Nephew Fucked Innocent Aunt Mercilessly Nephew’s version (Part 4)

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Hi this is maddy again. Continuing from part 3, Nephew Fucked Innocent Aunty Ruthlessly – Nephew’s version (Part 3)

The story involves between conservative and innocent aunty and pervert nephew where aunty was fucked ruthlessly by nephew and story was narrated by that same guy.

Next morning when I woke up aunty was not beside me and I was covered with blanket to hide my nakedness.I saw the phone time and it was already late and decided to take leave.

I roamed around the house but didn’t find anybody.Bcz it’s Monday aunty had taken children near school bus stop.i freshened up and waited for my aunties arrival.I connected my phone to tv and started to watch yesterday nights love making vedio.Soon aunty arrived she looked jaded.She saw the tv and startled to see it.She was sucking my cock intensely. I taunted her about the scene.She in embarrassment run inside her room.

I went inside her bedroom and asked “what happened??”.She was silent.I loudly demand “where is my breakfast?”.She saw me petrified.I went near her and grabbed her upper arm and brought her to hall and I repeated the question.She was motionless.I loosened her hair and started to pull the zip of her top as she wore Salwar-Kameez and removed the top.The I unclipped her bra and throw it away.Loosened lace of salwar and removed her panty and throwed both away.
She was now full naked only with mangalsutra in front of me.There were red spots all over her body because of yesterdays intercourse.

I commented “Now u r in your proper attire of slave.”and pulled her towards me as she gasped.”Don’t you serve your master” and ordered her to remove my clothes.Now both of us are naked.My king cobra became alive seeing her and was touching her navel.

I told her to serve me food while I sit and watch vedio.She brought food served me with hand.I grabbed her back pulled her towards me and made her to watch.I started to lick her boobs face and lips inbetween of eating.

After finishing I asked her for Viagra tablets she didn’t speak up and I pinched and asked her to bring.She went and brought some tablets from inside.I made her to eat and I ate one.

I waited for it to kick in.Soon I told her to come to masters bedroom.I was sitting there and as soon as she came I lifted her and throwed her to the bed.I played a romantic song from my mobile for lighten up the mood.

I widened her legs and lick her body from pussy,navel boobs ,neck and face in one go.She was shivering and enjoying as Viagra has started to work.I placed my shaft on the pussy and tease her by rubbing on pussy walls.I asked her shall I put it in.She couldn’t control anymore and murmered yes.I grinned and slowly pushed inside.She started to loudly moan as is go in so I liplocked her.I kept it there from some time and retrieved and told her to embrace and love me has I was not getting desire to fuck her.She locked her legs on waist and placed her hands around my back grabbing me and pulling towards her.I once again entered her pussy saying “Sarita l adore you.Give me your love and quench my thirst.”She moaned”Aaa aaahhhh muuhhh” and run her hands around my back.I slowly started to pump slowly with heavy strokes and phat phat phat sounds echoing room.

I was fondling her boobs ,sucking it and lips.This went on for 10 mins.Now I heard a call coming to her phone I didn’t care and continued.It started to ring again and she also knew it. I was getting distrubed so released myself from her and went to see the call ,it was my uncle’s.I quickly took the call and went near her and told to answer but she refused and I insisted putting in speaker.

She started to talk while I position myself in missionary entered her pussy while she refused.She controlled the pain and kept talking to him.I slept on her and started to suck boobs and mangalsutra.I didn’t pay heed to conversation. He started to ask her about children and me.She replied I went to work to which I smiled and started to pump her.She was closing her mouth to reduce her moan.

I thought what a loyal wife she is who easily black lied her husband while talking in phone.She was talking to him like nothing is going on while she was under me taking my cock to fullfill her lust and pleasure.This is the perfect example of a real high class whore.I smirked seeing her eyes.

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