Mother sister found that I am matured – Part-3

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Hi All. My name is KKD. I am back with my sexual story with my mother sister. Read Mother sister found that I am matured – Part-2 before you start this story for better understanding. This is continuation of that part.

After the memorable session in the crop fields, we came back to home and that day went normally. Next day also went normal and at night we sat to watch TV. After the wonderful sessions we had on floor mat previously, we started to recommend floor mat for watching TV rather than sofa. As usual we started to watch movie. This time my aunt is wearing nighty with blouse and petticoat inside. The movie coming on the TV is her favorite movie. She is watching it interestingly, but I am not at all interested in watching movie. She was sitting in a Hook sitting position. I went towards her and sit in Stride sitting position by keeping on leg between her legs and pussy and another leg behind her ass. Hugged her by holding her waist tight and kissing on her cheek.

Aunty: “What? watch the movie”
Me: “No, I am not interested”
Aunty: “Then what you want to do?”
Me: By squeezing her waist and holding her tight and kissing on her neck “I want to fuck you”
Aunty: “I am not interested now. I want to watch movie. It is my favorite.”
Me: “But I want it now” In mischievous manner
Aunty: “Ok. Do whatever you want, but I am not interested to have a fucking session now”
By telling that I hugged her tight and kept my head on her boobs and started to play and press them and squeeze them. But I am disappointed she is not accepting for a fucking session. As you all know by the previous fucking sessions we had she is having very self-control when it comes to point of fuck. She won’t allow to fuck if she said she is not interested to have a fuck. But I decided to fuck her at any cost today.

I removed her nighty and made her to lean on floor mat and started to kiss her all over her body and keeping my hands inside her blouse and petticoat and squeezing her boobs and buttocks and started fingering her pussy. She is not responding much. Just giving some small moans and watching movie. I removed her blouse and tried to drag her petticoat from bottom of her legs. By that she moved from floor mat to empty tiles which made her to feel cool tiles to her bare body. She got shivering type of feel and again went back and slept on floor mat.

Shouted at me if you want to have fun do it properly or else go and sleep. Don’t do all these mischievous things. I said sorry and kissed on her lips. She calms down. I started to kiss all over her body and squeezing wherever I want and biting her boobs and nipple. Fingering her pussy very highly to get access to fuck. But she is not at all allowing me to fuck. I started to kiss on her navel parts and licking her navel button. To my surprise she is responding back very high when compared to other body parts. I like that feel and kissed on the navel part and navel button and licking and biting it and pressing her waist and boobs. She started to move roll that side and this side and holding the pillows and bedsheets and trying a lot to control. But apart from controlling she stared to moan loudly. Suddenly she caught my head and kept in between her legs and made to lick her pussy.

I thought finally she is on mood and I am going to get access to fuck her. Her pussy is wet and I can taste juices coming from. I am licking all her pussy and swallowing all the juices. She removed my shot and made me to turn into 69 position. My dick is her mouth and her pussy is my mouth. I liked that position a lot and started to lick and bit her pussy and she is sucking my dick. We are enjoying the suck as a competition and sucking more vigorously than one another and we she released a lot of cum in mouth and I am still not released the load. She said to fuck her in pussy.

Me: “You said you won’t allow me to fuck you”
Aunty: “Yes, but now I am allowing to fuck”
Me: “No, you said you won’t allow me to fuck”
Aunty: “I will take back my words. Please fuck me”
Me: “Ok. What I can get if I fuck you”
Aunty: “I will make your favorite food for you tomorrow”
Me: “No, I don’t want food. I want you to allow me fuck you whenever I want. You should not restrict me from fucking.”
Aunty: “No it is not possible. But you can fuck me whenever we have sex if it is possible.”

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