How a mature policeman seduced me!

Hello everyone! I am a regular story reader and I enjoy this site quite a lot. To tell you guys about me – I am Vishal (obviously name changed). I am a regular 23 YO Indian boy living in Mumbai. I am 5.5ft in height and have an average to athletic body type. Most of the people I’ve met are absolutely in love with my 7.5-inch dick and my boobs. I have also got compliments for my ass since it is very much in shape- round & just the right amount of jiggle which tempts many people to fuck it. But I don’t allow anyone to go any further than rimming it. Speaking of my likings- I am in love with mature men. I always love to get sucked and love to fuck a mature man. I have a fetish for shiny clothes and considering Indian men- many people wear shirts that have a shine to them/ also many people wear those shark silver color formal trousers – and oh boy! I can’t get my eyes off such an ass!

Coming to the story, I was about 19 years old then. It was a regular evening. I along with one of my female friend was at a Xerox shop taking prints for our upcoming college assignment. I was more than contented since the project got over relatively early and the rest of the evening was free where I could just relax and probably sleep early after having my dinner. So the shop was crowded. People were pushing each other around in order to give their documents for printing earlier. Amidst the entire chaos, my friend managed to reach the counter since she was a girl- so nobody pushed her around & I was standing right behind her together guiding the print shop guy with the documents.
That was the time when I suddenly felt someone brushing their hand over my ass. My tight jeans were enough to make anyone horny for my ass. Anyways that moment I didn’t pay much attention to this fact thinking someone must have mistakenly brushed it considering the number of people present there. Yet again, I felt someone brushing their hand against my ass- this time I knew it was done deliberately and I also encouraged them by pushing my ass strongly towards that hand. I was very keen on looking who is behind me? And is he hot? Most importantly is he mature? That’s when the print shop guy declared that our print job was done and my friend took the document and it was time to leave. I was relatively sad; since the fun didn’t last long and that I had no means of contacting this person.


Dealing with the situation I then turned around to see the face of the guy. Oh my! I exclaimed to myself- what a catch! He was a man in his 50s- dark, around the same height as me, probably a little short with a prominent mustache and patches of grey hair all over his head and mustache. He was the perfect man to be termed as a salt-pepper daddy. He was wearing a full hand white formal shirt and wore a shark silver trouser with shine. I instantly played around with my tongue signaling him that I am into him. But little could we both do since I was with my friend and he was there with his daughter. Sadly I along with my friend was walking slowly towards our parked scooter in the hopes that some magic would happen. I then sat on my scooter pretending to talk with my friend about tomorrow just to kill time that’s when the guy started walking towards us. To my surprise, he had parked his bike right next to our scooter. He bluffed that he was there to work around with his bike and in a spilt second he threw a piece of paper near the leg rest of my scooter. I at once grabbed it escaping the eyes of my friend. My excitement level was now at the peak and the sheer thrill of these events made me horny and almost made my cock visible through my jeans. I pretended to rest my right arm on my thigh of which he took the hint and passed through the middle of the bikes by brushing his ass completely on my hand. Oh lord! If only I was alone I would have pressed his ass and sniffed my hand. His shiny trousers perfectly gave away the shape of his ass which was making me more and more excited.

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Later we rode off the area and reached my friend’s place where we finally scanned through the document ensuring everything is ready for tomorrow. This took us a while although I was trying to complete it fast in order to meet that naughty uncle. However, as fate would have it- it took us 2 hours to finally be done with our work after which I started from her place. This entire time I didn’t open the paper chit which he threw at me since I was with my friend. But the moment I started from her house, I could not resist and opened the chit in the lift. It was a 10 digit number and I was glad that uncle used the moment properly.

I cannot explain the level of excitement that I had while dialing that number. But with my dick literally protruding out of my pants- I dialed him. The ringing stopped and the man on the other side said – Hello? – Oh boy! I was on cloud 9. He had a very manly voice the kind which could be of an army officer. I reciprocated by greeting Hello and proceeded to say that I was the same guy who met him at the shop. The man immediately hung up where I thought that I got bluffed. I sadly started walking along the parking lot towards my scooter when- Ping! I had a new Whatsapp message. The message read- Can’t talk now at home, but can you meet me at 1030pm? I was dancing in my mind and readily replied – Yes! I thought I could tell my parents that there is some issue with the presentation hence I again have to go to my friend’s place! We swiftly decided on the place and we were all set! I requested him if he could again wear those shiny tight formal trousers which he wore in the evening, I told him that I have a fetish for shiny clothes to which he readily agreed and asked me to come in my jeans with which I didn’t have any problem.
It was now nearing 1030 and we decided to meet at a popular lake adjoining a ground in my city. The ground had poor lighting and was very big which would make anyone invisible if they were at a certain distance. It was now 1032 and my mind was already racing with thoughts. That’s when I saw someone walking alongside the park. Since it was dark I could not properly make out who it was. Upon coming closer, I figured out that it was the same man- the man of my dreams or should I say Wet dreams?! I noticed that he was wearing the same trousers- yes the tight shiny ones! But to my surprise considering my fetishes he also wore a nylon t-shirt which was again very arousing. We greeted each other with a warm hug feeling each other’s bodies. I noticed he has a cute paunch and had well-structured man-boobs. I was already imagining the wonderful sex in my head. We then proceeded to a relatively dark corner of the ground which entertained fewer visitors. During our mini-walk, we already discussed our likes and a little background. He was indeed a 58-year-old policeman and loved gay sex. I was delighted and a bit worried at the same time while hooking up with a policeman. But later after him assuring me of no problem- I got very comfortable with him.

We reached the corner and he slid his hand through my t-shirt and placed it on my bare waist. The winter winds were doing their magic and a soothing chill passed through my entire body. He complimented my looks and pulled me a little closer. With his other hand, he brushed my cheek and slid in down through my neck and then we melted in a very deep kiss. The wetness of his mouth, the eventual brushing of his mustache, and his tongue play! I was an instant fan of it all. We continued to deep kiss for the next 7-8 minutes completely forgetting the fact that we are at a public ground. I held his waist and pulled him closer to me and he was caressing my hair and we were melting in each other’s arms. He suddenly broke the kiss and continued to kiss my neck and shoulder area. There were multiple chills passing down my body since the wetness of his kiss was mixing with the blow of cold air. I clutched his back strongly and he continued his act with more passion. I could not take it anymore and I held his face in my hands and again broke into a wild passionate kiss. I moved a little low to compliment his nipples which were now very much erect and visible in that nylon tee which he was wearing. I wet his nipple area from over the t-shirt and gently bit it which drove him passionately. I then pulled up his tucked tee and his chest and stomach were visible to me. A good amount of hair on his chest which instantly turned me on and I dug my face in his chest and started circling my tongue around his nipples. Meanwhile, my hand was mildly pinching the other nipple generously. After feasting on the other nipple I stood up and pinched and played with both his nipples and kissed him hard.

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