aunty Ruthlessly – Nephew’s version (Part 3)

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Continuing from last part Nephew Fucked Innocent Aunty Ruthlessly- Nephew’s version (Part 2)

Later in evening I woke up from heavy sleep.I looked for everybody.I saw 2 cousins sitting with aunty in sofa watching tv and eating snacks and having coffee. I can see aunty fully tired through her face looks.She had changed her dress to kurta. I was a great achievement for me to make aunty look sleepless.I went the her bedroom and put phone in record on table.Then I went near them and sat on sofa greeted cousins like nothing ever happened. Aunty was escaping to do eye contact with here.

I asked aunty where is my coffee?? She showed the kitchen.I took her hand pulled her towards the master bedroom.The children were bzy watching tv and was now a puppet of mine as she was afraid the shouting and fighting may seek attention of her children.

I closed the door , pulled aunty towards me as her boobs crashed my chest.I grabbed her ass cheeks and pressed it.I made eye contact with her kissed her lips and started to smooch.In the process I bit her lower lips and pull it with my teeth. She grunted in pain.I started to enter her mouth using tounge and my hands were bzy exploring her back.I made to put her hands around me to look it as mutual.
I was deeply given her French kiss holding her face.

Turned her around making her back facing me and she facing camera (unknown to her) and grabbed her boobs from behind and started to molesting.She very bearing pain and moaning.I slowly giving deep licks and kisses to her back and neck region.All these lovemaking scenes were being recorded in phone.

She was breathing heavily.It actions went on for a quite some time.Later a went in front of her kneeled down and started to kiss and lick her navel and pelvic region putting my head inside her dress.I grabbed her ass for the support.Then lifted her one leg to access deeper and deeper.The scent to her pussy region was tempting.I licked it nicelyband made it wet.Suddenly I got up and and went outside master bedroom holding her hands.

The kids were still busy in watching tv and left her there.Later I went to bedroom to take my phone.I was thrilled but felt pitty for kids who were unaware that their cousin was enjoying their mom fully while they were enjoying watching tv.

Later I went outside the house for some relaxation and returned after hour.When I came the older one was gone play outside as it’s Sunday evening and saw looked for aunty she was again in kitchen working.

I went near her as she sensesed my arrival.I went and grabbed her stomach.Raised her kurta and lossened laces of salwar and hooked her panty to her thighs.I slowly removed my dick and applied some ghee to it which was present near the corner.Then Parted her legs with mine and widened her ass cheeks and slowly inserted monster to ass hole.
She started to shout but it closed here mouth tightly.

Wow it was warm and tight, a small protion was only inside.I took it out and insert it again. This went on for 6 to 7times until my hole rod was inside her.It was hurting a lot .I felt Iike stinging.I removed my whole shaft and rammed fully and kept it inside and the “thap” sound filled the kitchen.i removed my hand and grabbed her waist.She cried loudly and said” aaaaaaahhhhhh aaaa plz reemoove , it’s paining,I’m gona die …..ooooo noooo.Tears rolled from her eyes.

I started to ask her “Are you virgin ass ???” But there was no rply.I asked her again “did uncle fucked your ass?”But there was no reply.

So I once again rammed her hard and asked.She shouted”aaaaaaa Noooo Nooooo”
I was ammused hearing this.She started pleading to remove monster.I said her , I would remove it only in one condition that you would come to my bedroom at night in saree and sleep with me.
She was silent and I again rammed her.She cried again and has on fate but to obey and said “yes” in low voice.

Then I removed my dick and started to clean it with her clothes and kissed her cheek and went away.

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