Mom fucked by dad and me

Hi i my name is Aryan. I live in Kolkata. My mom is too hot 🔥. She has a busty figure. Nice breasts and big but is what all men wants. She is also admired by everyone. My dad is very open about their relations. He even shared mom to his friends.

One day i was watching porn video and jerking off. Suddenly my dad came in the room.
Dad. What are you doing son
Me. I…..i was…..i
Dad. So now you learned to lock your doors
Me. Yaaa dad
I pulled up my pants and dad walked out without saying saying anything.
It was 11 pm so went to bed. Then I woke at 3 am with a loud sound.
I got up and started searching from where it was coming from. I guess that was easy to make out. As I saw my mom sucking dad’s dick.
Mom. Ummm…
Dad. Keep sucking
I was Peking and after few minutes dad saw me.
Dad. Son what are… you…
Me. Dad mom I’m sorry
Mom. Aryan…..


Mom got up. I never saw my mom naked before. I was starting at her big boobs.
Dad took me to my room and explained that I can be there and see them have sex.
Me. Okay dad I was waiting for this moment.
Dad and I went to the room.
Dad. He will just be here.
Mom. Sorry son I am really ashemed
Me. No mom it’s okay.
Dad caught her hair and forced her to suck his dick.
I sat there aside and started jerking.
After 15 minutes dad got exhausted and he went to take a drink.
Dad. Son you want to duck your mom.
Me. Yes
Mom. Come son show me your small dick.
Me. Small mom haha haa

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I pulled out my hard dick and showed her.
Mom was starring at my dick.
Mom. What…. Wow nice dick son
Mom pulled me and started kissing me. That incest kiss is so awesome.
Meanwhile dad came in the room.
Dad. So son is charged now huh
After that i slowly inserted my hard dick in her pussy.
Mom. Ahhhha…. Ahhhhh
Me. Yeah yeahh
I started up with great speed.
Mom. Slow down son slow down.
Me. No mom
Mom. Ahhh ahhhhh
Dad. Wooooooow son keep it up.

Then after half an hour I got up As I was thirsty.
Mom changed to doggy style position and dad was fucking her ass.
Me. Take it dad
Dad. Join me son
Me. What! Double penetration
Dad. Yeah come
Mom. Come son my pussycat is wet for you filled it up
I lied one the bed and now I was on her pussycat and dad on her ass.
Mom. Ahhh ahhhhh
Dad and me. Yeahhh

After half an hour we changed sour position. I was at her ass and dad at her pussy.
Mom. Fuck me…..ahhh….tear my pussy ahhhh
Dad. Your wish babhe increased his speed
Mom. Aahhhhhh ahhhh

Then we again changed position and this time dad threw his cup on mom’s face and went to pick up the call as the phone was ringing.
I was in missonery position with my mom.
Mom. Ahhh…..son..i love you a lot
Me. I love your mom
We kissed each other.
Me. Mom I am gonna cum
Mom. Yes son fill me up
Then I cummed in my mom’s pussy.
Me. Ahhhhhh ahhh
Mom. It was so great to fucked by my own son
Me. Yes Mom absolutely
Mom. From next time you can fuck me anytime my ass.
Me. Okay
I got up and as soon as I was about to leave the room my mom said
Mom. You have that friend no…. What’s his name?
Me. Who
Mom. Who came to our house last week
Me: Raghav
Mom. Yes! He has a huge dick. Last week he showed me his dick in the kitchen and said me to suck it. I slapped him and he apologized for that behavior.
Me. Now what should I do?
Mom. Maybe call him sometime to our house again to have an intercourse with him.
Me: Are you serious!
Mom. I love you beta and you both can fill my pussy with your fresh cut and maybe let me tastes a bit of it.
Me . Okay mom I got you.
I went to my room and started thinking. What an experience was it to fuck my own mom with my dad. Really WOW.

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