Mom’s punishment late night sex

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We both brother as well as sister have been caught while enjoying fuck and my mom have shown her anger to Swati have took a nice bath after a brief session of sex with cousin Yogesh,I put a night wear on my body without having a cover on it,no brassiere as well as panty for sexual organs.I slept on bed as my body is too exhausted after a day long classes and than a nice evening with my cousin.while lying on bed,I am thinking about our sexual session as my eyes have caught his long penis in it and what my mom will do after she caught us on bed in a compromising it’s 08:55 pm,mom shouted…….

“have your meals swati, brothers are waiting for you.”


And I walked to dining space as I sit on opposite chair to my cousin and mom served us meals as my eyes are going on Yogesh,he is busy in talking with my elder as my meals finished,I washed my hands and frisked inside room,putting door closed as I switched off the bulb and than red night bulb is making dim thinking about yogesh’s penis,I slept and it took no time as I slept body have been squished as Yogesh have penetrated my soft vagina with his hard tool for 12-15 minutes and as a satisfied gal,I slept.I am sleeping on bed as some sounds disrupted it and as I opened my eyes ,I can see mom with cousin sitting on my bed’s feeling bit shy ,I woke up and smiled,than mom………

“Swati,sleep baby,we will not disturb you
(Swati)oh mom! But you both are here
(Yogesh)yes aunty needs a nice fuck.”

And I frisked in washroom to urinate as I took refreshment,while I came back,I can see my horny mom sitting on yogesh’s lap as her legs are wrapped on his waist,she have put her arms on his shoulders,now both are kissing eachother as I sits on mom’s back and started rubbing her back as her boobs are pressing hard on his wider I unzipped her gawn’s back lock as it opened in parts but she have hold her nephew tightly,as her lips are on his mouth ,he is sucking aunt’s lips and I put my palm on her soft back ,rubbing it as my mom took out her lips,he opened his mouth and Urwashi put her long tongue in his mouth but she have removed her gawn Urwashi,a 39-40 years lady with beautiful face,lovely big tits with height of 5’5 feet and figure of 36-28-36 is getting sucked her tongue as I started kissing my mom’s back and she is sounding sexy

“uuhh aahh uumm” as Yogesh is sucking her tongue hard,I am kissing my mom’s soft back ,she is in a full panty only as she pushed his head back,her head is on his Yogesh,a smart guy of 27-28 years with fair complexion,height of 6’0 feet pushed my mom on bed as she fells on it,sleeping with her legs crossed and Yogesh is sitting near my mom’s face as he pulled down his his long thick cock with semi erection is nude as he hold it and started rubbing it’s soft glans on my mom’s rossy I put a pillow under my mom’s big buttocks and widend her legs,pulled down her panty as her vagina is glittering in red night bulb,it’s hair less as labias are well distracted and Yogesh now hold my mom’s hairs as she opened her mouth,swallows his cock in mouth and started sucking I put my face on my mom’s vagina as I smelt it hard,kisses are making him horny as she is getting mouth fuck with my cousin’s doubt ,I am bold to widend my mom’s vaginal hole as I put my tongue and started licking it fastly,it tastes drier as natural smell is coming out of a matured indian women ,she is sucking her nephew’s cock as he is fucking her mouth while holding her hairs and my tongue is licking her glory hole .now feeling too horny,I started fingering my mom’s cunt as I put my hand on my gawn and removed it in hurry.

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Urwashi took out my cousin’s wet penis as she is licking it wildely and my tongue is rolling in her vagina and her sexy voice”oohh aahh uumm fuck me” is making us hot and mom than sucked my cousin’s cock for a while as she knelt on bed,like a bitch with her legs spread and Yogesh sits on her back,now he hold his cock as it’s 08-09 inches long and 2 inches thick,pushed hard it’s glans in her vagina and hold her waist,now he fucked hard as she screamed

“oohh aahh your cock is hard fuck me fuck aahh” and her vagina have swallowed it’s penis as looking at them,I slept on bed and put my long finger in vagina ,while fingering my cunt,I am looking after my mom’s fuck .as Yogesh is fucking her cunt with speed and power ,his hand have hold her saggy boobs to massage and Urwashi started moving her ass fast as Yogesh is enjoying my mom’s cunt and he is screaming in pleasure”oohh aahh it’s great to fuck my aunty,never thought of it,move your sexy ass fast” as my mom is swinging her big bum fast,his cock is running smoothly inside her cunt .now as I am fingering my cunt fastly,my hand is pressing my breast hard,feeling too horny,mom started shouting”oohh aahh I will cum soon my dear ,fuck me hard” and as he hits 12-13 hard fuck,her vagina cummed and Yogesh took out his cock as he put his tongue in her vagina,licking it fastly while pressing her breast.I am feeling hot as I am thinking about yogesh’s cock in my mouth or vagina but don’t want to disrupt my mom’s fucking session .now my mom walked to washroom as I am sleeping on bed ,looking at my cousin’s cock ,he smiled and than moved to I halted my fingering as he put his cock in my vagina,it’s dry as well as he hold my waist and fucked hard as tears came out of my eyes and I shouted”oohh Yogesh ,don’t tear your sister’s vagina” but he is fucking me hard as his hand have hold my waist,putting my ass above bed and making sexual organs straight,as his cock is moving fast in my vagina,my horny cunt is going to cum soon and as he hits my vagina frequently,I screamed”oohh aahh it’s cumming” and my vagina poured cum as my mom slept on bed ,she said……..

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“Yogesh now leave her cunt and fuck me dear
(Yogesh)sure let me taste her vaginal cum only .”

And he put his tongue as he licked my vagina for a I am satisfied with my cunt becoming wet as I got a fuck in the evening,now my mom is lying as Yogesh sits in between her strong thighs,she is going to enjoy fuck in missionary while holding his cock ,he pushed it in wider cunt and than fucked hard as she smiled ,Yogesh is pounding her vagina with he slept on my mom’s top as he is fucking my mom from top and my mom hold his waist,now started moving her ass up and down.I can see my mom’s energetic act as she is enjoying penis in her cunt while bouncing her big bum,later on my mom started begging for cum”oohh aahh it’s hot pour your cum soon” and Yogesh fucked her for a while as he ejaculated sperms in my mom’s vagina and she sucked it to taste it’s cum,so I did .our sexual activities have ended.

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