Me and My girlfirend’s Sexual encounter with stranger Swiggy Boy

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Hello, Sex4stories readers, this story is about me and my girl friend Veena(Cousin) having sex with strangers. As this is our first story please forgive for mistakes. without delay i directly entering to story. me myself Kannan 25 years old male working in private bank. my girl friend is 24 yrs with perfect shape with the height of 5.2″ her breast size is 34″with dusky color. she after completing her MA searching for Jobs. In the next story i will tell how i seduced her and changed her t slut. This story is about after a love of six years we decided to encounter a practical sex with strangers. We used to study lots of  stories and watch porn together this made us to try this in our real life.

This story happened six month back. As i am working in Private bank in chennai, i took an individual home in Ramapuram at chennai. Because of sexual encounter plan, i ask her to come to chennai whereas she was residing in our native at vellore. She reached my home in Friday evening. After her arrival we went out for diner and came home and had violent sex. After the sex we started to discus about who will be our stranger and discussed different possibilities. And finally decided it with Swiggy delivery boy. By late midnight we ordered food from a restaurant which is very far from my home., so that Swiggy man will be little tired due journey and lack of sleep.

Before his arrival, i asked my girl friend Veena to be dressed with only short Slip and Short boxer. I was sitting in hall with bacardi in hand, if a delivery boy comes i may act like boozing. This is our set up for our first sexual encounter with stranger. We are waiting for his arrival. Veena was wearing only short white slip and Short boxer. nipple erection and clevage is clearly visible which will turn anyone ON that night. Luckily before his arrival we had a heavy rain. After reaching our place he called us for exact location of our home. Veena attented the call and said it is in first floor in horny voice. The Swiggy man named Arun( name changed) rang the calling bell. Veena opened the door and invited him for giving money. Arun was shocked to see Veena in that condiction and he hesitated to come in. I gave voice from hall like please do come in. by hearing my voice he come. Arun was fully drenched in rain, i asked Veena to give a towel to him.

He came in and stand near the sofa, i asked him to sit, he hesitated to sit becuase of his wet dress. In the mean time veena gave him a towel and sat near to me. Arun eyes doesnt move away from her clevage till i asked him a question. i asked him about his home and personal detail. he said his home is in pallikarani, this is his last delivery like that. i asked in rain how will you go such a long distance. Arun said, he will go in rain. i scolded him it is not safe and said sit for a while and go after rain or early morning. Arun hesitated, I asked Veena to give him change of dress and take him to my room to change his dress which is completely wet. Arun said no and didn’t move. Veena immediately go near to him, bended near to his face and hold his hands and ask him to come. arun was shocked becuase in that position all her breast was clearly visible and he went with her to room.

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