My Wife’s Beautiful friend

Its summer, Me-Kunal and My wife- Shipra live in Kanpur. Teena one of my Wife’s cousin is getting married. It happens to be a destination wedding at Udaipur. Shipra and Teena are really close to each other.

Resham is Shipra’s best friend since childhood. Resham is living in Udaipur after her Marriage.
Resham got married a year earlier than ours (Me & Shipra). So we haven’t met in Person. Shipra and Resham have always been in touch with each other and they share a really strong bond.

Resham’s Husband – Rahul is living in US Since last 3 months. He works with an IT company and he is there for a project. He will be there for next 7 more months.

Shipra wanted to shop for few things for Teena’s wedding, but I have been very busy nowadays and could not take her out, so we planned to reach Udaipur a day before the ceremonies begin so that we can have a day out and do some shopping. Shipra took this opportunity to catch up to with Resham too.

Shipra Informs Resham about our plans.
Resham is really happy to know that and insists that we stay with her at least for a day. We planned to drive to Udaipur since we could not get the tickets. It was a long journey and very tiring too. We took a night halt in Kota and started early morning next day. We reached Resham’s house around 12:00 pm afternoon.

This was the first time I saw Resham in person. And I Realized she is much more than what she looks in her pics.
She is very Fair, Tall- (around 5 feet 5 or 6 inch), and curvy (34c-28-34) has brown long hair reaching almost to her waist. She has sharp features and beautiful big eyes.

She wore a green sari that day. There was something about her that was so intimidating, she has a very classy elite Aura around her.
Our first meeting was quiet interesting, for few Moments I could not take off my eyes from her; we had a brief eye contact. She would have known by the look on my face that I was quiet awed by her grace & Beauty. We exchanged greetings and smiles and made our selves comfortable on the couch in her beautiful living room.

Both the ladies were soon busy chatting, while I sit quietly for most of the time and staring at the beautiful lady in front of me, she notices me staring at her few times; sometime our eyes meet too.
After Resting for a while, we had some coffee and the chit chat continues. Shipra asks Resham to take us out shopping.
Resham takes us to the market place; both ladies buy some random stuff. I was having a good time too, Enjoying being with Resham, My eyes feasting at her beautiful self all the while. Many more glance and smiles were exchanged. I was very much sure that Resham was enjoying my attention too, but a little hesitant at the same time.

Resham takes us to a Shop – cosmetics & women wear. Ladies shop for some lipsticks, nail paints and other things. After spending about 40 minutes we were getting our billing done. At the counter was a lady (may be in early forties). She knew Resham quiet well, as she was a regular customer to her shop. The lady Insists Resham to visit her new lingerie section on the 1st floor. I could see the smile spread over Resham lips. We were on the 1st floor next minute.

Mannequin in sexy lingerie everywhere eyes went. There were 2 sales girls and just three of us only on the floor. I was feeling a bit awkward, but the ladies were having a good time. Shipra likes a red hot satin lingerie nightwear and she wants my opinion about it. She goes to the trial room to try it out, meanwhile Resham & I wait outside the trial room. There is a Mannequin next to the door at the trial room that draws Resham’s attention. (It’s a Black naughty little teasing piece of Lingerie) .Resham is constantly looking at it.

Me- Why don’t you try it out? It will look fab on you.
She is bit Surprized and a little shy too.
Resham – I have already asked the sales girl about it, but they do not have my size.
I look at her head to toe with a mischievous smile across my lips.
Me – “curves are rare these days”.
I check the size of bra on the mannequin- 32C.
Resham – what measurement is it?
Me- I guess it should have been a couple of Inches and a cup size larger to fit you.
Resham – Oh My God- you have been checking me out all this while.

Trial room door opens and Shipra walks out happy. It fits me perfectly. Resham and I look at each other with a hint of smile over our lips. Shipra looks amused- Hey Kya hua. Nothing dear I say. Are we buying this Shipra? Of course we are she says.
It’s already around 9.00 PM. There is a restaurant close by; we decide to eat before going back. At the table Shipra sits next to me & Resham across the table just in front of me.

That was very convenient for me to stare at her and let her know that I was still checking her out. Many more silent stares and mischievous smiles exchanged between me n her.

We were back home around 10:30. The day has been wonderful. I was more than happy to be in Resham’s company all day. Ladies had now put on their night gowns and I was in a pair of shorts n T-shirt. Resham had let her hair loose; the Satin gown she wore was hugging her body. Her curves were now even more evident, I guess she had put on a tight fitting bra underneath, her boobs seemed quiet firm, The curves of her thin waste and her firm ass made her look like a goddess.

Three of us sat in the living room. We planned to watch seasons 8 of Game of thrones together. I wasn’t very interested in television at this point of time. My entire attention was at Resham, I was stealing glances from the corner of my eyes. Looking at her beauty I was getting hard. I had to put a cushion on my laps to hide that.

Being tiered after a long day Shipra wanted to go to bed, so she left us in the room and slept in the bedroom.
As soon as two of us were alone, the atmosphere in the room seemed little changed. There was a little awkward silence for some time. Both of us were just pretending to be watching the television. I took this opportunity to drop subtle hints of what was in my mind. I changed my sitting posture in a manner that provided me a better view of her. My eyes like x-ray rays were piercing her clothes; in my mind I drew a nude image of her sitting before me. My eyes scanning her head to toe, measuring each curve of her body. She seemed a bit confused not knowing how to react. She was biting her lower lip and a nervous smile spread over her juicy lips. Both of us look at each other, having no words to say. But I finally break the silence.

Me- Resham thank you for showing us around, It must have been a tiring day for you. But I really enjoyed being with you.
Resham – I had a great time too with you people. I wish you people had more time to spend here. I have had a good company today, after since my Husband left for US. It feels a bit lonely sometimes.
Me – Hey you don’t need to feel that way, just let us know when you have time, we will drop in again to spend some quality time together. Anyways I don’t want to miss upon any opportunity to be with such a beautiful lady. 😉
Resham – Ha Ha; don’t flirt. Shipra will kill me. I know she is very much possessive about you.
Me – I am not flirting. I am just telling the truth. You look gorgeous. You carry yourself with lot of grace and confidence. I have seen your pics over Facebook and Instagram. I always find you really pretty.
Resham – Hey, you have been stalking me there too.
Me – yes, I have been, like today. But not my fault. Its human to feel attracted to a gorgeous lady like you.
She just gave me a smile and remains Quiet. Then she asks: How about a cup of coffee.
Me – Sure, But I will come along to help you.
Resham – Ok, come along.
In the Kitchen I stand close to her. But she did not react. I move closer. I draw a deep breath to draw her attention. She turns to me and with curiosity she looks at me.
Me – Even the Fragrance you wear is so exotic.
She now turns towards me completely.
Resham – Tum sabki itni tareef karte ho? Ya meri hi kar rahe ho?
Me – JI Nahi, aapki baat kuch khass hai. I bend a little closer and look into her eyes and pretend to smell her fragrance once again.
She puts her palm on my chest. And push me gently.
Resham – hey kya kar rahe ho? Tum marwaoge mujhe pakka. It would be really awkward if Shipra wakes up. I won’t have an answer. So please keep distance.

The coffee maker Beeps. We go back to the living room. We sit together sipping our coffee. We chit chat casually, But my eyes on her all the time, Still Exploring and measuring each & every curve of her body. She is noticing every move of mine; she changes her sitting Posture that enables me to have a better view of her amazing boobs. May be she wanted to tease me a little. Maybe she was little interested in me as well, She tied her hair in a neat bun while my eyes feasted on her. She smiles a little and raise her eyebrow asking me “ kya hua”. I just smile back.
Neither of us could say anything more, nothing more happened that night, soon after Resham sleeps next to Shipra on the bed, while I sleep in a different bedroom. Morning when I wake up, I find both ladies sitting together. I settle myself next to Shipra. Resham still in her night gown, I Wonder how could she look so pretty even early morning.
Shipra tells me that 3 of us are supposed to be at the hotel in next 2 hours. Everyone has just arrived and the celebrations & ceremonies will begin soon.

Resham – Let us get ready quickly, I can’t wait to meet everyone after so long.
I was super happy to realize that I would be spending another day in Resham’s company. Soon we were sipping hot tea and getting ready for the day. Rasham Puts on a long Indo Western style of gown. She looked elegant and sexy. Everything she wore fits her so well. In this beautiful gown her every curve, the shape of her body seemed to be very well defined. Her body language, confidence, her Smile, her grace, her Aura and everything about her felt so classy. She indeed looked like a Goddess.
I was getting little desperate now, I wanted her. Looking at her I was getting hard. I was still in my shorts. Shipra was around. I dint want to drop any hints or do anything to make her suspicious.

I quickly went for a shower. Shedding all my clothes I was hold my cock in my hand. A little pre – cum on the tip of my cock already leaking, my cock wanted to explode like a volcano and ooze out some creamy cum, But I did not. I did not want to lose even the slightest of my lust for her. I was quiet optimistic of me getting her soon. So I did not kill my lust by masturbating thinking about her. I did not want to lose even a single drop of My cum, so that I could fill her mouth completely with it when she gives me a Blowjob or had enough of cum stored in my testicles to cover her tits when I cum over her amazing pair of Boobs. Soon I heard the voices of ladies laughing at something and I come out of my day dreaming.
Soon we are ready and left for the hotel. It was actually a resort on the outskirts of the city. it took us around 50 Minutes to reach. As we arrive most of Shipra’s cousins were there waiting for us. Everyone seemed very pleased with Resham’s presence. The greetings and hugging went on for quite some time. It was evident that Resham shared a very strong bond with the family. She was like a daughter to them.
Soon guests begin to arrive, the place became quiet crowded. The Ceremonies and celebrations had begun. But I still could not get Resham out of my mind. She was always in sight. My eyes were glued to her most times. Following her everywhere she went. She was observing that too. Our eyes met every now and then, she would just give me a smile. I realized that she had an eye on me as well most times. But due to the crowd around us we could not talk to each other much. Finally I get few moments to speak to her. Shipra was talking to her some relative meanwhile.

Me – Among so many beautiful women here, you look best.
Reham – Really! , Thank you for the compliment.
Me – You must be running Grooming classes for people.
Resham – You should be running classes for how to Praise and Flirt with Women.
But Kunal please be a little more cautious, Shipra’s cousin are very naughty, if they observe something they will not let go an opportunity to tease. It will be really embarrassing for both of us.
Me – It’s really hard to not look at someone so gorgeous.
I pull out my phone from my pocket and I Text her “Hello Pretty lady” her phone beeps, she checks. A smile spreads over her lips. She texts me back “Hello Mr. Handsome” and we both burst into laughter.
Me – Is this Better?
Resham – Hmm, It’s a bit safe.
The day passes by and we were now communicating over phone. Our fun chat and my little flirting with her continue. Finally everyone was getting ready for the evening. It was time for the Baraat to arrive. Soon people start gathering at the reception lawn. I dressed my self  in Black trousers, white shirt and a Blazer.

Resham wore a pink and green Lancha. Looking so pretty and gorgeous was no surprize any more, I already knew that she would look gorgeous in whatever she wears. But still this time when I see her my heart skips a heartbeat and then beats vigorously. She looked Graceful and Delicate like a fresh flower.
Shipra, Resham and few others join us and we form a big group. We spend our time talking laughing enjoying the evening. Soon the Grooms Family arrive. Shipra and Resham leaves the group and goes to Teena’s room to accompany her to the Stage for the exchange of Garlands between the bride & the Groom.
Soon after the ceremony, Men are at the bar counter enjoying drinks. I am there with few cousins. In some time I notice Shipra and Resham sitting at some distance enjoying mocktail.

I text Resham “come join me for some Drinks”
Resham – “I wish I could, but here at this place not possible for me”
Me – “Let’s go out then”
Resham – “Ha Ha, Are you Crazy, What will I tell people here, I’m going out with you for some drinks”
Me- “You don’t need to be so honest dear, be a college girl, bunk a few classes 😉
Resham – What does that mean, I did not get you??
Me – May be you want to go back home and may be you are not well and want to rest at your home. 😉 “
Resham – “Oh God. You want me to pretend to be sick? So that I can go back home”
Me- “I will be more than happy to drop you back; we can enjoy some drinks together too”
She does not text me back. I keep checking me phone impatiently. In some time I see Shipra and Resham walking towards me.
Shipra- Listen Dear, Resham is not well. I think she needs to see a doctor. She wants to go back home. What should we do?
Me – “Let’s take her to the doctor nearby”
Resham – No, I will be fine, Just drop me home Kunal. I am really sorry for causing so much inconvenience to you people this time.
Shipra- No way Resham. 1st you go to the doctor then if you want Kunal will drop you back home.
Finally we work things out and we conclude that I will take Resham to a doctor a then drop her back home & then I will come back to the wedding. Shipra will stay back with Teena.
In next few Minutes Resham is sitting with in the front seat on my car and I am driving. She can’t stop laughing thinking about things just happened.
Resham – You are a real Devil. You made me lie to my best friend.
Me – Its good be little naughty sometimes. So Lady where are we going now? To the Doctor?
Resham – Ha ha, Take me home.
I drive fast and we reach her house. I pull out a bottle of Scotch from the trunk which I had hidden as a buffer stock for some occasion. She sees the bottle and smiles.
We go in, lock the door. My heart was beating fast, I was bit nervous having and experiencing Goosebumps. She seemed at unease too. The smile over her face seemed artificial this time. We both were expecting things to happen, but none of us were making the 1st move.
She drops herself on a couch, puts off her heels and she smile looking at me.
Me – you must be tiered?
Resham – a little. she nods
I stand behind the couch. I bend a little and bring my face close to hers, Looking down at her voluptuous breast.
Me – let me give u a little massage on your neck. You will feel better.
I put my hands softly over her shoulder. She raises them, holds my fingers in her hand.
Resham – No. Amm No. its it ok, Kunal. I will be fine. Come sit here.
I sensed hesitation in her tone. I moved my hands back and I bend more. My face was quiet close to hers.
Me – relax Resham. Its just two of us here, Shipra is not here, her cousins are not here. Everything that happens here is just between us. Let’s not waste these moments.
She smiles and looks back in to my eyes. I move forward and I touch her lips softly with mine. I keep my face close to hers. She kissed me back softly. I kiss her over her chin, cheeks, and forehead, every time I kiss her she kissed me back,
I whisper in to her ears “be mine tonight.”
Resham – I am all yours.

I come to the front of the couch. I ask for her hand, she gently put it on my palm. I make her stand close me. My right hand goes around her waist and I hold her firmly. She put her toes on my feet. I feel her delicate soft body against mine.
My grip tightens, so do my cock like a stone, she must have felt that against her thighs. Her firm Boobs are pressed against my chest. She was breathing heavily. Every time she drew a breath I could feel her warmth on my chin n neck. Her boobs moving Up and down against my chest every time she breathes. Holding her so close was a amazing feeling. She felt like a flower, Soft and delicate.
We look at each other with intense eyes. I put my lips on hers and we smooch deeply. My tongue goes into her mouth and her in mine. We explore each other and it continues for long, she felt warm and sweet. My lips suck her lower lip n I gently bite her chin. She runs her fingers through my hair and gently pulls back my head. She was breathing heavily and she moaned in a low tone. Both of us were super horny by now. I hold her face in my hands and again put my lips on hers, another deep French kiss that lasts long. Both of us suck each other’s tongue, lips and sometimes gently bite each other.

She pushes me on the couch; she sits on my thighs with her knees folded and spread wide apart . She leans against me; she lets herself loose and put her body weight on mine. I put my arms around her. Hold her close; her juicy boobs were right in front of my face. Her ample curves touch my chin. I put my hand gently over them & slowly I begin to grip firmly her left boob in my palm. I could not wait any longer to see them, but the blouse she was wearing did not give me much of a peek of what was inside. I unbutton her blouse. She helps me get rid of it from her body. She pulls her arms out of her blouse and throws it on the floor. In her skin colour bra her Smooth deep Cleavage was right in front of me. Her D cup size, Her Fair smooth skin made her a true personification of a Sex goddess or a Apsara. The strips and band of her Bra were really thin and could hardly hold her curves within. I touch her cleavage with my tongue. I lick her skin like an Ice-cream. I kiss her right in the mid of her cleavage and then I gently run my finger over her boobs, her skin felt smooth like honey. I just loved watching her boobs swell up every time she drew a deep breath. I kiss her all over her boobs, shoulder, and throat. I hold the strip of her bra with my teeth and I pull it down from her shoulder, revealing her tits pointed & erect. I wanted to see her like this for little more time, but I could not hold my urge.

I move my head forward to put her chocolate tits in my mouth. I take her tit deep inside my mouth and I suck it hard, I often lick it with the surface of my tongue and sometimes tease them with the tip of my tongue. While I suck upon her left tit for a long time, my hand plays with her right boob. I sometimes pinch her right nipple gently and at times a bit hard, but she seemed to be enjoying whatever I was doing with her body. I made her left nipple wet with my saliva as I suck her really hard. She holds my head in her arms and presses my face against her boobs. I kiss her all over boobs. I lick the entire boobs with my tongue. Then at the right nipple I tease her with the tip my tongue. Making circles on her nipples with my tongue tip and then biting her nipple, she moans loud.

Her delicate body enlightens a fire within me and I wanted to fuck her really hard. I was now eager to hear her moan with pleasure. I firmly hold her around her waist and bring her down on the couch. I get on my feet. She watches me with curiosity in her eyes. I put off the belt from my trousers. I unbutton and then slowly unzip my trousers. I let it drop to my knees, I stood before her in my grey Briefs, My cock hard n erect, making a huge bulge inside. I look into her eyes but her eyes were staring at my erection. She was biting her lower lip and looked too engrossed looking at my cock. I move closer to the couch n she looks in to eyes. I ask her in a low tone.
“ Wanna eat my Lolipop”

She puts her hand on my cock and then grabs it in her palm. She holds it really hard and begins to stroke me. The bad girl inside her was getting impatient to show her colours. She pulls down my brief and asks me to remove the trousers n the brief completely away from my legs. I was eager to put my cock on her lips but she doesn’t seem to be in a hurry. She holds the cock in her hand and stokes it gently. Her soft hands on my shaft make me hard like a steel. She tells me to keep my hands back locked behind my butt. She spits on my cock, and then pulls the foreskin to the back. My clean big pink top indeed looked like a lollipop. And then she suddenly slaps my cock. She slaps it again quickly. Ahhhhhhh I go in Pain. A wicked cruel smile spread over her face. She plays with my cock, rubbing it and stroking it, then she brings her lips close to the tip of my cock, she kisses it, I release my hands from back n I run it through her hair. I pull her head back and I say “Eat me – Reshu”

she puts the tongue on my top and she licks it like a ice-cream. She holds my cock in her hand and she wiggles her tongue over my pink top, then again licking it like an ice cream cone. She spits saliva on it and then puts my cock in her mouth. She plays with it keeping it in her mouth, rubbing it with her tongue and gently gripping my cock with her teeth. Then she slowly begins to suck it; Moving her head back n forward slowly. She makes a firm grip with her lips over my cock. Every time she glides my cock in and out of her mouth, I felt her juicy lips on every nerve of my cock. The sensation she caused was amazing, it was the best blowjob I have ever had in my life. I hold her head in my hand n I begin to slowly fuck her mouth. As I pull back her head holding her hair, she looks in to my eyes. We had a Intense eye contact and I push my cock deeper in to her mouth. I put my cock deep into her mouth and she responded with a tighter grip around my cock with her lips. I fuck her mouth for some time and we kept the eye contact. My cock was getting loaded with cum now and I was on the verge of exploding like a volcano in her mouth. I stop myself. A little precum leaks from my cock. I felt a bit embarrassed, she sensed it, and she put my cock out of her mouth and licks the tip of cock. Licking & swallowing the precum. “Your cum tastes really good kunal.” I felt relieved after hearing that and we both laugh at it.
I bend & pick her in my arms. I take her to the bedroom and put her on the bed. I lie next to her, we Smooch each other, and she rolls over and comes on top. She unbutton my shirt n kiss my chest. She pulls up my vest and I took it off. With her delicate soft hands she rubs me on chest, she kisses me all over and she gently bites me. She lies on top of me. Her Big boobs pressed against my bit hairy chest. Her naked boobs on my naked chest felt really good. I roll over to bring her down.

I get down from the bed. I go on my knees, I pull her to the corner of the bed. Her upper body comfortably rests on the bed and her legs hanging to the floor. I put my head inside her Ghagra, I kiss her legs, knees and went all the way to her thighs, and I lick her with my tongue and kiss her pussy from top of her already wet panties. The wet stain was quiet prominent on the crack of her went cunt. The pleasant fragrance of her wet pussy drenched with her juices felt like flowers. I kiss her several times on the crack of her pussy. I hold the bottom of her ghagra and I lift it until her waste. She was in a sexy laced sheer black panty. I go down, pull down her panties. Neatly trimmed hair around her cunt made it look super sexy. I put my hand on her pussy and I softly slap it.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm she goes. I spread her wet juicy pussy lips with my fingers and I put my tongue deep inside it. She moans loudly, warm, salty and thick watery juices leak from her cunt into my mouth. I lick it clean, but for sure she was much wetter than this. I lie on the floor and gesture her to sit over my face. She removes her ghagra, she stands with her legs spread on the either side my chest. She looked very pretty entirely naked, standing before me, with lust in her eyes and little shameless.

I hold her hand in mine and she bends down. Her knees spread apart with my face in between. I put my tongue on her flower. She rubs her cunt on my lips and I put my tongue deep inside her, as deep as it could go. And I begin to lick her and suck her profoundly, in just few seconds she could not hold it any longer and she goes through an intense orgasm, her warm salty juice drips from her pussy into my mouth and I could feel it tangle down my throat, leaving a salty n sour kind of taste on my tongue. Next few seconds her pussy oozes out a great amount of the salty substance in to the mouth and I attempt to lick and swallow each drop of it, she realises herself entirely and I loved it.
An extremely gorgeous lady, lustful, shameless and naked quenching my thirst with her warm juices, what more can a man desire for. It was like being in Heaven and she was a Apsara pleasing me.

I kept licking her pussy after she was through her orgasm and after reliving herself in my mouth she was enjoying it too. She rubs her pussy on my mouth. I sometimes lick it sometimes suck it and at times I bite her gently enough not to hurt her delicate flower. I ask her to rise a little so that I can see my tongue playing with her cunt. She changes her posture; she raises her stance a little above my face. Now I could see her sexy brown pussy with neatly trimmed hair around it. I lick her crack like an ice-cream; it was still warm n moist with her cum. long thin threads of cum formed as licked her. This somehow reminds me that I do not have a condom with me. I hold her putting my arms around her, I get up from the floor, as she has hers arms around my neck and her feet locked behind my butt. I put her on the bed and I am on top of her. The top of my cock is touching the crack of her pussy. I whisper into her ear. “I do not have a condom with me”.

She looks at me. “ Oh Kunal, This is Stupid, You should have bought a pack while we were coming back”
Me – I wasn’t very sure about it, and I was bit afraid that it might offend you.
Resham – Achha, What did you think, why did I come back, why I created so much of drama; just to have a couple of drinks with you. And waise bhi who needs a condom to fuck a woman, when you can do that with your eyes. And she laughs making me feel a bit embarrassed. kunal had I not enjoyed your attention, I would not have been so friendly with you, I always dropped you hints dear.
Me – “you talk too much babe, I hold her tight under me, I Raise my butt upwards and I put my cock deep into her pussy with a powerful stroke.
Aaaouuch She Moans loud. She holds me tight; her arms grab my neck firmly. I keep my cock penetrated deep into her cunt.
Me – If I had I condom with me; I would have missed this wonderful feeling of your warm wet pussy. Let my cock soak in the warmth and wet juice of your pussy. Let me feel you with nothing in between, Let my cock rub against the wet moist flesh of yours. Let me fuck without a condom.
Resham – You are already inside me without a condom; Get me a pill in the morning as a precaution. I too like the feeling of your big hard cock inside me. Kunal fuck my Pussy. Fuck me hard. Let the juice of your cock mix with juice of my pussy, and let it flow.

Hearing her talk dirty, I pull out my dick and I enter her again with a powerful Stroke, She moans with some pain but a lot of pleasure. With this stoke I could again feel her warm white water dripping down and covering my cock entirely. She spreads her legs wider to let me in deep. I begin to move slowly, so that I could feel my cock rub against her pussy and she could feel it going in & out of her cunt. With every thrust, I made it sure that I reach her deepest possible spot. She was so warm & wet that I could easily slide my cock in and out. I begin hitting her pussy hard, I pull out most length of my cock and then put it in back inside her with a jerk, my movements were fast now, I fucked her using great amount of strength and power, she moaned loud; But I did not care about it, I kept hitting her pussy hard with my dick. She wraps her legs around my waist and she digs her nail into my back as I start fucking her in full swing. I go in & out at fastest possible motion, slowing down only when I was on the verge of cumming inside her. This missionary fucking continues for long.

After I stop stroking her pussy with my cock, I keep it deeply penetrated inside her. Laying on top of her We both look into each other eyes; we kiss and deeply smooch again letting our tongue explore the sweetness of each others mouth.
I get down from the bed. Spread my legs apart and I ask her to come to the corner of the bed with her face towards me. I put a pillow under her butt; she spreads her legs and I Put my cock inside. I start pumping her with strong jerks.
The position gave me a wonderful view of her naked body and her pretty face and her expressions while I fuck her, her Boobs bounced up and down every time my cock moved in and out. The posture was very convenient for me to reach depths. With every thrust my tights hit against her butt. Sound of me hitting her butt with my tights and her moaning filled the room. Her hands clench the bed sheet; she bit her lower lip as I bang her cunt hard.

She asks me stop in sometime and she quickly goes on her hands and knees, in a doggy style. Opposite to the bed was a large mirror which gave me an excellent view of her in this Bitch posture of hers, her big boobs seemed bigger hanging down, her nipples pointed and erect and her hair towards her right shoulder hanging down over her right boob obstructing the view of it in the mirror. She looked damn hot, waiting for me to fuck her like a dog. But before putting my dick inside, I bend down and I spit on her pussy and then I start licking it. I eat her pussy putting it completely in to my mouth. I lick her pussy lips. I could not put my tongue deep in this posture but I could lick the entire length of her crack, I slap her butt hard, I grab her hair and pull pack her head, I put my cock into her pussy and I lean over her, I cup her boob with another hand as I fuck. I was in a mood to fuck her real nasty now. My hand gripped her boob very firmly, I squeeze it hard. I bang her like a bull. Loud sound of my thigh hitting her butt and her Moans again breaks the silence on the room. I watch us fuck in the mirror, her boobs swing and bounce while we fuck.

Reshu was enjoying the mirror view too, most of the time she looked in the mirror watching me dominate her like a bitch. I was a bit surprized with her sweet submission, this was quiet in contrast to her behaviour. The feeling of me winning over her was very satisfying to me.
I was getting a bit tiered now doing all the hard work and my cock was too loaded as well, I needed a break or else I would have cum. I withdraw my cock, and she turns around and lies on the bed. She puts her toe on my bare chest; applying a bit of force she pushes me back.
Reshu – “You are so ruthless & mean, you fuck like an Animal, I thought you would treat me gently like a queen”
Me – “Sorry for that, but I could not just resist my lust, you felt so smooth and delicate I lost control”
While we talk she puts her toe again on my chest, rubs my body gently and slowly bring it down to my erect cock. She rubs it gently with her toe; she plays with my dick pressing it against my body with her delicate toe.
Reshu – “You need not be sorry for anything; I enjoyed everything you did to my body, I have enjoyed each touch of yours to the fullest, come here on bed with me, let me return you the favour”
I join her in the bed. She rolls over and come on top of me. She puts her lips on mine and we deeply smooch. Then she puts her nipple into mouth and I suck her hard, she goes down rubbing her ample big sexy boobs all over my body. She puts my cock between her boobs. She gives my cock a good massage with her smooth soft boobs. Then she holds my cock in her hand and rubs it over her tits, she puts my dick hole on her nipple and she shakes it strongly. Then using the tip of her tongue she teases my dick.

Holding the cock in her hand she sits on my cock and slides it inside her. She comes down putting her entire body weight on my thighs so that my cock pierces her pussy to the deepest. She does not move for some time letting it throb inside her pussy. I put my palms on her boobs. I cup them gently in my hands. She begins to bounce on my cock in a slow rhythm and so does her boobs.
I loved her being on top me taking the charge of the things. Lying under her on the bed gave me an opportunity to feast my eyes on her sexy naked body. I take notice of every inch of her flesh, every expression of her, she looked super pretty like a goddess of sex. Everything seemed to be so perfect about her beauty.

She was riding me at a fast pace, her boobs bounced in my hands, she stops doing that after some time.
She comes down fully putting her weight on my thighs, my cock deep inside her, she begin to grind her pussy over my cock. The wet warmth of her pussy caused an amazing sensation on my cock and it throbs inside her cunt, she feels my cock pulsating deep inside her and she grinds it harder. I raise my butt and I begin to fuck lying below her. While I fuck from below she bends forward to put her boobs on my face, I put her nipple in my mouth, I put her nipple between my teeth n bite it hard. She moans loud, she slaps me on my cheek and then she comes down n she bites my chin & Lips.

We were losing control of ourselves now and were about to experience a very intense orgasm. She rise back and again starts pounding heavily on my cock. She bounced Up and down at a very fast pace and then she makes circular movement with her pussy over my cock. Coming down fully she again grinds my cock and then pounce heavily. My cock was getting heavy and loaded with cum, ready to shoot and ooze out a lot of creamy thick cum any time.
She moans out loud. I feel her juices drip over my cock entirely covering it, soaking my cock in it. The quantity of her release seemed quite a lot; it felt like hot honey being poured over my dick.

Feeling the warmth of her pussy. I could not hold it any longer too. I let her know that quickly as the sensation reaches to the peak.
Me – “The dessert is hot & ready to be served”.

She smiles and get down. Moving down she put her boobs on my thighs and her lips on my cock. She kisses it softly. Holding it in her soft hand she puts it in her mouth and blows me, sucking it like a lollipop, The very next moment I explode like a volcano, filling her mouth with thick creamy cum. I look at her pretty face, she looks into my eyes with my dick into her mouth, and then she closes her eyes and slides her mouth lower to completely engulf my cock in her mouth, but she does not swallow my cum, keeping her mouth filled with my thick cum she opens her mouth a little wide and let it drop from her mouth back on my cock. She spits it on my cock along with some saliva, then she licks my cock with her tongue and she takes some of the creamy cum back into her mouth on her tongue. Then again putting her mouth over my dick she blows it. Placing the cock deep in her mouth she wiggles her tongue over it. She sucks back every drop of my cum back into her mouth. She presses my cock gently with her teeth to ensure that she gets even the last drop of it in her mouth.

Then putting the lollipop out her mouth, she plays with cum in her mouth she swirls it around and brings some of it on her juicy red lips and let some of it flow down to her chin while she swallows the rest of it. Then she licks her lips with her tongue to swallow whatever was left behind. From her chin she takes the cum on to her fingers and rub it on her right nipple and then to clean her finger she put it in her mouth and licks it.
I was quiet amazed with this slutty sexy behaviour of hers, She looked so Sweet and sophisticated initially but she was a real sexy slutty bitch in bed.

We go into the shower together, I get my left dressed to join the wedding again. Before leaving we promise that whenever lust overpowers either of us, we will make ourselves available to each other to murder the lust again.

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