Me getting sex addict

I was 22 at the time and lived with my flatmate in another city . My figure is 33-28-35

It was a normal day untill I got very horny all of a sudden, my pussy started to get wet, and all I could do was hold my pussy and rub it. I rubbed my pussy on my bed corner, then went to the dining table and rubbed it there as well. It wasn’t enough; I had to penetrate myself. I went through all the stuff I could think of pushing into my pussy and found a wooden spoon I use for cooking. I have a thin and long handle. I took that and put some oil on it and rubbed it on my pussy. I started pushing it in my pussy, and it went in smoothly. I was a virgin and used to live with a flatmate; she wasn’t at home, we masturbated in front of each other many times, and it wasn’t a big deal for both of us. We touched each other and played with each other’s bodies as well. She sometimes helped me masturbating by fucking me with a spoon or her fingers, but this time I was alone and had to do it myself. I squirted and had an orgasm.

That night, I had to take a train from the city to go to another city for a wedding in my family. It was my cousin’s wedding, so I had to be there no matter what. My flatmate dropped me at the railway station and made sure I was comfortable and on my seat. She then said goodbye and left.
It was an almost empty train, with only 5–4 people in my sight. It was cool till the next station. A lot of passengers got on the train, and in my compartment, there was a man in front of me and another man on the other side on the single seat. I was just watching out the city lights and the night view, and he opened his side window, and my skirt just got lifted by the wind. He clearly got a sight of my clean bald pussycat. I wasn’t even wearing pants at that time. I saw his face, and he was in shock. I quickly put my hands on my lap, and I made sure I never ever picked my hands up from my lap again. I was so embarrassed that I felt like killing myself.  I knew where this was going, and I knew if he got me, he would destroy me. But I was still wet, and my nipples were poking out from my top. I too engaged in the chat with him and soon got to know that he was a small businessman and was going to do some work in another city.

I told him I studied, but I faked my college name and my name as well. Everything went quite for some time. I took my tiffin box out of my bag, and he did the same. He had some biryani that her mom made for him, and I had some chapati and bhaji.
He offered me, I said no, but he insisted that I take some biryani, it’s good, and then I too gave him some of my food. He knew I was giving him some replies, and I was interested. He then gave me his number and texted me directly. We were sitting right in front of each other, and he texted me that the man sitting on the other side was staring at me. He asked me to go towards the door by text, and I said sure. He went first, and I too went behind him. We were standing in front of the basin, and I washed my hands. Only we were there. He leaned on me and said, “You have a beautiful pussycat.” A cold chill went down my spine, I had goosebumps all over, I got super wet, and the pussy juice was flowing all over my upper thighs. I was feeling it slowly leak down my legs. I blushed and said nothing; I had no words. I just whispered thank you, and he held my hands and said you are cute.

It was my first time; I have never received a compliment for my pussycat. And this made me so romantic and hot. I have had plenty of boys tell me I am cute, etc., but no one has ever been so passionate and romantic as he is. I said thanks once again, and I was over the moon about this. He said wait for a sec and went towards our seat. He said something to the man who just came towards our seat and came back. He said, “If you want to, then come in the washroom with me, and if you don’t, then you can go sit on your seat.” He gave me 30 seconds to choose and went into the bathroom. I stood there. It was the day I lost my virginity. I like this guy, and I feel brave enough to do this. I have been waiting for years to lose my virginity, and today was the day. I didn’t wear underwear in public places for years, and no one ever noticed my pussyfoot. And the first man who caught me will take my virginity; I was fine with it.

I quickly knocked, and he opened the door. I went in, and he closed the door and made sure nobody saw us together. He didn’t say a word, and as soon as I went in, he kissed me on my lips. I have kissed many times before, but never like this, and I have never done anything other than kiss. He grabbed my boobs and, with the other hand, lifted my skirt and started rubbing my pussy. He asked me if I peed myself; I said no, and he said, “See how wet you are.” and shoved his hand on my mouth. I resisted, but he was powerful. He took control, and then he asked me if I had ever had sex before. I said never, and he just said, “Then you will enjoy this.” I just loved his attitude and bossiness. He took off his pants, and I saw his dick; it was about 7-8 inches. I have never seen a dick in my life, and he was so big. I thought that Indians have a smaller dick when I watched porn, but this was unbelievable.
I just felt it would never ever fit in my pussycat. There was no chance of it even entering it without any pain. He took my top off, and then he took his handkerchief with his dick on it and pushed it in my mouth and said, “Don’t worry, it’s just so that I don’t make any noise.” He said, “I am not forcing,” and he said he would be calm and do it very smoothly and slowly for you. It made me calm, but I was still worried about the pain I would be going through.

He put some music on his phone just to make sure I would not be heard easily by others. He calmed me down as much as he could and put on a condom; he put some saliva on it and rubbed my pussy. It made me squirt a little, and I just released my pee. I had to be calm and let my pussycat loose as much as possible. I wanted no pain. I peed, and then he rubbed again and started to enter me. I was holding the pipe really hard, and my teeth were clenching his kerchief. I was not able to handle it, and I wanted to jump and get his dick out, but he held me in place and continued pushing it. He was half way in and asked me if I was OK; I took a deep breath and nodded. He then gave a huge thrust, and I felt like my pussy was being torn apart; it felt like something had exploded in my pussy. He kept his dick deep in my pussy, and I was shaking; I was desperate to move and just take it out of me. I was struggling; I was feeling my womb slowly opening and gripping his dickens. My stomach was feeling bad. I felt like I needed to poop. It was the most bizarre and painful thing I ever experienced. He hugged me tightly, and I felt his balls slap against my thighs. He played with my boobs and made me calm down; he said be calm and everything is alright; he said he took my virginity and now I will enjoy it, and the pain will be gone in a few seconds. He pulled out his dick and then thrust again. My whole body has jumped. I was crying and sobbing very much, and he was making me calm down.

He then started fucking me slowly, and I was having sex for the first time. My mind was blank at that point because of the pain, but I was enjoying it. He fucked me for about 10 minutes, and then he came and I started shaking wild; I wasn’t able to control myself, and my legs were giving up. He held me tight and said, “It’s ok, don’t worry, you’re getting an orgasm.” I have seen many in porn, but this was the first time I felt it. I farted, and he pulled out his dick. He asked me for my handkerchief and then put it on my pussy.

I first didn’t know why I felt pain, but I didn’t expect that much blood. It was flowing, mixed with my pussyjuices. I turned around and he stood a few steps away. I spread my legs and saw in the handkerchief all the blood and my pussyjuice. He said it’s normal for virginity and it will stop in a few seconds. I was sobbing, and it made me cry. I had a burning sensation in my pussycat, and I have never felt this even while on my period. I took the handkerchief off my mouth and gave it to him. As soon as I closed my mouth, I squirted. The pain and the sensation I was having in my pussy were actually making me more wet and horny.

He told me to be calm, hugged me, rubbed the blood with his handkerchief and then threw it, and then removed the condom and asked me to taste the cum. I didn’t respond; I was in my own world, and I had lost sense of what was even going on. He pushed the condom into my mouth, emptied it, and told me to push it down my throat. I tasted cumin for the first time. He then kissed me and put on his pants, then went out. I licked the door and sat there wondering what had just happened.

My boobs were swollen by his groping; he gave me hickeys all over my belly and boobs; I took my phone out and started to see what all things he did when I was not conscious of him other than his dickens. He gave me hickeys on my back; he pinched my buttocks, and it was all red. My eyes were red, and my makeup was ruined by my tears. My lipstick was all ruined by kissing. My pussy was sore.  I felt pain when I touched myself.

I squatted and shat. It was painful; it was painful for my pussy, and I was feeling intense pain while I peed. I washed my ass and pussy, wore my top and skirt, then went out. I washed my hands and then my face. My full makeup was gone, I wasn’t able to walk properly, and it was feeling weird in my crotch. He asked how it was, I said good, and he then cleared up and told the man sitting opposite that I got emotional while talking to my parents and was crying. He said, “Yea, it’s fine, and you will meet them,” etc.

It was embarrassing, but I took out my bag and put it up so the person opposite wasn’t able to see, but then the man who fucked me saw me take the pad out and take one pee. As I put them in the purse and stood up, he asked me if I needed any help, and I said no. I rushed to the toilet again and put on my pants and pad. I didn’t want to feel pain and wanted to feel a little free. I was a little comfortable when I put my pad on. My pussy was leaking and I wasn’t able to put pressure on it. It was painful.

After some hours at the next station, many more passengers got on the train, and our compartment was nearly full. Everyone wanted to sleep, so I too slept on my seat, and the other passengers on my seat went on the upper berth and the middle berth. I was on the bottom. And he was on the bottom as well.

I had a few phone calls to make to my parents as well as my flatmate. I called my parents and told them I would be there in the morning or afternoon, depending on the timing. And then I called my flatmate and told her that I had a very exciting story to tell her. She was thrilled, but I told her I couldn’t tell her right now. And then I went to sleep. He didn’t bother saying anything, and we didn’t talk much. In the middle of the night, he woke me up. He was feeling my ass and playing with it. He was rubbing all over my buttocks with his hand. I said it’s ok, just don’t do it now; someone will see us. He offered to go to the washroom with me. I looked everywhere; everyone was asleep, and the only people awake were in the other compartment. So he took me to the other side. I guess some people noticed us going but didn’t bother us much.

He took me in the bathroom and lifted my skirt and pulled down my pants. He saw the pad and said, “See, the bleeding has stopped.” I saw it, and I was happy that it stopped. He asked me, “Are you still wet?” I didn’t answer, and he asked, “Did you enjoy that earlier?” I just nodded, and he pushed his finger into my pussycat. And asked again, “Did you enjoy it, miss?” And I said yes. He took it out and then asked me, “Have I ever taken a Dick in my mouth?” I said never, and he said, “Let’s do it then.” He pushed me down, and I was on my knees. He took his pants off, and his dick was in front of my face. He slapped me with it. I got addicted to that smell. It was a manly smell, the smell of dried cumin. I licked the top of his dick, and he said, “Open your mouth,” and I did. He pushed his dick in my mouth, and I started playing with my tongue in my mouth by licking his dick while he was in my mouth. It was on my bucket list to give a blowout, and I was now doing it. He started to slowly fuck my face, and it was going deeper and deeper with every thrust. He grabbed my hair and pulled it towards himself. He held my head like that for 10 seconds, and I was almost passing out. He cut off my oxygen, and I wasn’t able to breathe; it was making me horny. He did this many times and played with my life. I could have died; he spat in my face, and I licked it like a beautiful slut. I was totally giving my best and did all the nasty things.
He came into my mouth and pushed it deep in my throat. He told me there was no wasting of time. I struggled, but I managed to get the whole thing down my throat. He then made me stand up and take my pants off. He took my pad and made me smell it. I took a deep breath, and it was amazing. My pussyjuice smells so good.

He rubbed it on my face and then threw it in the toilet. He then bent me over. I was in uttanasana, a yoga position. It was good because I was very active in Yaga when I was younger. He pushed his dick in my pussy and started to fuck me, but this time it was way smoother and a lot less painful. The pain felt like pleasure. I was feeling horny. He fucked me for about 25 minutes and then turned me around, took off the condom, and sprayed all the cum on my face, giving me a facial. He pushed all the dirt from my face into my mouth, put on his pants, and left. I quickly put my hand on the lock to close the door, but he held it open. It wasn’t him; it was the man who sat opposite us. He said, “I have seen all of it, and he will not let me go if I don’t open the door.” I opened it, and I saw the man who fucked me twice standing behind him.

He nodded his head and told me to let him in. I was in shock, I was in disbelief, and this wasn’t what I thought would happen. He got in and closed the door. (Let’s call him “man 2”). Man 2 asked me to get completely naked, and when I didn’t do anything, he just grabbed me and did it himself. I struggled at first, but he handled me and got control of me like a bitch. He grabbed my pussy and boobs and started groping me hard. He then kissed me all over my face, spat in my mouth, and took his dick out and placed it on my pussycat. He was a bit girthier than man 1 and had almost the same length. He pushed it and grabbed my neck, and then pushed it again.

I wasn’t able to handle the pain. He kissed me to fumble my screams and fucked me raw. I was on my pills for my periods, but I don’t believe in the pills that much. He fucked me for almost 20 minutes and bit me everywhere. He gave me hickeys all over my body. He gave a huge thrust and landed deep inside my womb. It was my first cream pie, and it felt amazing—the warm semen and the throbbing of his dick—but the pain was unreal. I was crying, sobbing, and having multiple orgasms. I was finished. I wasn’t able to stand. He went out, and I closed the door. It was painful, and I was having orgasms even after he was gone, just by touching my pussy. I wore my skirt and saw that my top was all messed up from the cum of Man 1. My pussy was leaking the cum, but I had to keep it in my pussy. I just wanted to feel the cum and wanted it in me for more time. I wore my top as it is and went out, I washed my face again, and I saw all the hickeys he gave me, in my neck area, my naval, even on my boobs, I just Quitely went on my seat and slept.

My pussy was burning, and my whole body was in pain. I was tired, and I needed sleep. I dozed off to sleep as soon as I put my blanket on myself, and when I worked up, it was already morning, I was in the same position, and I felt my pants were gone. I was in such deep sleep that I didn’t feel my pants being taken off. The cum was leaking out the whole time, and my skirt was wet because of that. No one can see that because of my blanket, but I was able to feel it on my seat. It was making me tense and giving me anxiety. It was embarrassing and making me nervous; everyone was awake and only I was on my seat just laying down, and I knew if I lifted my body, it would be obvious that the cum was there.

The man said, “You want to brush your teeth.” He knew exactly what situation I was in, and then he smirked at the man. I was in anger, I was wet, and I wasn’t able to move my body. I quickly licked myself up and sat directly on the cum. I then managed to style my skirt and make it look good. Then I pushed the blanket under my pussycat. I saw everyone in the eyes, and everyone knew I was wearing a skirt and it would be uncomfortable, so I was morally supported, and everyone looked busy. I quickly pushed my blanket and rubbed it on my seat, so it was all gone. I then kept my legs tight and squeezed. I didn’t want any cum to leak now. I saw my skirt was all wet, so I pushed it under my butt and sat down.

It was impossible for me, but I managed to do it. Man 2 was staring, and Man 1 was also doing the same. It was stressful. I received a call from my dad, and I told him it was just a couple of hours and I would be there. They both overheard it. The passenger on the same seat as me sat on both my sides, and I was in the middle. I took my bag out, put my blanket in it, and grabbed my brush, then ran to the toilet. I didn’t give a fuck what people thought about my wet skirt and just went without any hesitation. I put some water on my brush and then locked myself in the bathroom. I checked myself and noticed that I was still having a lot of cum in my pussies. I knew and felt like I had been fucked once again after I slept.

I guess that would be man 1. I was so horny that I just put my hand on my pussy and pushed the cum, then ate it like a slut. I loved it, and I masturbated for some time until I got an orgasm. It took me 30 minutes, but it was worth it. I washed my face and then went to my seat. I was having dried cum in my top as well from the night; it was keeping me wet.

After that, I just sat on my seat and didn’t talk to anyone; everyone stared at me a lot, and I felt like I was being watched. I reached my station and got off the train as soon as possible. Man 1 said bye, and I didn’t reply. My dad helped me out, and we went home. He didn’t ask me anything, and I felt good because I wasn’t that messy. I told him I had the best journey and I enjoyed the train ride because of the views and all, but only I knew what view I had all the time.

After I reached home, I clicked some pictures to send to my flatmate; she was also coming to the wedding, but directly on the wedding day. I had to be early as I was with direct family members. When I opened my gallery, I saw some pictures. It was from the train. It had pictures of me when I was sleeping. Man 1 lifted my blanket and fucked my pussy slowly and gently, and I was moaning softly. I thought I had a wet dream, but it was real. He fucked me, and there were some close-up pictures of him getting me creampied. Then man 2 took place and took my pants off fully; he kept them in his pocket and then fucked me; I saw the timeline of the pictures and it was about 30 minutes later that he creampied me and the cum was so much that it started leaking. He then pushed the cum as much as he could in my pussy and then pushed his finger in my mouth. I was so sleepy that I didn’t even notice this.

I was scared that they would have pictures of me. I got a text from man 1 as he had my number, and he told me that they only took pictures in my phone and respected my privacy. He knew my real name wasn’t the one I told him. But he doesn’t mind it.
I don’t know if they have it or not, but I didn’t find it on the internet.

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