I fucked one Lady school teacher -2

The very dirty smell was going into my nose. I put a handkerchief on my nose. Then he too came inside. He locked the door from inside. There was a commode toilet sheet inside. He said to me to put my hands on the commode sheet and bend down. I knew his intention. But I was too hungry.

I fucked one Lady school teacher -1

And my pussy was thirsty for 5 years. I didn’t wish to miss the opportunity this time. So I inhale the all dirty smell and put my hands on commode shit and bend down like a bitch. He uplifted my sari and my petticoat and drag down my panty.

I removed my panty from my legs and throw it on the liquid latrine and started laughing. I was bottomless in front of the strong fat man. He caressed my ass chicks. I felt his rough hands on my bottoms. I felt shy. I was remembering my last sex with my husband.

But at the next moment, I felt a big slap on my right buttock which vas started vibrating by the mighty blow. By this slap, I felt I was in heaven. Next time he inserted his thumb into my shithole.

I said loudly, “No!” But he didn’t stop playing with my ass.
Then after fingering my asshole he removed the zip of his pants and put his long and strong penis on my shithole. I immediately turn back and requested him not to do that as it’s dry. It would be painful. I entered his penis into my vagina. But he held my buttocks with both hands
and put his penis on my shithole.

He gave me a strong push from behind. His forehead was entered I was dancing in pain and screaming. He stopped for a while. I felt relaxed. On the next moment, he gave 4-5 strong shots into my asshole. I felt like my asshole had been torn. I was crying like a baby.

But he again gave me 5-6 strong strokes from behind. I was dancing in pain. Now his whole penis was in my asshole. I was screaming loudly. I thought he would break me into two halves. After fucking my ass for 15 minutes he removed the penis. I took a breath of relaxation.

But he was not in the mood to stop the work today. He attacked on my vagina and in one stroke he entered fully into my vagina. He gave huge 5-6 strokes in the vagina. He was pounding my body. Now I was in heaven. Pains stopped and enjoyment began. I was giving him responses by shaking my ass globes.

And shouting loudly, “Fuck me hard, tear my vagina, fuck, I am your fucking bitch.” And he also is giving me strong shots from behind. He was fucking me like a dog. And I was being fucked like a bitch in the dirty toilet. After that, he stopped fucking and took a sigh.

I was also taking long breaths. And I sat on the toilet seat in nude bottoms and looked toward him. He held my mouth in his arms and kissed me like mad. His ugly beard was touching me hard. Then he squeezed my boobs by his hands hard. He tore my blouse and started squeezing

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