Expect the Unexpected-2

Please read the previous part here (Expect the Unexpected-1 ). Now let’s continue

Bunty asked “what for”, she said “for the great treat”. He replied “on the other hand, I should thank you”. Nina asked “what for”? He said “for giving me wonderful company”.

She asked “are you happy”? He said “yes, I am delighted to escort such a charming lady as you”. She asked “are you sure? Did you not feel bored being with an old woman like me”?

He shot back saying “who says you are old. You are as charming as anyone could hope for”. She said “I am flattered. Tell me why did you insist on me buying the pink sari”?

He said “I felt it would look very good on you. Why, you didn’t like it”? She said “yes it is lovely but I felt it is very thin it may show . . . . ” she did not complete the sentence.

He understood what she wanted to say, he said “No, it is not that transparent. You should see some of the saris Rupa wears, I don’t know what you will say after that”.

She said “Ah, yes, today I peeped into her wardrobe. She has a fantastic collection”. He said “You are welcome to use any of her saris”. She asked smilingly “wouldn’t you mind”?

He said “No, not at all, feel free to use anything”. She replied “do you know? I have already used one of her garments”. Right as she finished talking, she instinctively felt that she should not have said it.

Bunty looked at her and asked “Is it, I don’t see anything. What have you taken”. Nina felt now she was cornered and she had to answer him she said “I used one of her brassiere”.

He asked “Which one? Because I am the one who usually selects what to wear for her”. Nina blushed saying “the skin colored one”. He said “she has many skin colored ones, can I see it”?

Hearing those words Nina felt a hot surge rush up her spine. The last time she felt the same was on her honeymoon night. She said “well if you want to see I can show it to you but first you have to promise me one thing”.

Bunty anxiously asked “What”? She said “That you would consider me like a friend and not like a mother anymore”. He replied very sternly “Have I not treated you like a friend? Did we not resolve this long ago”?

She said “Yes, but still I need some assurance”. He boldly replied “You have it, except that I still call you mom”. Nina shot back “no Bunty, you will call me Nina only from now on. You will call me mom only when anyone else is present”.

Then she slowly slid the pallu of her sari off her shoulders revealing her big bosom trying to burst out of her blouse and daughter-in-laws super tight bra.

She leaned forward putting a hand inside her blouse and drawing the top of the cup of her bra for him to see. She said “okay, this one”. Bunty was thrilled watching his mother’s big bosom heaving with her every breath arousing him like never before.

He too leaned forward to have a better & closer look and asked “does it fit you”? She said “It’s very tight but I somehow managed”, she pushed it back inside and put her sari back.

He asked “did you like it Nina”? She said “yes, I really loved it, I have never worn anything like this before”. He asked “what size is yours”? Sounding very surprised with his question Nina asked “why”?

He said “so that I can buy some for you too”. With an astonished look and wide eyes, she asked “really will you do that for me”? He said “yes, I will buy them tomorrow itself”.

Playfully she asked “What size is this”? Bunty softly said “Its 32 and yours”? Taking a deep breath Nina said “mine is 36”. With a sense of urgency in his voice he asked “and what is your cup size”?

Getting further more astonished she whispered “bigger than what I am wearing currently”. He asked “how much bigger”? She said “I had to stretch every strap to the max and despite that I managed the last hook with great difficulty, so you can guess how big”.

He confidently said “this is a B so you should be a D or DD”. Nina blushed uncontrollably never imagining having to discuss such intimate things with her son, with a cherry red face she shyly said “double D”.

Still fully composed like in the beginning of this conversation, Bunty asked “which colors do you like”? Hearing this she blushed again and only managed to whisper “anything you prefer”.

He enthusiastically asked “then can I get to see you wear them”. This question caught her off-guard and she was unable to answer him back. She thought for a few seconds and asked “do you want to”?

He said “Yes, I do and that is the reason why I personally shop for Rupa”. Now getting more excited Nina asked “What else do you shop for her”? He said “everything that I fancy”.

She asked “does she like them”? He said “yes she likes them and moreover. . . . .” he did not complete the sentence. Very impatiently she asked “Yes, what”?

He said “she puts them on for me to see”. She asked “Is it? Do you want me to also wear them for you”? He softly said “yes, if you don’t mind”. She asked naughtily “and show them to you”.

He said “yes, that’s the point”. She asked “what’s in it for me”? He said “you will own them”. She teasingly said “ah, as I own them so you will take a look. An interesting idea indeed”.

He said “I will take you for a treat in return”, she shot back “no I don’t need any of your treats”. He asked getting closer “then what do you want”?

Nina thought to herself “I don’t know what I want. As I have come here, I feel I am bound to take care of you”. Bunty asked “What”? Getting up she said “nothing”.

Bunty called “Nina”. Looking back at him she said “yes”, he asked “can you wear that one”? Knowing very well what he meant she teasingly asked “Which one”?

He said “the sari we bought today”. She asked “you mean the pink one”? Bunty getting excited at the prospect of seeing her in it said “yes, the pink one”.

She said “If you want me to…”. He quickly replied “Yes, I want you to wear it”. She asked “Right now”? Taking a deep breath, he said “Yes Nina, right now”.

“Are you are not getting very impatient” saying this she went to his room. Bunty waited patiently for his mother to come back, when she came after a while he was thrilled to see her and said “you look gorgeous Nina”.

She asked raising her eye brows “are you telling the truth Bunty”? As his eyes roamed all over her body, he said “yes, I am speaking the truth”. She asked “are you happy now”?

Bunty excitedly said “Yes”. She replied “I can see it but I am feeling very embarrassed”. He asked “Why, what for”? She said “standing before you draped in this thin sari”.

He asked “what’s there to feel embarrassed about”? “I feel . . .” she said. Guessing what she meant he said “No you are not”. She asked “Is this the way you both play games”?

He said “yes, sometimes”, she asked “and other times”? He said “Nina, I cannot answer that”. Nina came closer and asked “Why”? He said “Because I cannot reveal it to my mother”.

She retorted back “Don’t forget what we resolved earlier. You are no longer talking to your mother”. He replied in a low tone “I am sorry, I forgot”.

Nina now in a more commanding tone again asked “then tell me”. He said “well, usually I choose the clothes which fancy me and she wears them for me”.

She asked “and after wearing them she parades in front of you”? He said “yes, it’s like that”. She asked “and you just sit there watching”? He said “yes, I love to watch”.

She asked “does she remove her clothes”? He said “yes, sometimes she does and sometimes I do it for her”. She asked “are you missing her now”?

He replied “no, not now”. She asked teasingly “Why, because I am here”? He said “yes, because you are here”. She said “but I cannot do everything she does”.

With growing excitement, he said “I know it but I am happy with what you have done so far”. She asked “and what did I do to make you happy”? He replied “you have worn the sari which I bought”.

She asked “and”? He replied “and you showed me your bra”. She said “and”? He said “and I had a good glimpse of your beautiful big chest in the restaurant”.

She said “yes, I saw you staring at my bosom in the restaurant. What else did you see”? He replied “nothing more”. She asked “did you forget what you saw yesterday”?

Bunty now confused, he asked “what did I see”? She replied “you saw my bare belly”. He said “Ah! That is nothing. Now I can see more than what I saw yesterday” while his eyes wandered over her body.

She asked “and that is why you made me wear this thin sari”? He replied “yes, I wanted to see you in it”. She asked “because it reveals too much”? He said “yes, it highlights your figure very sensually”.

She asked “and you take pleasure in viewing it”? He said “yes, I am honored and lucky to watch you clad in this sari”. She said “you surely know very well how to impress a woman”.

He quipped “are you impressed by my words”? Nina in naughty tone asked “then what do you think made me wear this sari”? He said “I am delighted to hear that Nina”.

She quipped “you ought to be”. He said “you have such a gorgeous figure”. She asked “do you say that to every woman”. He replied “Only to those who pose for me”.

She asked “Oh! So you think I am gorgeous just because I am posing for you”? He replied “no, not just because of it but you really do possess a very gorgeous figure”.

Looking at herself she asked “what’s so gorgeous about me”? He said “well, you are tall, you have a beautiful face, dark eyes, rosy cheeks and pouting lips”.

Now at 5feet 8.5” tall Nina was barely an inch shorter than Bunty. She asked “do you call a woman gorgeous if she is tall, with dark eyes, rosy cheeks and pouting lips”?

He said “No”, she asked “then whom do you call gorgeous”? He replied “for the one who has a big filled bosom, a beautiful waistline, well rounded buttocks, and beautiful thighs”.

With her growing arousal Nina asked “and you find all those features in me”? He said “Yes and many more of it”. She asked “that is the reason you wanted to see me draped in this sari”?

He said “No. Now I want to see you without your sari”. Hearing this Nina raised her eyebrows and asked “do you think I will remove it for you”? He replied “I am hoping you will”.

She said “you have very high hopes”. He replied “yes I have very high hopes because I know that you will grant my wish”. She asked in a slightly seductive undertone “do you fancy me Bunty”?

Bunty said “Yes, I have been fancying you a lot since many years and would love to see you without your sari now”. She asked “Do I have to remove it or will you do it”?

He said “No, you remove it”. She asked “How you do want me to remove it? Slowly, sensually or just discard it”? He said “Try to be as sensual as possible”.

In a teasing tone she asked “You mean go slow, reveal each part of my body step by step”? Bunty literally screamed being perched at the peak of his arousal saying “Yes, that’s it”.

He moved to the edge of the sofa to have a closer look. Nina, holding her pallu brought it down over her shoulder and when the top of her breasts were exposed she asked “now do you see anything”?

He said “Yes, I can see the top of your big bosom”. She asked “How does it look”? He replied “The best in this world”. She asked “would you like to see more”?

He screamed “yes I am dying for it”. She drew her pallu further down and asked “can you see my full bosom now”? He said “yes, you have a very big bosom”.

To be continued…
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