Me getting sex addict – Part 2

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After my train journey, I was helping my family as much as I could with the preparations for the wedding. Me getting sex addict – Part 1

The first two days were just resting for me; I was too exhausted by the train ride. All my hickeys, all the hard face fucks, all the slaps, and everything, including the creampies I took pills, and I was so worried about getting pregnant. My other cousin saw one of my hickeys on my back and said, “You are enjoying your life, huh?” I asked him why, and he told me there was a bite mark on my back. I ran to the bathroom and covered it up.

A couple of days later, I recovered from all of it, but the pain in my crotch and pussies was still somewhat there. My flatmate had enough and just started abusing me and calling me the worst names ever, so I finally told her that I lost my virginity but kept the story a surprise for her, and I will only tell her when I will be there, not even when she will be there for the wedding.

After a week, all the preparation and shopping were over, and it was the wedding day. And after the wedding was over, I had another sexual encounter; my flatmate was at the wedding, and I was with her only, and we were enjoying the day. But it took a 180° turn. I made a mistake. I wore a beautiful lehenga; it was my cousin’s wedding, so I kind of had to wear a beautiful and expensive dress. It was the most expensive and beautiful thing I have in my whole wardrobe. It was green and black. and suited me very well. Every single person I met told me I looked beautiful in that dress.

I wasn’t wearing pants, but I had to wear a bra because I didn’t do my makeup myself. The one doing my makeup noticed it, so I had to wear a bra. So the mistake I made was that I bumped into one of my old school friends. He was my friend as well as my cousin’s friend, as we were in the same school, so we had some common friends. He is a year older than me, and he was looking hot. He was wearing a gray suit with a white shirt, and the watch and shoes were on point. He was classy and looked really handsome. I dropped some juice on him and then took him to clean it up.

(I know this is the most pathetic and common type of sex story and is used many times, but mine is a bit different.)
I wasn’t talking to a lot of people, so after getting his suit ruined, we had some time together to talk. We talked about his work and all; his dad is in the estate, and he is getting in the same stream as him. He works for him only. I was impressed that he was actually doing something. I was very sorry because I just ruined his suit, and he kind of forgave me. He chatted for a while, and he was actually sweet. It turned into a very good chat, and soon he asked me if I had some time to meet him in the wedding hall. I said sure, and we walked together out of the hall. He took me towards his car, and nobody actually saw us going there. It was evening, and he started talking dirty. He was saying how hot I was looking and how beautiful I got when I got older, etc., and then he started to ask me if I had sex or not, if I was owned by a man or not. I said no, and I was actually horny, so I gave him a proper reply. I wanted to do it. He asked me what color pants I was wearing, and I said I was not wearing any. He got aroused and looked at my lehenga. I slowly lifted it just to show my feet and then dropped it as we were in public.

He asked what happened, and I said we were in public. He asked if I was okay with going to his place. It’s just a couple of minutes away. He has a small house that he lives in when he is in that area of the town. So it was rarely used, and he is the only one who uses it. I said sure and made a call to my dad; he was busy with the photos and etc., so he just said ok, and I then called my flatmate, making sure she was with someone and having a good time. And then we went to his place, which was just a couple of blocks away. It was huge for me, but for his wealth, it was small. He took me in immediately. He pushed me on the floor and lifted my lehenga; he saw I was not wearing anything, and he then made me take everything off, so I was naked. He rubbed his hands all over my body and touched every single inch of it. He rubbed my pussy and saw I was wet; he played with my boobs, pinched them, slapped them, and spanked my butt. Then he took off his pants and showed me his penis. It was about 6-7 inches long and thin. smaller than the ones I lost my virginity to just a week ago, so I wasn’t scared.

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