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He’ll lam Mahesh and I would like to share my story with u all.This incident happened in the my btech Amer was my best friend we use to stay each other home to family me and mom she is busty withe huge tits and big round ass we have shifted to city bcz of education.Amer family Amer mother and sister she got married .both of them are busty like my mother but fair then my mother .Amer is naughty and he is always talks about aunties he said that he fucked his uncle’s wife .But he never behaved bad with my mom .Amer from one month he is bunking clf weekly once without any day he told that he is bunk clg I thought even I bunk and came home by 10 am main door is locked mother take rest daily by finishing her work by 9 I opened the door with my key and Went in to kitchen to drink water I heard some sounds like fuck me son com on fuck me.i thought that may be maid is fucking someone in mom’s room I went upstairs and saw through through the window and shocked by seeing my mom naked and a guy buried his face in my ass I can’t see his face so thought going in and kick him when I went to door I was shocked by seeing Amer face buried in my mom’s ass I don’t know what stopped me I held my cock which is bigger than Amer and went to balcony to see mom sucked his cock and they kissed like dogs now he started ramming her like horse mom is shouting ahh .. son ..fuck meee .. fuck me .. harder fuck your friends mom .

They fucked in every position I cummed twice and went out with the bag and waited in nearby restaurant and I can’t do anything to Amer bcz he is local boy and I went home by 4 acted normally but tired I know the reason .Now I got to know y he is bunking and getting less marks from one month and he is fucking my mom from one month.this is the reason he is planning daily to my home instead of alternate days.He came in the evening and they passed naughty smiles and went to study but in able to concentrate and after dinner went to sleep unable to sleep around 1am he went to mom’s room to fuck again.By hearing the sounds I cummed twice for next day I changed the plan to alternate days .I watched porn I came across revenge stories I got an idea to take revenge by fucking his mom sabha and from that day I use to touch sabha mom’s ass whenever I got chance one day we are studying at his home Amer went out for one hour I know went fuck my mom . I took advantage and I went to bath nearby kitchen started stocking my cock by shouting sabha momm… Ahhh.. and she saw me and came back after 10 min Amer came we eat dinner and went to sleep .Next week one day Amer called me and said Iam bunking clg going to marriage I got an idea said even I want bunk clg take with you or I will go my home he was shocked and said no no if u want you can go my home to help my mother.And the golden chance came I said ok and went to fuck his mom with his permission he fucks mine and I fucks his.i went to his home mom welcomed and I went said Amer said to help you mom she said ok and help her meanwhile touching her ass tits.after finishing work she said Iam worked this week very much to clean house for coming festival and told she has body pains and I took advantage said if u want I can massage u r body .she said no but I said if iam u r son.she said ok but gentle and said we will move to bed room .but she said no here Andi acted like uncomfortable she agreed to move to bed room we went in and she removed her burkha .I jumped to bed and applied oil on her heep and rubbed she said it’s very nice.i asked can I remove jacket hooks ,she said no but I did one by one , slowly I moved my hand towards tits she shouted stop what are doing iam like your mom then I caught her throat and shouted then why did your son fucking my mom daily from one month and today he his fucking my mom in my house and I will fuck his and I moved down removed her sarry she was in shock .I pushed her on bed and before saying anything I locked her mouth with mine and kissed her like a dog and licked her Nick I bitten her nipples .iam an ass lover so I moved to ass I tried to roll her she begged me not I didn’t listen to her I hurried my face in her huge ass.i moved my head up and down very fast she is screaming with pleasure and shouting fuck me.. harder son take revenge .. fuckkk u r friends mom harder iam cumming…

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