A mom makes a request to her daughter’s girlfriend

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One day I was cleaning my room when I got an urgent text from my girlfriend Molly telling me to come to her home at once, but it did not say why. I went there confused and curious and rang the doorbell. She answered and took me to the kitchen, where I saw a nude, attractive older woman. She said it was her mom Jenny. I asked why she was nude, but Jenny told her to go to her room before she could answer.

She did so as I asked Jenny what was going on and she said she would explain after I undressed fully. Stunned I asked why and she angrily replied to do as she said. After I stripped nude she showed me Molly’s phone and scrolled through the dozens of naked photos of us mortifying me. She told me to let her see my phone and I did. She found the same photos, proving our sexting. She was upset we did not lock them or told her about our exchanges and wanted to split us.

I pleaded her not to. She said she would let us stay together if I had sex with her. I was shocked as she said she got aroused at my photos and wanted to know how good I was at sex before deciding on Molly and me, hence why she stripped beforehand. I at first refused, being grossed out from sex with my own mom weeks prior, despite loving it and now I had to do it with Molly’s mom despite her beauty, but agreed to it to keep seeing Molly.

Her mom and I kissed and felt each other’s breasts, buttocks and vagina. I kissed her neck, chin, breasts and stomach before sitting on the floor to lick her vagina. I masturbated at one point as she put her legs on my shoulders and orgasmed. I kissed her legs and fingered her anus before standing to lip-lock with her. I climbed on her and she kissed my neck, torso, chin and chest.

I then sat on her shoulders to let her lick my vagina. I held her head. She masturbated, held my buttocks, and fingered my anus as I yelled. We swayed in joy so hard, we fell onto the nearby counter. I got on all fours as Jenny arched back, put her head between my legs, and licked my vagina. She stood up and faced me to kiss my buttocks and shove a dildo in my vagina, then spanked me while licking between my cheeks and sucking my anus. She put the dildo on a strap-on, wore it, knelt on the counter, and pushed it in my anus and vagina. I lay face-up with my knees bent as she got on top of me, thrusting me again and we kissed and rubbed each other’s breasts. She knelt on my chest to finger my vagina as I licked the dildo and then she about faced, lay down to form the 69 position and kissed my thighs and sucked my vagina. I sucked the dildo and spanked her.

She turned face-up to let me kiss her buttocks, and took off the strap-on so we could finger each other’s vaginas. She put the strap-on on me to play with the dildo and orgasm as I licked down her butt crack and sucked her anus. She lay down to form the 69 position once again, sucking the dildo as I sucked her vagina. She sat on the dildo to ride it and we held hands. She pulled me up as we kissed and felt each other’s backs and breasts.

We lay down with her atop, still kissing, as I thrust her. She kissed my neck, then pulled back to ask if I loved thrusting her. I said I did. Sweating heavily, we laughed and kissed. I kissed her forehead, put her head to my breasts and caressed her like a child, which we liked. Molly returned and asked how things were going. Jenny said she liked having sex with me and let us keep seeing each other. Molly and I cheered as I said Jenny was good at sex.

I looked at my watch and realized I had to get home to finish cleaning my room. As I got dressed, I thanked Jenny for the sex and kissed her and Molly goodbye. As I walked past the front window outside, I saw them kissing with Jenny undressing Molly, and wished I could stay and watch, but knew my mom would go insane if I did not clean my room.

Five days later, Molly told me she wanted to have one-on-one sex with my mom. I asked why and she said it was only fair, as I had sex with hers. While surprised and hesitant, I told her to just do whatever she liked, not wanting conflict between us and knowing she found mom so sexy. Mom allowed it and that evening, pulled her car in the driveway coming home from work. Molly got inside. I watched them on my laptop from webcams I secretly put in the car.

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