My mom lockdown affair

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Hello readers.this is raj. I am very happy to share my sex experience with you.This is between my mom and my neighbour uncle.
Let me say about my mother she is 44 now,she is fair chubby and have very attractive figure.I have noticed a lot men have eyes on her,but my mom never responded on it.My family consider of 3 people I my MOM and my dad.My dad is a engineer and i have seen me being to romantic towards my mom is a housewife.

She is very conservative woman. she wears saree always and sometimes even nighty.I have seen my parents having good time on bed.I have seen having sex midnight after they think i have felt asleep.I used to sleep in another room and my parents in another room.I used to go near their room to seen them having sex but my parents locked themselves from inside.I used to hear my mom moaning aahhh shhhh ahhh many nights.I was happy about it.I was just loving it.


In the month of march,my dad went to aboard on his work for 8 days.But he wasn’t able to return to India as the government announced for lockdown.My mom used to talk on phone for long time with him,she was not happy with having sex.Then a incident happened which changed the image of my mom in front of me.We were living in a apartment we were on the first floor and a Man of my mom’s age was living alone for past 3 years.He was a good friend of my dad and me.He used to visit my house often and was the second man after my dad to whom my mom talk in the apartment.he was too fair and have a muscular body.

My mom started to visit him a lot during the lockdown and even he started to visit us daily.Whenever my mom goes to his home i ask her where is she going she said they are arranging things to get back dad back.I too didnt overthink about it as i have to attend my online classes.
But one day my classes got suspended due to connection i decide to have a visit to the uncle’s house on how they are doing things to get dad back home.

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As i went downstairs i heard my mom laughing,so i decided to watch them through the windows.I went back of his house as the room in which they were had a window on either side too.My mom went to his house just 3 to 4 minutes ago.I went to the window on either side of the room. What i saw then was the best thing i would have ever seen.Seeing my mom in someone’s else room was giving me boner.Uncle and my mom were sitting closer with each other with uncle’s hand on my mom’s lap.It was strange my mom letting another man to touch and it was even giving me boner.Within minutes uncle’s hand was near her neck and were getting closer to kiss each other.My mom and uncle started to kiss each other and her pallu was getting down slowly.i would see my mom cleavage.They were getting more passionate within moments.My mom took uncle’s shirt and was kissing him on his chest.

My mom stood and were kissing each other with her pallu down on ground.they were taking each other saliva inside,i wasnt able to control myself.Then uncle took off my mom’s saree and his shorts.He was in this underwear and my mom in her blue bra and petticoat.Uncle got near her took off the peeticoat.Happy seeing my mom in bra and underwear,made mom turn around and remove her bra.I was able to able to see her boobs clearly they were too huge.Now mom turn around her and both of them remove their underwear.uncle’s cock of 9 inches came and mom took it in her right hand and were giving strokes.She had a naughty smile on her face seeing it.She now kneeled down and took the 9 inch cock near mouth.It was too shocking for me to see my mom but was enjoying it.My mom started to kiss his cock and took the top of the penis into her mouth and slowly took it inside her mouth till her throat.she wasnt able to take it completly.but was sucking with full passion and lust.She was sucking sucking the master cock like anything.the pleasure felt my uncle was visible on his face.He was moaning a bit.He then hold my mom tied hair and was pushing her to suck his cock more deeper.

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