In the family – Part 1

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I and Kavita had been married for almost 3 years when this all started. During the initial stage of our marriage things were really good. Kavita came from a very conservative family hence she was a virgin. I took her virginity on our honeymoon and Kavita was very satisfied with me because she had nothing to compare me with. I was 24 when we got married and Kavita was 21 years old.

Ever since college I had a weird fantasy of seeing women get fucked infront of me. I say weird because it is not very common in India. I didn’t had any luck with girls in college because of my looks and nerdy behaviour. In college time i somehow saw my mom getting pounded by my senior(that’s another story). So after completing my college and getting a government job I jumped at the opportunity to marry Kavita. I couldn’t complain when my mom choose Kavita for me. She was everything that I dreamed for.

We had sex at regular interval and she kept me very satisfied. Kavita wasn’t very comfortable with oral sex but after I requested her, she would reluctantly suck my dick but she wouldn’t let me cum in her mouth or on her face. About a year ago(1 and half years after our marriage) while we were making love I told her about this fantasy of mine. At first she was taken aback and felt very awkward and disgusted. But i kept saying this to her for over a period of six months and now that awkwardness had fazed out.

Kavita agreed to think about it while we had sex only because that turned me on. She had made it very clear to me that she would never sleep with anyone else. Kavita would often get turned on when I pretended to be a South Indian guy because she told me that in her college times she liked a south Indian senior.

I made it clear to Kavita that I was more interested in watching her have sex with someone else rather than me experimenting with some new girl. She, however, was unsure of even considering the idea. Her primary concerns were our family prestige and our relationship. I didn’t know how to convince her but tried on every possible opportunity.

Finally after six more months when even Kavita was leaning towards my fantasy then i came up with a idea. I told Kavita that lets go somewhere for a vacation and there she can fulfill my fantasy. No kne would even know us there and it would only be a one time thing. Kavita rejected at first but it took me another 2 months to finally convince her. So after 2 years and 9 months of our marriage and almost 1 and half years of convincing Kavita, she hesitantly agreed to fulfill my fantasy. But even now she was unsure. I assured her that I would not force her.

Kavita was very reluctant about this idea but i assured her that there was nothing wrong in this and she was doing this only because she loved me and no one would ever come to know about it.

Me and my wife kavita were settled in New Delhi. We decided to go to Mumbai for a 3 day vacation. We reached Mumbai, every guy i saw on the way I could only picture my wife with him. I even told Kavita that many men are staring at her but she would just nervously smile and let it go.

First day passed and there was no progress, even second day passed just like that but even that day, nothing happened. We fucked on the first night in Mumbai but on the second night i was very upset with Kavita. The next day we had to board the train back to Delhi in evening. We didn’t talk much that day and I realised that my fantasy would always be a fantasy only.

Next day me and Kavita didn’t talk much. We stayed in the hotel till afternoon and after lunch we headed to railway station to head back to Delhi. Kavita could clearly see that i was upset and frustrated, even she remained quiet and didn’t say anything. We boarded the train, it was rajdhani express from Mumbai to Delhi. Ours seat was in a first class lockable compartment. There were 4 seats, 2 were occupied by me and Kavita and other two were empty.

The train was about to leave the station when a guy probably in his 40’s entered our compartment. He was probably 6’ tall and had a big moustache above his lips and a very clean face. He looked at my beautiful wife, Kavita didn’t notice him, she was searching something in her purse. Now to tell u about Kavita, she was 23 years old then, she stood 5’4” tall. Kavita had a decent 34 sized boobs but her ass was the attraction point. Kavita wore a comfortable patiala salwar below with a front slit kurti on top. Kavita’s kurti had buttons on front and if she pulled her hand up, her navel could be clearly seen.

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