The college sluts -2

Hi im Radha! This is the continuation of The college Sluts.

Thank you for your responses for the previous part. I hope you guys enjoy my stories.


There was alot of questions and demands about my sizes, I would like to describe myself: I have thick black straight hair, wheatish skin tone curvy neck, round and firm boob of size 35 and curvy waist of 29 and the ass you’d die to watch while I walk is of size 39. My thighs juggle and Thin long legs with height of 5’5.

Coming back to the story.. I went back home and had a good hot shower. I massaged my body with lotion preparing for the next day and just then Seema called me, and said you have 2 clients tomorrow, I’ll further tell you the details when you reach college in the morning.

I instantly agreed and asked if my pay would be 10-12k and she evily laughed and said .. Chinal tu apni awkad mein harna.. dhandha mera hai.. and disconnected the call.

Next day morning I had shower and got dressed I wore a floral frock with back deep open and I did not wear any inners. I wore a tempting perfume and started for college and called seema as soon as I reached.
She asked me to come to the 2nd floor girls washroom. I went as she asked me and was calling out her name .. seema !! Seemaa !

She walked out of a bathroom and walked fast towards me and pinched my left nipple from over my dress and I almost screamed. She instantly took advantage of my weakness and slid her hand under my frock and forcefully slid her finger into my pussy with her nails leaving scratches on my thigh. I screamed again..
And she said .. ye awkad hai teri samji.? And I shook my head immediately.

She pushed me on the floor and lifted her dress and pushed my face to her pussy and I instantly started licking her.. she said aur zoor se and I went faster .. she moved her ass to my face I spread her round firm sexy ass cheeks and licked her asshole. She enjoyed every bit of it .. she smelled very bad but I did it so that I can have my clients I understood that she wanted me to be in her control and I gave in as she wanted.

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She then moved her ass from my face and quickly picked me from the floor. I stood up she now gave me her lipstick and said go do your work now. And don’t dare to take my business from me and remember you work for me. If I know you go asking for more money ni more clients n no more sex.

I applied the lipstick she gave it was bright red made me look more cheap. But I loved the slutty look on my face.

She gave me the contact of both the clients and my duty was to satisfy them.

I walked out of the washroom feeling horny slutty and cheap as the girl I am. I was confident that now I am working for her .. I was a whore officially and now I can have sex and attention along with money. Boys and dick would be my game now. In the same excitment I called the first client and asked him the time I need to come. The same with the second client.

After a moment of thought I called both and added them on conference.
I said.. you are both promised with 2 hours each.. but if you both can come to the same place and time you’ll can have me for 4 hours, choice is yours.

They both thought for a bit and they agreed happily. I laughed and said I would soon reach.

I reached the hotel, it was oyo and they had managed the owners for 3 entry and I went to the room by then Gopal my 1st client was already there.

I entered and greeted him. He gave me the most lustiest hungry look. He was middle aged man with a cigarette in his hand. He was sitting on a chair and I walked up to him put my bag down and leaned to him and he din touch my face but directly went to my boob and pressed them. And gave a peep into my dress. I did not stop him but enjoyed the feeling.

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He pulled me closer with my boob in his hand and I eventually sat on him. And let him enjoy touching and seeing my body. He slid his hand on my thighs and I stopped him and said paise ?
He laughed and said phele tho satisfy my lust, phir dekhte hai and removed a bundle of 2000 notes and kept on the table. My eyes glittered and he noticed.

He removed one two thousand note and kept it on the floor beside his feet and saw me and said take it. I bend down he pushed me from his lap and I sat on the floor.
I looked at him and he said take it with your mouth then you deserve it. I instantly put my hands behind my back and put my head on his feet and licked the ground and took that note in my mouth and looked at him like a cute dog. He rubbed my head and the removed another note from the bundle and kept it on the doormat and I quickly ran to fetch it. He enjoyed my excitement and cravings for money and humility.

Just while he was humiliating me mentally, the door opened again and there entered stood a tall man with broad shoulders and thin fingers named kishore. He gave me a evil laughter with a dirty look. I was on all fours he reached out to my ass and lifted my frock and exposed my dripping cunt.

He touched my pussy lips gently enough to give me shivers and made his fingers wet with my dripping juices. He moved his fingers to my lips and rubbed them on my lips I licked like a greedy dog. He enjoyed it.

All I was there was to satisfy those dicks and that’s all I could think of. Not my self respect . Ego or my self esteem. I was there to degrade myself to give their male ego a stand. I was encouraging their manhood. I stood there for them to take over me with lust and show the power they have, their might dicks, that deserve to be smelled, licked loved and worshipped.

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Just while I was preparing for all this, gopal and Kishore introduced each other and they smiled evily that they would enjoy me equally. I did not mind but felt happy and excited.

Gopal lit another cigarette and tipped kishore, this bitch is slutty but loves money. Play her. And I felt embarrassed and my cheeks turned red I was still on my fours with a two thousand rupee note in my mouth.

Kishore laughed and said paisa fek thamasha dekh and hi5ed gopal.

Kishore walked to me and said utt jau . I stood up he said start strip teasing both of us and make us hard and horny.

I quickly prepared myself as it was my fantasy and I would love to dance and show my body and let men crave for me !

I turned my ass towards them and bent to the floor exposing my pussy and asshole and twerking. I kept touching my ass and shaking it made it look sexy from their view I could already sense they were horny.

I turned to them and started kissing my own shoulder then slid down my left strap and cupped my boobs with my dresss, did not want to show them just yet.

I did the same on right, now I was holding my boobs with each hand I slowly loosened my grip my dress was revealing my boobs little by little the streach marks the tender skin, the juicy flesh, then they see the dark nipple and instantly cup my breasts again.

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