Indian son seduces his sleeping mother

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Indian son seduces his sleeping mother, Whenever I got chance I tried my best to get the glimpses of woman breast. My best options was my mother Radha, my older sister Nina, she was two year older than me my mother old fashioned village lady who knows nothing about fashion. Most of the time when she is doing house hold work her saree or her kurta and mostly she unbuttoned the top two or three buttons on it, or whatever she dressed can not cover her big boobs and her cleavage is always a joy for me and I had no problem to look at her boobs even at nipples too, which are dark brown and always seems to me erect.

She mostly wear lungi or dhooti open on one side, a casual or normal dress for her and I always tried to get the glimpses of my mother’s cunt or bushes of her vaginal hair, and I got succeeded couple of times too but most often I had no problem to stare her beautifully shaped inner thighs. Her tight ass is a bit big but very sexy and I often had views of her ass line when her dhooti got stuck in it. My mother love me too much because I am the only son and younger kid in the house. My two older sisters got married very young. Because My father always stay out of town my mother always wants me to sleep in her room. She have a old style large and huge double bed in her bedroom and she always treat me like a small kid My innocent mother knew nothing about my ambitions, my desires, my lust, my plans. In her eyes I was a small innocent kid.

After getting a lot of glimpses of private parts all the time I had different ideas in my mind. Now I want to use my hands to feel her body mostly her boobs and cunt and ass. As I told she like to hug me I always try to touch my fingers on her ass and boobs but very carefully not want to let her to get any clue about it. most of the time I left my hand rest on her chootar (ass) when I talking to her on bed and try to squeeze a little bit innocently, try to rub her back and touches her breast and she hug me I always feel her nipples on my chest.

One night I was very horny and mom just came to the room after working her ass off whole day in house chores, she was looking very tired, as I can say it just by looking her face, she was wearing a black kurta and her same multicolor lungi and sat on the bed and complained me about her aches all over the body mostly the legs and also told me she was missing my father too. As a obidient son I offer her to rub her feet to comfort her and to get rid of that pain I brought milk and dissolved three sleeping pills in it, she accepted and lay down on the bed on her back.

I sat down on the edge of the bed and took one of her feet into my hands. As I kneaded and massaged it, my mom sighed and relaxed even more. Now at this time if I lowered my head a little I could see up her lungi. It was already pulled up to above her knees, and was open from the side I could easy look up her waist from the side and if I lifted her feet while rubbing them, I might be able to get the lungi even higher. Then all I would have to do is take a peek. My mother must have been really relaxed, because she lifted the leg I wasn’t working on and bent it at the knee.

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