My Wife’s Beautiful friend

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Its summer, Me-Kunal and My wife- Shipra live in Kanpur. Teena one of my Wife’s cousin is getting married. It happens to be a destination wedding at Udaipur. Shipra and Teena are really close to each other.

Resham is Shipra’s best friend since childhood. Resham is living in Udaipur after her Marriage.
Resham got married a year earlier than ours (Me & Shipra). So we haven’t met in Person. Shipra and Resham have always been in touch with each other and they share a really strong bond.

Resham’s Husband – Rahul is living in US Since last 3 months. He works with an IT company and he is there for a project. He will be there for next 7 more months.

Shipra wanted to shop for few things for Teena’s wedding, but I have been very busy nowadays and could not take her out, so we planned to reach Udaipur a day before the ceremonies begin so that we can have a day out and do some shopping. Shipra took this opportunity to catch up to with Resham too.

Shipra Informs Resham about our plans.
Resham is really happy to know that and insists that we stay with her at least for a day. We planned to drive to Udaipur since we could not get the tickets. It was a long journey and very tiring too. We took a night halt in Kota and started early morning next day. We reached Resham’s house around 12:00 pm afternoon.

This was the first time I saw Resham in person. And I Realized she is much more than what she looks in her pics.
She is very Fair, Tall- (around 5 feet 5 or 6 inch), and curvy (34c-28-34) has brown long hair reaching almost to her waist. She has sharp features and beautiful big eyes.

She wore a green sari that day. There was something about her that was so intimidating, she has a very classy elite Aura around her.
Our first meeting was quiet interesting, for few Moments I could not take off my eyes from her; we had a brief eye contact. She would have known by the look on my face that I was quiet awed by her grace & Beauty. We exchanged greetings and smiles and made our selves comfortable on the couch in her beautiful living room.

Both the ladies were soon busy chatting, while I sit quietly for most of the time and staring at the beautiful lady in front of me, she notices me staring at her few times; sometime our eyes meet too.
After Resting for a while, we had some coffee and the chit chat continues. Shipra asks Resham to take us out shopping.
Resham takes us to the market place; both ladies buy some random stuff. I was having a good time too, Enjoying being with Resham, My eyes feasting at her beautiful self all the while. Many more glance and smiles were exchanged. I was very much sure that Resham was enjoying my attention too, but a little hesitant at the same time.

Resham takes us to a Shop – cosmetics & women wear. Ladies shop for some lipsticks, nail paints and other things. After spending about 40 minutes we were getting our billing done. At the counter was a lady (may be in early forties). She knew Resham quiet well, as she was a regular customer to her shop. The lady Insists Resham to visit her new lingerie section on the 1st floor. I could see the smile spread over Resham lips. We were on the 1st floor next minute.

Mannequin in sexy lingerie everywhere eyes went. There were 2 sales girls and just three of us only on the floor. I was feeling a bit awkward, but the ladies were having a good time. Shipra likes a red hot satin lingerie nightwear and she wants my opinion about it. She goes to the trial room to try it out, meanwhile Resham & I wait outside the trial room. There is a Mannequin next to the door at the trial room that draws Resham’s attention. (It’s a Black naughty little teasing piece of Lingerie) .Resham is constantly looking at it.

Me- Why don’t you try it out? It will look fab on you.
She is bit Surprized and a little shy too.
Resham – I have already asked the sales girl about it, but they do not have my size.
I look at her head to toe with a mischievous smile across my lips.
Me – “curves are rare these days”.
I check the size of bra on the mannequin- 32C.
Resham – what measurement is it?
Me- I guess it should have been a couple of Inches and a cup size larger to fit you.
Resham – Oh My God- you have been checking me out all this while.

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