My Mummy set me to get fucked by my Papa: Story of a Slutty Daughter by Ditty Gupta

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It all started when my dad saw me naked that day. I had been out of the shower with a towel wrapped around my wet body. Water dripped from my hair and slid on my smooth skin. When the door opened, he entered casually. It all happened so suddenly that I jumped at my place, and the towel slipped off.

For a moment, I couldn’t comprehend what had just happened. I looked at him and caught him staring at my naked body, drenched in water. I quickly covered my breasts with one hand and my pussy with the other. That’s when he realised he had been staring for too long.

Now all this happened in some seconds. He didn’t utter a word and left. I picked up my towel. My heart was racing in my chest. Oh my God! What did happen? He saw his grown-up young girl, who was 23 years old, stark naked. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do.

But I was just embarrassed and thought that I should ignore it. After all, it was just a one-time thing- but hell, I was wrong.

Hey. I’m Ditty, and this is my story. I’m the only child of my parents and 23 years old. I live with them, and we love each other a lot – like a family. At least until then. Now we love each other more passionately. We are well off and living happily.

My figure is 36-28-36. I wear a C-cup bra. Personally, my favourite part of my body is my boobs. They are firm yet soft. I get a lot of attention due to my large boobs, but I pay the price for it with my back pains. Anyway, here’s what happened after that day.

I noticed my dad taking more interest in me. He always tried to be around me and watched me. He would randomly drop things and tell me to help him pick them up to stare at my cleavage. I had mixed feelings about it because it had not happened before.

All this attention in this new way from my dad was new to me. It took me time to get adjusted. I think dad understood that I was okay with it. Because he had started hugging me a lot, he would hug me when I woke up, after I showered, after eating in the evening, when he entered my room, and before sleeping.

It was kind of funny because I don’t know if he realised that I understood why he was suddenly giving me a lot of attention after the shower day. But I was okay with being hugged. I’ve always been a hugger.

One day when I entered the dining room for dinner.

Dad: Hey, love, why don’t you come here and sit on my lap as you used to when you were a baby.

I was a little reluctant and embarrassed, so he said to mom: See Renuka, our daughter is too shy to sit on her father’s lap.

Mom gave dad a crooked smile: It’s okay, beta. You may have grown up, but you’re still his little girl for him.

I gave in and sat on his lap reluctantly. I could feel something hard near my ass. I knew it was his dick. Oh my God! Is he hard for me? I didn’t know what I was supposed to feel. I decided to not pay attention to that. He held me by my waist and fed me with his other hand.

After I was comfortable, I almost forgot that I’d grown now. I was behaving like a child, and he kept me feeding like I was a baby. We were smiling and laughing, and mom sat opposite us, watching us play and laugh. Things were pretty normal.

Apart from his bulge rubbing it against my ass sometimes and him touching the base of my boobs with his thumb occasionally. I was ready to ignore that to relive my childhood again.

One day, we were sitting like that – me on his lap, and I was talking to mom. I suddenly felt a kiss on my cheek and a squeeze on my left breast. I quickly turned to look, and it was my dad. It was not a mistake. Not because he still had my boobs in his hand.

It seemed like he wouldn’t remove it anytime soon. So I pushed him, got up and ran towards my bedroom. I never knew this could happen. I wasn’t ready for this. I couldn’t do this. I wasn’t sure if mom had seen it, so I decided to go and talk to her.

I entered her room, and she was sitting on a chair and reading a book. She had grown old. She was now in her late 40s. I sat next to her, and she looked at me.

Me: Mom, I want to talk to you.

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