My dad part 2 (True story)

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This is second part of my story with my dad. I woke rather early as the sun still wasn’t up yet. My father was passed out next to me in a drunken coma. Breathing heavily and smelling of gin. I lay next to him still trying to get a grip on what had occurred only a few hours prior. I lifted the blanket to reconfirm that we were still infact naked as if it had all been some twisted little dream. It was wrong what had happened. Like therapy for me, prison for dad wrong. But those thoughts quickly escaped my mind as I rubbed my fingers over my puffy little lips recalling how good my father felt between my thighs. I needed more and I was determined to get what I wanted. Only child syndrome I suppose. I drifted back to slip while still rubbing my wet little love hole.

I slowly came back to consciousness as I heard my father begin to stir. I pretended to still be asleep when I felt him sit up in bed. He was muttering to himself and it didn’t sound good for the home team. I decided I better help get this day on track. I slowly began to stir and gave out a big yawn and stretch as I appeared oblivious to my surroundings. I sat up and looked at my father who was staring at me.
“Sara” he said rather sternly, “we gotta talk.”
“Ummmm… Okay then” I replied
“Listen honey, about last night…” he struggled to get the words out.
I just sat and stared up at him with the puppy dog eyes. Waiting for him to continue.
“I don’t know where to begin” he continues.
“It was wrong and I am so very sorry.”
I interrupted “Sorry for what?” I tried to sound rather aggravated with him.
“Sara c’mon. You’re not making this any easier” he pleaded.
“Should I be making this easy? You have sex with me and then try to freakin’ apologize? What’s that?” I snapped back at him. At this point I knew I had him where I wanted him for the time being. I got out of bed without another word and went to shower.


I finished my shower and began drying my hair. I opened the door to see my father still sitting in the same spot. He looked like someone who just woke up in jail after a DUI.
“Dad!” I snapped and he quickly turned my way. “You need to get ready. It’s almost time for the calling hours”. Now I was playing the adult. He had better snap out of this because I still had a few days of him to myself and I would be getting what I wanted.
“I’m going” was all he managed to get out. He climbed out of bed trying to cover his limp cock with his shirt I had on the night prior. I didn’t say it but was thinking what’s the point. We both continued to dress in silence. Down to the car and off on the road with not so much as a word. Finally I had to break the ice so we could get past this.
“Daddy?” I decided to go with the sweet tone. “I’m not sorry about what happened and don’t think you should be either”
“I really enjoyed it. You’re a great lover!” I said very direct. My father sat quiet for a minute. I continued to stare. He looked perplexed over my statement.
Finally he spoke.
“Sara, this can’t happen again. It was wonderful but it’s wrong. We are father and daughter. It’s incest, it’s wrong! You’re mother would have my ass in prison before you could blink!” he pleaded. I sat silent just staring at him. I turned away in a very pouty manner, staring out the window.
“Fine!” I replied through clenched teeth.

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