A mother help her son with tender, loving care

A mother help her son with tender, loving care, He lay in his bed, thinking of the beautiful girl on the TV, wishing so bad that he could stroke himself. It was hell not being able to move. Two broken arms, two broken legs and your back in three pieces made it just a bit hard to do anything.

“Damn it!” Jake growled as his cock grew and grew. “I need a hot cunt wrapped around that poor thing!” he said wondering why none of his friends from college ever came by.

It wasn’t his fault the car wrecked that night and killed two of his closest friends. He was in the back seat fucking the shit out of Tracie Campbell. They were going at it big-time. His long, hard cock was pounding her little church-going pussy to death and the next thing he knew, he was in the hospital with so many broken bones he couldn’t count them all.

If anything, Jake thought Tracie would come by to see him and want to finish what they were doing in the car. But no, nothing, zip. ‘Fuckin’ bitch!’ he thought as her cute ass and long legs filled his mind and he grew more.

‘Oh great, Mom will be coming in just a few minutes!’ Jake said to himself, hoping he’d go down before she came to give him his meds. ‘I need some pussy!’ he screamed to himself, hoping God or someone would hear his cry for help and send a nice piece of ass.

Ten minutes passed and Jake finally went down about half way. Mom had seen him lots of times, but Jake figured that she’d shit herself if she saw him fully erected. ‘I wonder what she’d do?’ he thought as Mom’s pretty, innocent face began to fill his mind.

Mom wasn’t innocent, but she came pretty damn close to it. She married Jake’s Dad right out of high school and bragged many times that he was the only man she’d ever been with. ‘Poor Mom would shit if she ever saw you up and ready for action!’ he laughed to himself thinking of his late father and his tiny dick. ‘I wonder what she thinks when she sees me. Seeing how big I am must do something to her,’ he thought.

About that time he heard her coming towards his room. “I figured you’d be asleep by now.” Carrie said with a smile as she reached to caress his face, then seeing the porno movie on his TV.

“This wouldn’t be that bad if you’d stop having Jimmy put those movies in for you,” she said putting out her lower lip thoughtfully. She wished some of his old girlfriends would come by and help him.

Jimmy was Jake’s nurse and he’d do anything Jake asked of him. He helped Jake get drunk, smoke pot and he always kept Jake supplied in porno movies.

“I gotta have something.” Jake said trying not to look down his Mom’s loose blouse and her perky C cup breasts. His Mom was a hottie. She stood about five seven, short blonde hair, soft blue eyes and a body that could make a fuckin’ dead man hard.

“It really makes it harder…I mean it makes it tougher on you!” she laughed.

“You’re right on it being harder!” he laughed with her, remembering how much they’d hug before he got hurt and he missed that. Mom was a babe and for the first time, Jake started to grow and it was for her. ‘Oh! Not now!’ he yelled to his cock, but Mom’s pretty face filled his minds eye as he remembered that wonderful feeling when they hugged.

She leaned down to kiss him, not knowing that he was growing and it was for her. “If you’d stop watching that stuff, it wouldn’t be so bad on you,” she said in a soft voice, looking into his dark brown eyes.

‘My poor, poor baby,’ she thought, wishing she could help him. He had to be going crazy. She remembered all the girls’ that he had over and Carrie knew he’d been having sex since he was a young boy.

“Do you want me to call a any of your old girl friends? I could disappear and you, well…you know,” she said with a smile, hoping she could find somebody to help ease his suffering.

A frown covered his face and he replied, “Everybody’s blaming me for what happened. I had Jimmy call a few of them last week, they just hung up on me,” he said, looking at her nice breasts, wishing that there was a way she could help him. But she was his Mom.

“It wasn’t your fault. Carl was driving, not you!” she said wishing so much that she could help him. The poor boy had to be going nuts. He humped so many girls’ and now he had nothing. He couldn’t even masturbate himself.

‘I want to help you so much,’ she thought, wondering if he’d object to her helping him relieve himself and if she could even do it. ‘Would helping Jake even be considered incest?’ She wasn’t sure. But Carrie knew she really needed to think this over. She knew that she’d do anything for him. She just needed to decide if that anything included helping him jerk off.

“I know that. But my friends are saying I should have been driving. Carl couldn’t drive right sober, let alone drunk.” Jake said, wishing he could hug her. Then, he had an idea. “I need something,” he said looking up to her with more need than he’d ever felt in his life.

“Anything baby,” she replied hoping he wasn’t going to ask her to jerk him off. She needed some time to think that over.

“I miss hugging you. It’s great the way you do it now, but,” he stopped, hoping she’d do what he was going to ask. “I miss feeling you against me. It’s been two months since I held you,” he said praying she’d say yes.

“You know I’ll do anything, but how can I do that?”

“Lay on me, please!”

Carrie was just a little shocked at his words, but he was right. She missed having his strong arms around her too and she missed feeling him. She missed feeling his big cock against her body. “What if I hurt you?” she asked and was ready. She’d seen how hard he was when she came into the room. “And, what if it makes that worse?” Carrie asked looking down to his swollen cock and wanting to faint when she saw it.

“I don’t really care. I need to feel you.” Jake said and could see that she was thinking it over. “It might even help that,” he added with one of his smiles, knowing that Mom could never refuse him.

She stood, looking at him and wanted to scream. Carrie hadn’t been with a man in three years and he wanted her to lay on him with his massive thing hard as a rock.

“Oh boy! You’re asking a lot of me, baby,” she leaned to kiss him and knew that she’d have to be very careful that her rough jeans didn’t scratch him up. “What are we going to do with that?”

He just smiled, wishing he could hug her. “Mom, you’ve hugged me many times with him harder than that! Just lie down and make sure it’s not touching you.” Jake said watching her pretty face turning red.

“You hugged me with a boner?”

“Yes and I loved it. You give me a really nice calming feel when you touch me. You always have,” he said, hoping she’d think this over and do it. “Please Mom!”

Carrie knew she had to help him even if he wanted this. He was her baby and she’d do ‘anything’ he asked of her.

“You behave and keep that thing under control!” she smiled, then climbed on his bed and eased her body over Jake, gently lying on him. Fire raced through her thirty four year old body, knowing he was as hard as a rock and only inches from her.

“Mmmm. It may not be like before your accident, but it does feel so good,” she whispered, enjoying being against her handsome, young son again.

He was in ecstasy. Mom’s sexy body was on him and it felt so good. ‘To bad you’re not kinky,’ he thought, wishing that she stripped off her jeans before mounting him. It’d be great to feel her hips without them damn jeans. “You feel so good,” he moaned and couldn’t help flexing his cock. Until she jumped, he didn’t realize that it was pressed against her.

“Sorry!” he laughed as Mom gave him one of her teasing looks.

“You best get that under control buddy!” she smiled, feeling so alive for the first time since he’d been hurt. ‘Damn you feel good! I can’t believe how much I’ve missed feeling you,’ she thought, knowing his big dick was so close to her. For the first time ever, she wondered what it would be like to have something so big and thick inside her body.

“As long as you’re hugging me…that will be hard,” he smiled and couldn’t wait to get the full length casts off his arms, but from what the doctor said, it might be two more months.

She smiled; hugging him tight as the thought of what was only an inch or so from her filled her mind.

“You’re silly.” Carrie whispered thinking that something still wasn’t right and it came to her. When they hugged, she’d always lay her head on his chest. She did it so many times enjoying his scent and big strong hands on her butt.

Jake grew more, wishing she’d move down. He knew it was so wrong, but he wanted his cock against her so bad.

“Mom, move down just a little bit,” he said watching a painful look cover her pretty face, hoping she’d do it. “Please,” he begged. He couldn’t believe it when she actually moved down, pushing his stiff cock against her.

Carrie just lay there, wishing that there was a way to better feel that monster against her and when he asked her to move lower, she wanted to scream with joy.

‘Oh my!’ she moaned to herself, feeling the heat coming from his big thing.

“That’s much better,” he whispered. Mom was on him and his cock felt so much better pressed against her sensuous body. Sure, his cock was harder than ever. But it was next to one of the most beautiful women in the world.

“I wish you could stay here all night.” Jake said without thinking. But what the hell. She was a babe and if she wasn’t his Mom, he’d love to do her.

‘That would be so nice. Lying with my baby, feeling your big thing on me the entire night would be a dream come true.’ Carrie thought, but she knew there was no way she could ever do that. She loved him so much and would be afraid she’d end up doing something she’d regret, like screwing him.

“I hate to, but I need to go change and start dinner,” she said with a sad face, hoping he’d want more of this. Until now, she hadn’t realized just how much she missed hugging him, too.

“If you wear something sexy…I’ll hug you again later!” he said with a wink, watching her face turning a warm shade of red.

“That would be very nice. What would you like me to wear?” Carrie asked. She couldn’t believe what she’d just said. She never asked him what she should wear, but it felt good. She loved when her late husband would tell her what he wanted her to wear. Now it felt good to ask Jake.

In a way, he was the man of the house, her husband, now. He held her and comforted her. And, today, he excited her more than she’d ever been in her life.

“Cool! I really get to tell you?”

“Sure, anything you want.” Carrie smiled, leaning up on her elbows, caressing his face, wondering what her horny son would like seeing her in.

Jake returned her smile, trying to think of her most sexy clothes. “Your white blouse, the one that fits really loose and…” he stopped, hoping she would wear the blouse for him. But he wasn’t holding his breath. It was so loose that when she leaned down, he could see everything she had.

“Anything at all.” Carrie said in a soft, tender voice.

He took a breath and said it. “Your blue mini skirt.”

Carrie felt like she was close to exploding, but it was a good feeling. After so long, she felt alive. She knew it was wrong, but she didn’t care. She was still a young woman and still had needs. Her only problem was the man turning her on was her son.

She looked at him, impressed. “You sure know how to make me look good.” Then, she smiled at him, hoping that dressing up for him wouldn’t make him worse.

The poor boy hadn’t been with a girl since the night of the wreck and here she was, about to wear a blouse that showed off her boobs and a skirt that screamed, “Fuck me!”

“Well, I need to get up and get to dinner and change. Is there anything you need before I go?”

“I um…um…gotta pee really bad,” he replied knowing poor Mom was going to faint when she saw him, but he couldn’t help it. Mom was a fuckin’ babe and she had him harder than he’d ever been.

“I’m thinking that you’re still hard?” Mom said hoping he was. She hadn’t held anything like him and it was going to be a thrill. Jake was three times the size of his father. Carrie wanted to know what it was like touching something so big.

“Yeah, I am, but I really gotta go.”

“I should spank you for making me do this,” she teased, as she gave him a tiny kiss then reluctantly climbed off him.

Jake watched her face. When she saw him, he wanted to laugh. Poor Mom looked like she’d seen a ghost. “I’m sorry,” he said holding in his laugh.

“I bet you are.” Mom said, wishing he wasn’t her son. If he wasn’t, she’d get back on him and fuck him until it went down. But he was her son. She took a breath, grabbed his urinal, then his thick, pulsing cock.

She wanted to yell. ‘Oh God help me!’ Carrie moaned to herself as the hot blood rushed through it, wondering if it was for her. ‘It has to be,’ she knew as she pointed his man sized cock into the urinal.

She hadn’t felt needed in such a long time. But Jake needed a bit more than a mother’s love. He needed a woman.


After dinner, Carrie ran to shower and clean up. She wanted to look as sexy for Jake. She knew it was wrong, but they both needed some love in their lives.

She stood looking in the mirror, wondering if dressing up for him was a right thing to do. She knew that poor Jake was going to get so hard when he saw her dressed like this.

“I hope this goes ok.” Carrie whispered, giving her already excited nipples a good, hard pinch before leaving her room, and then went to get his dinner.

“Here we go!” she smiled like a horny schoolgirl when she walked into his room.

Jake laid there in shock when he saw Mom. She looked great. She had done her hair up like she was going out on a date, and had even put on makeup for him. Looking down, he saw that she’d worn the tiny mini skirt, giving him a wonderful view of her toned legs.

“Damn Mom! You’re really going to get me going now,” he motioned to his cock growing under the thin sheet, watching her lovely face blush.

“You’re a naughty boy,” she said, knowing her entire upper body was bright red. “Getting a boner for your Mom!” Carrie added, hoping he wouldn’t ask anything else from her. She knew there would be no way she could refuse him, no matter what it was.

“I can’t help it. You’re beautiful and if I could, I’d give you a hug you’d never forget,” he said looking straight into her eyes, wishing so much that he could grab her and screw her to death. So what if she was his Mom.

Carrie stood there and it broke her heart. She just forced a smile and knew what she had to do. She climbed on his bed and moved over him. “How’s this?” she asked making damn sure that his cock was as far away from her as she could get it.

She knew that she was weak and Jake was turning her on so much. She’d never had any thoughts like this before and Carrie didn’t know what to do.

“You’re so beautiful,” he smiled. He lifted his head and kissed her dead on the lips.

“That was nice too!”

Jake winked at her, wishing she’d slide down, like she had earlier. He’d love to feel his cock on her now. The short skirt and his hard cock would be great together.

“You better stop th…” she tried to say, but he kissed her again. This time he pushed harder and she was startled by his tongue when it tried pushing into her mouth.

“I think one of us better stop before he gets into trouble.” Carrie whispered, knowing she needed to get down before he seduced her. “I hope you like what I’ve made for us,” she said climbing off the bed, showing him the dinner and flashing her tiny white, bikini panties.

It hurt her to see the disappointed look on his face. But she had to get away from him.

“I’m sure it’s good, but not as good as you are,” he said, watching her smile and he loved it. Mom was like him, he thought. She needed love, and he hoped she wanted him just as bad as he wanted her.

“You trying to get me flustered?” she asked with a little smile. She knew damn well that he was, but she didn’t know what to do about it. If she loved him more than a mother should, it didn’t wrong. They’d been through so much together. But still, it felt like more than a normal mother and sons’ love.

“If it’s working…yes I am,” he winked, looking at her breasts swaying from side to side as she cut up a piece of meat. “Damn!” Jake moaned as her breasts filled his eyes and he was far past the point of caring if he was hard for Mom or not. She was a fucking babe and he wanted her. “You’re going to kill me,” he laughed as a sly smile filled her face.

“What am I going to do with you” she asked moving beside him on the bed and they had dinner together. Not a normal dinner, but this time, it was thick with sexual tension.

“You pretty and a good cook, what more could a guy ask for?” he said knowing one more thing he’d like to ask for, but she was his Mom.

She knew of something he’d most surely like, but Carrie wasn’t ready for that. Maybe soon, but for now, he’d have to settle for cuddling with her.

“I wonder,” she smiled and reached across him, smothering him with her breasts. “Oops, I’m so sorry!” she giggled at the look on his face. He looked like a young boy that had seen Santa Claus for the first time in his life. Carrie loved it!

“I bet you are,” he said. “But that’s not fair. I can’t do anything to you.”

He wished he could get up and spank her little ass for teasing him like that. Of course, he loved every second of her touch against him and was sure his Mom knew that. She was a little flirt and Jake loved it.

She carefully lay beside him, cuddling as close as she could get, hoping that he’d want her to hug him again. She wanted to feel his hardness pressed against her.

“I never realized just how much we used to do this until now,” she said, noticing that her skirt had ridden way up her hips. But really, she thought, she didn’t care. If Jake liked to look at her, she was willing to do it for him.

“I love hugging you.” Jake said trying not to look at her. But there was no way he could resist. She was so hot and sexy. He couldn’t believe some guy hadn’t found her. And, now they were too late. She was his now.

“Thank you baby,” she smiled at his sweet words. Carrie wanted to help him.

“I want you to know that I’ve really thought this over and,” she paused, hoping her next words came out right and wouldn’t shock him. “If you would like, I’m willing to help you with that,” she whispered, indicating his painful erection. She watched the smile cover his handsome face.

“There’s no reason for you to suffer. I’m a big girl and you need relief. That has to hurt.” Carrie said in a soft, motherly voice as she caressed his face, hoping he’d want her help. She would do ‘anything’ for him.

Jake couldn’t believe what Mom just said to him. “I can’t ask you to do that. It would be very nice. But you’re my Mom,” he replied as visions of her jerking him off filled his mind. He could imagine her loving hands, covered in oil, as they slid up and down his rock-hard shaft. Her pretty face was so close as she watched him, while her wonderful breasts moved tantalizingly above him. The thought of him cuming all over her body was nearly too much.

She carefully moved over him, feeling his hardness against her. His touch was out of this world. “I want to. You’re my baby and if you’re hurting, it’s my duty as your mother to help you.” She smiled, feeling him flexing his massive cock against her. “Mommy will make it all better!” Carrie added, then leaned down and gently kissed him, hoping he’d try to kiss her like he did earlier.

Jake was in shock. His stiff cock was in his Mom’s hand and she was begging to jerk him off. He kissed her just like before. His tongue slipped into her mouth and he needed to cum, even if it was in the hands of his sexy, young Mom. “Will you take off your blouse and skirt?” he asked. Then he watched in awe as his Mom pulled off her blouse as fast as she could and tossed it on the floor.

“I told you. I’ll do anything you want,” she whispered, and kissed him one last time and moved down, sitting on her knees above his long cock. Carrie reached to hold him, feeling like she would orgasm with him. He was gigantic; her hands wouldn’t even go all the way around him. “Oh my God! Mommy’s little boy sure did grow up nice.” Carrie smiled as she started stroking him. “My baby boy!” she moaned as her hips humped with her hands, wishing she had the nerve to sit on Jake, giving him what he really needed, a good fuck.

Jake watched her and he loved it. Mom was a master at this and Jake knew it was not going to take very long. Her soft, loving hands, her breasts swaying with each stroke of his cock and the way she was talking, he was going to be lucky if he lasted a minute.

“Oh Mom! It feels so good!” Jake whimpered as the wonderful sensations from her hands rushed all over his body. “Yes! Mom! Do it! I wanta cum all over you!” she stroked faster and Jake watched her humping, thinking of his hard cock in her, in the same place he’d came from. “I wanta cum on your sexy titties,” he groaned, looking at her pretty face, enjoying her blissful look. “Please let me!” Jake begged, thinking of shooting all over the breasts he’d been in love with all of his life and how hot it would be.

Carrie couldn’t deny him anything. She was lost in this wonderful moment and it took all of her strength to keep from mounting him and screwing their brains out. “I told you, do anything to me! I’m all yours!” she purred, hoping he’d tell her to fuck him. She needed her man, her companion and her baby boy to give her his love.

He couldn’t believe what Mom was saying; he just hoped she meant it. “You’re so pretty!” he whispered, enjoying a low moan come from Mom. “You’re all mine!”

“Yes, I’m all yours!”

“I’m going to cum all over you.”

“Yes! Cum on me! Cum all over your Mommy!”

“Will you be my girl?”

“I’ll always be you girl!” she moaned, feeling like she was going to cum with him, but she needed to feel him. She needed his big cock on her pussy. Carrie moved forward so that Jake’s big, hard cock pressed against her swollen pussy slit. “Oh yes!” she moaned. “Oh my God! Yes! Yes! Oh yes!” she squealed, humping him, hoping he wouldn’t think that she was some kind of freak, but she needed to cum too. She’d be enjoying him hugging her for years and his big cock drove her crazy, it was time for some relief.

“Oh shit!” was all he could say. Mom was stroking him with her hand and pressing his cock to her panty covered pussy. She was humping his cock like a crazy woman. “Go Mom! Do it! Fuck me! Fuck us, Mom!” he moaned as her wetness covered him like a blanket on a cold, winter night. Jake watched his cock against her wet panties, as they sank into her slit. The sight of his cock against pussy was good. “Go my sexy Mom! Cum on me!” he ordered, watching her force a smile.

“Oh my baby!” Carrie cried out with need. He was against her and she was all but fucking her handsome son. His long, hard cock was smothering her pussy, giving her feelings that she’d never known or could have ever imagined. She held him tightly against her pussy and lower stomach and when she looked down, Carrie couldn’t believe how far he’d go in her. “Oh look!” she moaned and smiled to him. “You’d kill me!”

Jake watched her face and he’d seen that same look many times before. Mom was his and it was just a matter of time before they made love. “You’d love every last inch of it,” he said with a wink. “Lay on me and let’s both cum together.” Jake said watching her pretty face turning red. “Come on. You said you’d do anything I wanted and I want to kiss you as you rub that little thing on me,” he added and she slowly laid on him, with her pussy right on his cock.

Carrie knew it was wrong, but she couldn’t refuse him. She took a breath and did it. She was lying on her son with his stiff cock on her pussy. “Baby!” she whimpered. She had to finish this. Carrie needed to cum and she wanted to please her baby, her son, no matter what. Her hips slid back and forth, his long cock shaft still deep in her slit, driving her wild as it slithered over her clit. “Oh God! I love you! I love you baby!” she cried moving faster, praying this wouldn’t ruin the loved they had.

“Come on baby girl! Cum on me!” Jake said as they kissed and shared each others’ hot breath. “Come on baby! Fuck your son!” Jake said in a deep voice he knew she loved, wishing he could give her sexy ass a good slap and that was it for Mom. She let out a scream of joy that made his left ear ring.

“Oh yes!” she screamed as the most powerful orgasm rushed over her body. She fell on Jake, but her hips kept moving. She had her joy and there was no way she’d stop until her baby boy had his. She humped faster, wishing she had the nerve to pull her panties over and give him want he really needed and wanted from her. “Baby! You’re amazing! I can’t believe how good it feels,” she whimpered.

Jake lay there, smiling at her, but he couldn’t cum. “Do it like before. Sit up, let me see how pretty you are,” he said giving her a kiss, knowing he was going to drown her in his cum.

Carrie did as asked; she slowly sat up and stroked him. “Does Mommy’s boy like it?” she whispered to him, enjoying the look of joy on his face. She stroked faster, gently pulling him towards her stomach. “Cum for Mommy, please,” she said in a soft and sexy voice. “Mommy wants her baby to feel better,” she said putting her lower lip. “Oh please! Cum on Mommy!” Carrie stroked faster, pulling him harder, wanting her baby to cum on her body.

Jake watched, enjoying every soft word, her loving hands and the fact that he was only seconds away from covering her in cum. “You’re so fucking hot!” he moaned as her soft hands slipped up and down his hard cock. “Oh Mom!” Jake moaned watching her hands, her pretty face, wondering how far their little game was going to go. He looked at her breasts, her toned stomach and between her legs, knowing that he wanted it so bad.

“Cum for Mommy! Oh please!” Carrie cried out, hoping her baby would cover her with his seeds. She stroked and stroked, her hands and arms were starting to burn, when he let out a loud moan. “That’s my baby! That’s Mommy’s big boy!” she smiled as his hot cum shot from the tip of his long cock and her belly, breasts and on her excited pussy. “Oh God yes!” Carrie moaned, wondering what his hot load would have felt like up her pussy. She knew she’d have to find out.

His cum covered her in just a few squirts and Jake felt so good. What other guy in the world had a Mom as pretty as his and could cum on her? He watched a smile fill her face as his seeds shot all over her body. “Is that better?” he asked watching a sly smile covering her pretty face and he needed more.

“I liked that. It’s the first time a man ever came on me and I loved it!” Carrie moaned as another fire started growing in her pussy and she knew there’d only be one thing that could put it out: her sons’ big, thick cock. She ran a finger through a thick blob of cum, lifted it to her mouth and licked it from her finger. “Oh shit! You taste so good!” she moaned sucking her cum-covered finger deep into her mouth.

“I’m going to do that again, but next time, I think it’ll be in my mouth!” Carrie purred thinking of Jake squirting his hot cum into her mouth and how breathtaking it would be to drink her sons’ cum. “Would you like that? Cuming in your Mom’s mouth! I bet it’s every dirty, little boy’s dream,” she whispered, leaned down and kissed the tip of his cock.

“Oh yes! I’d love cuming in your mouth!”

“You and Mommy are going to have lots and lots of fun! Mommy will do anything you want! And, I mean anything!” Carrie growled hoping Jake would want everything from her. She’d never been pleased by a man until a few moments ago and her son did it. She needed more, lots more.

He couldn’t believe it. Jake knew Mom was hot, but he’d never thought she’d ever do this. “Anything I want?”

“Yes, anything!” she moaned licking up the underside of his cock.

“Can I fuck your mouth?”

“Oh God yes!”

“I want to fuck your sexy ass!” he moaned as Mom licked and tenderly sucked the head of his cock.

“Yes, I’ll let you fuck it all you want!”

“And, there is one other place I want. Do you know where it is?”

“I think so,” she whispered between licking him.

“Where is it?” he asked and Jake wanted her to say it.

“Mommy’s…pussy!” she moaned and something happened. She came harder than before. “Oh, I’m cuming! I’m cuming!” Carrie squealed out as thoughts of her on top of Jake, fucking him as hard and as deep as she could take him filled her mind.


The next morning Carrie woke next to Jake and she couldn’t believe what she’d done. ‘I’m going to burn in hell!’ she thought looking over his body. She couldn’t wait for him to get the casts off. ‘I bet you’ll really take advantage of me,’ she said to herself seeing that his cock was hard and ready for action. “Maybe I should ‘fix’ that before I get up,” she whispered as she slid down and laid her head on his cast.

“Mmm, Mommy’s big boy!” she moaned licking up his shaft, until her tongue found the head. Carrie gently nursed it, like a baby, enjoying its mass, wondering what it was going to feel like up her tight pussy. ‘I bet he’s going to rip me apart!’ Carrie thought as she sucked him, hoping he’d wake up and enjoy this as much as she was.

Jake looked down and couldn’t help but smiling to Mom. “Damn, you sure do know how to wake a guy up!” he said enjoying her warm and tender mouth as she gently sucked, but he wanted more. “Get between my legs and do it hard and fast,” he said watching her slide his legs apart, move between them sitting on her feet. “Now, suck it hard and don’t stop!” he ordered, hoping she would. Last night, Mom said that she’d do anything he wanted and he wanted this.

“Yes Sir!” she cooed, as heat rushed to her pussy. “You’re making me into your personal slave.” Carrie smiled, hoping he’d be more forceful and nasty. She loved to be ordered around, but never told anyone of her secret passion.

“By the time I’m done with you,” he paused to enjoy her looking up at him with her innocent eyes before going on. “I’ll make you in my ‘fuck slave’, would you like that!” he asked hearing a loud moan coming from her. “Oh, you nasty bitch.” Jake smiled, wondering if dear ol’ Mom was kinky after all.

“Oh God, I’d love it!” growled sucking him to the back of her throat, sucking hard, hoping so much that he gag her with his cum.

“Suck it bitch! Suck it!” Jake yelled wishing he could grab her head and force his cock down her throat. He loved hearing girls’ gagging on it. “More! Gag on it! I love that so much!” he moaned watching Mom all but swallowing his cock.

“Arrgggg!” Mom gagged and came up for air, smiling at him. “Call me the nastiest names you can think of and don’t be shy!” she said. She lowered her head, taking him into her mouth and down her throat. “AAAArrggg!” she gagged more, watching him smiling and Carrie knew her baby boy was having a good time…and so was she.

“Oh fuck, you nasty cunt! Suck it bitch!”

His words drove her on; she sucked him deeper, gagging more and more. ‘Yes baby! My baby boy!” she thought, forcing his massive cock so far down her throat that she couldn’t breathe. “Aaarrgggg!” she gagged more, enjoying the smile on his face. She sucked again, this time swallowing more. “Aaaarrrrggggg!” and like before, he smiled so big, watching everything she did. Carrie knew that she was his slave.

“You sweet, sexy bitch!” Jake said with a smile as Mom looked up at him. “Come lay on me and make sure my cock is on that sexy pussy!” he said in a firm voice, watching Mom move up him as fast as she could.

Her hips slowly moved around, enjoying his hardness on her very, very excited pussy. “Oh baby! It feels so good!” she whimpered, knowing she’d be cuming all over him in just a few minutes.

“When we’re fucking or anything like this, you’re to call me Sir! Do you understand, bitch!” he said in a firm voice and he felt her shudder with excitement. “Did you like that, bitch?” he asked wishing the fucking cast were off of him.

“Oh yes Sir. I love it!” Carrie moaned, feeling like she’d pissed all over him. “You make me so fucking horny! I love it! Oh I love it!” she whimpered knowing she was only seconds away. “Talk dirty to me! Be nasty!” she begged, knowing that would be it for her. She was ready to cum on her baby, oops, her master.

“Oh my nasty bitch!” he moaned. “My dirty little girl!” a louder moan as she sank her teeth into his chest, biting hard. “Fucking no good whore!” he yelled out, enjoying her slender hips going wild against his cock. Jake couldn’t help but wonder if Mom was ready to fuck. “Mom, fuck me! Ram my hard cock up your sweet, little pussy and fuck me, please!” he begged, but saw a look of hesitation on her pretty face and he didn’t want to push her. This was great and there was no way in hell he was going to fuck it up.

Carrie heard him and wanted to do it so bad, but she needed just a little more time before that happened. She knew it was just getting up the nerve and she was going to fuck him to death or herself, maybe both. So, she just kept humping, thinking of his big cock up her pussy, ripping it apart and shooting his cum in her.

She sat straight up and screamed, “Oh fuck! Oh baby! My baby!” as her pussy exploded, spraying him with a long, hot stream of pussy juice.

“Yes! Yes!” she kept screaming as her body trembled and spasmed out of control. Carrie fell on his chest, panting for air, her pussy still squirting him with her juices.

“Oh, I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” she said starting to cry. “I haven’t done that in so long,” she cried harder, hoping Jake wouldn’t be mad at her for doing that. His father hated it when she came so hard, she’d always squirt him the very same way.

Jake was in shock. “Holy fuck!” he said as the juices shot from her, covered his cock in just a second. “Do you always cum like that?” he asked wondering why in the hell she was crying.

“Yes, I’m sorry! I won’t do it again, I promise!” she cried harder, hoping this wasn’t going to ruin there fun and she saw he smiling at her.

“I fucking love it! That was so hot! You can do that anytime you want!” he said wishing he could hug her. “From the look on your face, I guess dear old Dad didn’t like it,” he quickly said, remembering what a pud he was and would never like anything like that.

“No, he didn’t,” she said. Then, she smiled, hugging Jake as tight as she could. “I love you!” she whimpered, knowing he was the last man she’d ever love. “He hated it and always made me feel so dirty for doing it,” she added wiping the tears from her face.

“Fuck him, he was a total dumbass, because that shit was cool!” he smiled, kissing her long and as deep as he could, hoping she’d change her mind and fuck him. “I want you,” he whispered between kisses, hoping she was ready or would be soon. He needed her and it would be the act that would join him and her together for the rest of their lives.

She heard him and it hurt that she wasn’t ready yet. “Soon!” she whispered, as they kept kissing. Her tongue in his mouth, his tongue in hers as her hips humped him, hoping he’d cum on her. She needed to please him. “Cum on Mommy, please!” Carrie said in the soft, loving voice that Jake loved so much. She hoped that her voice would help him cum. She knew what her baby wanted, but she needed just a little more time. “Please cum on me, please!” she begged him as they continued kissing. “Please!” she moaned. “Please! Please!” Carrie moaned in a helpless voice as she rubbed her drenched pussy all over his big cock. “Please! Please!” Carrie whispered as low as she could.

“Oh fuck! Mom!” Jake yelled out. His cock shot cum all over her, him and anything else on the bed. It felt so good!

“Mom, I love you! I love you so much!” he cried as cum shot from him like it was gushing from a fire hose. “I can’t wait to…do…that…inside you!” he said gasping for air, watching her smiling at him and turning red. “I know you want it just as bad. So, when you’re ready, just give me the word,” he smiled.

“I will,” she replied with a little wink as his manly flow finally ceased. She looked at his spend covering the bed, and knew she had to get the mess cleaned up. She had to get ready for more fun with her baby boy. She needed him inside her so bad she hurt.


Later that night, Carrie tossed and turned, thinking of all the things that she and Jake had done. Her pussy burned and it was so wet, there was only one way to fix it. She slipped from her bed, slowly walked from her room and down the hall. She looked in his room and like always, Jake was hard.

“Oh fuck!” she moaned pulling her wet panties down, stepped out of them. She moved to his bed. “I’m going to make you so happy,” Carrie whispered, carefully moving over his hard, long cock, rubbing it over her swollen lips. It was time. She slowly started down; his girth quickly spread her lips. His massive cock was headed up a road of no return. “Oh yes,” she whimpered when it started up her tiny hole, stretching it wider than ever.

Jake opened his eyes. He couldn’t believe it. Mom was on him and his cock was going in her. “You should have woke me up!” he moaned as her tight pussy muscles locked around him so hard it hurt. He knew Mom hadn’t been with anyone in a long time and with his size, she felt like a virgin. “Oh shit! You feel so good!” Jake moaned as his cock slid deeper in her, back to the place that he came from. He knew things would never be the same. In a split second, she went from being his loving mother, to his passionate lover.

“You’re so big!” she moaned sitting lower, wondering how much more was left and if she could take it all. “My baby is back in me,” she whimpered with a mix of joy and sadness, hoping this wouldn’t ruin the love they had. “My baby!” Carrie squealed when their hips met. She did it, she took all of her handsome son and now, she needed to fuck him. “I’m going to cum so hard, I hope I don’t die!” she growled down to him, enjoying the blissful look on his face, wondering if she looked the same.

“You do anything you want,” he said watching her start to move. “Oh mother fuck!” Jake yelled when she got up on her feet and started fucking him as fast and as deep as she could. “Oh yes! Do it! Fuck us Mom! Fuck us!” he yelled louder, knowing he was going to cum at any second. “Fuck it harder! Fuck my cock, Mom!” Jake yelled again, watching her beautiful face and all at once, it went blank.

Carrie got on her feet, knowing this would be the only way to really fuck a cock of this size. Her heart pounded, her pussy tried locking around him, but she needed to fuck, even if it was her son. She moved up and down. His stiff shaft drove in her so deep; Carrie wondered if it would come out of her mouth. “I love your cock!” she moaned, moving up and down as fast as she could move. “I’m fucking my baby and it’s so nice,” she smiled as tears of joy and happiness ran down her face, dripping on her bouncing breasts.

“Hell yes you are and don’t ever stop!” Jake moaned watching her big boobs bouncing and swaying all over. “I wish I could hug you,” he added, wishing the casts were off his arms and he couldn’t wait to hold her.

“You will soon and you can love me all you want. Day and night, in any position you want, I’ll be here for you,” she replied with a big smile, thinking of him on top of her, pounding his big cock in her and all the different ways she wanted him to love her. Carrie loved the thought of being taken from behind in the shower or in the pool, but her late husband thought she was crazy and never did it.

Jake couldn’t wait. But for now, he was content with his loving Mom screwing his brains out. “You’re so pretty,” he smiled, watching her moving so many ways. The sight of her full breasts hanging over his face finally did it. “Shit!” Jake yelled. Hot cum shot from his cock deep into his sexy, new lover. “Go baby! Fuck me, Carrie! Fuck me baby!” he said, knowing the days of calling her Mom were over. She was now his one and only love.

His hot seed shot deep into Carrie’s excited pussy and it was over for her too. “Oh baby! My baby!” she screamed as the most powerful orgasm raced through her like there was fire in her veins. “It feels so good!” Carrie screamed as his cock pumped and pumped her tiny pussy full of his sperm.

A few minutes later she lifted her head and asked, “Why’d you call me Carrie? I kinda like it when you call me Mom,” she smiled, enjoying him still hard and deep in her pussy.

“I thought it would be cool and besides, it wouldn’t be right calling my new girl Mom when I take you out on dates,” he replied flexing his cock, hoping she’d want to do it again. He was ready for more.

“I’m your new girl am I?”

“Fuck yes you are. The hell with all the little ones at school. They can all kiss my ass.”

“What if other people see our playing around with each other? We could really get into trouble.”

“Fuck them. I got the prettiest woman in town and I plan on showing off,” he smiled, but deep, down Jake knew she was right.

“I’ve been tossing around the idea of moving. What do you think? We could move far away and if you’re serious about us…we could even say we’re…married,” she smiled, hoping he’d like the idea as much as she did. It would be so wonderful not hiding their love for each other.

He thought about what she said. It did sound great. “That would be cool. As long as I’d have you, I wouldn’t care,” he smiled, wishing he could grab her in his arms and hug her.

“Good! When you get all this shit off, you’re going to screw me to death, and then we’re moving away!”

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