Hyderabad boy fun in Maharashtra – part I

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My self Abhi (Name changed) age 28 years, height 5.11 Inch fair look from Hyderabad. I Am narrating my real experience which is happened in the year 2019. Before this incident, I don’t have any sexual experience and even I don’t know how to talk with ladies also. After that incident, I know what is pussy, boobs, navel, penis size, orgasm, etc. Please read the story completely you will definitely enjoy it. But it is too lengthy.

So, I don’t waste your time directly coming to the story. Am basically a metallurgist. In 2019 I got a job opportunity in one of the steel plants in Maharashtra. The company which is having quarters, school, guest house. After I joined the company, they were given temporary accommodation in a guest house for 1 month, Meanwhile, the same room allotted to another person his name Srivastav (Name changed) and he belongs from Bihar and he comes here for 15 days for shutdown work. After one week passed, we became good friends and later he introduced one of his relatives to me.


His name is (Shakti Singh) he is also worked in our company as a security guard. And days passed we became good friends and sometimes shakti Singh meets me inside the plant also.

After 20 days my room met (Srivastav) completed his shut down work and he went to another site. After one week the company allotted me a flat in company qtrs. .it is just beside 2 KM distance from the company (Plant). The quatres entrance only school is there and the school is attached along with the company qtrs. After I shifted from guest house to qtrs. I go daily office by walk only sometimes I will get a lift and most of the time I go walking only and the school timings and my office timings are the same in the morning. After 2 months passed.

One day, as usual, I got ready for the office and I started walking from my flat to go the office when I reached the entrance gate of the school one lady (Diksha Kumari @ heroine of the story) is parking the Scotty(Activa) along with his colleague in front of the school and he is starring me inside from his helmet. And am also seen into her eyes and she removes her helmet from her head and am shocked to see the beauty of her she is very fair and white color silky hair and good height and personality. And we both starring each other with widening eyes. while seeing am passed from her and I went for company and started my work. During work am thinking about her and I can’t concentrate on my work the whole day. I came to my flat early in the evening and taken shower and freshen up and started thinking about her and also tomorrow’s plan to see her again that night I slept late and i woke up early in the morning and freshen up and starting walking from my flat and my heartbeat was increasing slowly while coming to the school entrance am waiting for her but my bad luck she not came and also, I checked her Scotty in the parking lot whether she will come or not. To my bad luck, the vehicle is not there and then I went to my office very disappointed. And the next day also same seen repeated. simply 4 days completed on 5th day (Saturday) I was crossing the school and searched for her and she is not there and I continuing the walking towards the office.

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