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Since I was 14,I used to peep at my aunt Stephanie(Steph), my Mum’s sister,taking her shower.My parents, me and my younger sister and Steph were staying at our grandparents’ big house in which my sister and me were born.No need to tell you the number of times I had been wanking my cock and come when I peeped at her or when I was alone in my bed.I must say that my aunt even at the age 35 .had still a splendid body and a beautiful face.She was 5.8 feet tall.Her boobs,asses and her hairy but well trimmed pussy were the centre of my sexual desires.I even had the chance to see her wet dirty panties in the laundry and I sniffed and licked them like a greedy person.However,to my great regret.these great moments stopped when at the age of 40 she met a guy whom she married and moved away to another town with her husband.For some months,there was a sort of vacuum in my lfe and started to date and fuck girls and married women who most of them had the charestic of my aunt..I had some rare occasions to peep at her when she stayed home 2 or 3 days.At 50,she was a widow, without any child and as my grandparents had meanwhile passed away,my Mum and Dad asked her to sell her house and come back to live with us.I was still not married and that was among the best news I had in my life.

When she came back,on and over to peeping at her and sniffing and licking her wet panties,we started to talk about sex when we were alone.Once,during a weekend when my parents and sister were out, after having each one drunk 3 cups of red wine,she asked me why I was still not married..She saw my embarrassment and insisted that I tell her the reason.I then looked at her directly into her beautiful grey eyes and told”Euh,its difficult to say!”She then told me”Andrew,plese tell me,are you gay?!I jumped on my feet and told her”What,me gay?Auntie the reason ITS YOU”She asked me what had she done.I then related to her how much I had been wanting her and about my peeping and jerking sessions only for her and that I had been fucking a lot of women and most of them had to have something a bit or a lot of her physically..She had tears in her eyes and asked me to sit near her and told me that she was very sorry about the state of things and I could not believe when she told me”Again sorry,my loved nephew,but I have to remedy to the situation.She put her right hand at he back of my head and told”Please kiss me”I immediately obeyed her .She pulled out her dress ,unhooked her white satin bra.She had only on her her white satin panties.I was meanwhile undressing and when she saw my nearly 8 inches long hard cock,she bent down and sucked me divinely.I asked her to sit on the sofa and to open her beautiful legs.I knelt down and started to kiss her toes,then her legs to finally kiss with, love her already wet panties..I was so excited that I tore her panties and started to lick her very wet pussy.We then fucked like animals with my aunt crying louder and louder with pleasure and even weeping.We fucked all night,just eating something at dinner.We then slept in each other’s arms.We woke up at 8 am and fucked again till noon .

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