Hot Night in the Kitchen with Sister

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Hot Night in the Kitchen with Sister, incest stories brother and sister.. Aaron bounded up the stairs of the aged apartment building, taking the steps two at a time. His sister Emma lived on the third floor. It was Aaron’s birthday, and Emma had invited her big brother over for dinner. He didn’t want to be late.

They hadn’t seen each other in months. Aaron and Emma lived an hour’s drive from each other, but their busy schedules made it difficult for them to get together. Aaron was a recent graduate of medical school, sometimes pulling 20-hour shifts as an intern at a nearby hospital. Emma did double duty as a cooking school student by day and sous chef at a popular French restaurant by night.

Aaron arrived at Emma’s door and paused before knocking. He was nervous, and he was not sure why. Maybe it was because he had not seen her in a while. Maybe it was because of his sister’s personality, so different from his: light, vivacious, and always sparkly, with a taste for mischief. Or, maybe it was because of what happened on the mountain four years earlier.

He had no more time to think about it because the door flew open. Emma stood in front of Aaron, inside the door, and he had to check himself to avoid gasping.

Aaron knew his sister was pretty. His friends often reminded him of it, despite their being four years older than she was. In high school it always seemed a little creepy to Aaron that his friends snuck glances at his middle school-aged sister, even if she was undeniably cute. Aaron had long since reconciled himself to the fact that, while he was a good-looking guy, his kid sister was in another league of attractiveness. Everywhere she went, she drew admirers, even among his friends.

Emma never looked better than she did standing in the doorway to greet Aaron on his 26th birthday.

The toothy, eager smile and wide-open shining eyes always attracted his attention first. It was gratifying, Aaron thought, to see his sister so enthusiastic to see him. Emma’s straight hair was cut in a wedge that stopped above her shoulders. She’d kept it that way ever since becoming a chef. It was practical but stylish. Aaron tried, but he couldn’t help sweeping his eyes quickly over his sister’s body. A white tank top with a deep scoop neck hugged her torso, showing off the cleavage of breasts raised high and pressed together by a push-up bra. A thin band of skin showed under the bottom hem of the tank top, and beneath that band no more than 12 inches of tan miniskirt obscured the hips and waist that gave way below to long, shapely legs atop sandals with four-inch heels. Her fingernails and toenails were painted a matching shade of pink.

Emma was one of those girls who looked sexy and glamorous, in a girl-next-door way, without trying too hard. But Aaron thought she looked more glamorous than normal. He was no expert on cosmetics, but it looked like she was wearing more makeup than he had seen her wear before.

“Aaron!” she called, throwing her arms out.

Before he could think what to say she wrapped her arms around him and gave him a tight hug.

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