Mother and son unknowingly meet at a party

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Sex stories, incest, Mother and son unknowingly meet at a party, “Alright, I’m heading out now!” Jake’s mom yelled from downstairs, already halfway out the door

“I thought your party wasn’t for another couple hours?” Jake called back down the stairs


It was Halloween and Jake’s mother, April, was going to some costume party to celebrate. Jake didn’t really care about what she was doing, he had his own plans, but he just thought she was leaving a bit later.

“Oh, no, I have to pick up my outfit and then I’m going to Jess’ house to get ready,” April announced

“Good lord” Jake thought to himself. His mother’s friend Jessica was the definition of a tease. She never failed to try to flirt with Jake when they were alone, and her often suggestive movements and words where not helped by the fact that she had one of the hottest, tightest bodies of anyone he knew. It was very common that she would leave him with a hard cock and a stirring in his loins.

“Alright, have fun. I’ll see you later!” Jake said, walking down the stairs with his mind still on his mother’s hot, cocktease of a friend.

With that, his mother slipped out the archway and slammed the door.

“Jesus” he said aloud as he snapped back to reality. Jess probably had some slutty little Halloween costume and was most likely forcing his mother to wear something similar. He cursed himself that he wouldn’t get to see what they were planning on wearing.

Jakes’ mother was 36, though she looked like she was in her mid to late twenties. She was a pretty petite woman, about 5’2 and 95 pounds. She did yoga every morning and as a result had an incredibly lithe body, complete with D breasts and a lovely hourglass figured finished with a killer, tight little ass. Jake was generally aware of his mother’s body, most of his friends at least at some point had mentioned how hot she was. Numerous times she had been referred to as a “smoking hot milf” by the people who met her. Although he knew this, he mostly ignored it or didn’t care; after all she was his mother. He’d never seen her date and didn’t really think she was that interested in it at the moment.

Jake himself was a strapping young man. He played football and wrestled all throughout high school, and worked out several times a week to keep in shape during college. He was a little over 6 feet tall and 200 pounds of lean muscle. Not only was he a huge person, he was quite well endowed, too. He’ gotten numerous compliments by the girls at his high school about his 8 inch cock, and was quite proud of it. But now he was 21 years old and in his final year at his University.

Tonight though, he had very special plans. A benefactor of the school offered to host a graduation party at one of his estates for the last semester of school (Jake’s school graduated at the end of fall, as opposed to spring). The kicker of the party was that it was supposed to be a more adult-like masquerade party, with a free bar and for both the graduating students and the faculty of the University. The men were supposed to come in suits and tuxedos, the women would be in fancy dresses and they would all wear masks, just to make the entire thing more interesting.

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