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Hi All. I am KKD. Read Raging Sex With Rishi before starting this.

Next day we went to institution and everything is going normal. There is no special classes or extra classes scheduled for coming Sunday. We felt happy. All the week gone and Sunday came. I started to Sony house to fuck Vandana and Sony all the day and took viagra tablets and went to Sony house. By the time I went there to my surprise Dhanu and Rishi are also there. They all came and hugged me at once by seeing me. They are kissing and licking on my face and squeezing all over my body and dragged me towards sofa and thrown me on sofa and they all standing beside me and looking at me full of sex hunger. I understood that they are more horny than me. Actually they are preparing food for afternoon at that time. They are busy with that and Sony and Dhanu went back to kitchen. Vandana and Rishi are at sofa and Vandana came and sat on my dick and rubbing her ass to my dick and I squeezing her boobs and she is slowly coming to give liplock to me and by the time she is about to kiss me Rishi dragged her away and made her to come away from me and Rishi laid on me and started to give liplock to me. Vandana got anger but left her without saying anything.

After sometime we stopped kissing and laid Rishi on sofa and I sat on her and removed my t-shirt. Vandana came and hugged me from backside and kissing me on my back. I removed Rishi top and bra and squeezing her boobs. Vandana turned me back towards her. I given liplock to her and removed her top and I am smooching and licking her neck and cleavage. After sometime I removed her bra. I am seeing her bare boobs and I am about to squeeze them and immediately Rishi dragged me towards her from my back and immediately Vandana fell on me. Rishi is on my back and Vandana on my top and I am between them on the sofa. They both are kissing and squeezing me from both sides and I am squeezing Vandana boobs. Sony and Dhanu came out of kitchen and saw us. They are already horny and by seeing us like that on the sofa they came near to us and dragged me forcefully from between Rishi and Vandana. We all three feel down from sofa. Sony and Dhanu made me to stand and took my both hands each hand by each one and placed my hands on their boobs and asked me to squeeze them. I squeezed and hold their boobs tight and dragged them close to me and they started to give kisses to me on my face. In the same time Rishi and Vandana came and hugged me from backside and kissing on my body randomly.

I kept my hands inside Sony and Dhanu dress and squeezing their waist and lifting their dress. I lifted till boobs and squeezing their boobs over bra and immediately they removed their top. I am squeezing their boobs over their bra and smooching and kissing on their neck and cleavage. I have loosened and removed their bra. Now all the four are standing around me on their bare boobs by hugging me from all sides on their kurta pant and I am standing in between them without t-shirt and wearing only short. They are hugging me from all sides and all their boobs are touching to my bare body and they are kissing me randomly on my body and I am squeezing their bodies and we are enjoying. Suddenly they all kept their hands inside my short and rubbing and squeezing my dick. Sony and Dhanu kept their hands inside my shorts and rubbing and squeezing my dick and Rishi and Vandana kept their hands on my ass and squeezing. Suddenly they lowered my short and removed it and made me completely naked. Within the time I have already loosened all their kurta pants and they all removed their kurta pants themselves. I have inserted my hands inside their panties and started rubbing and squeezing their pussies. They removed their panties also and became completely naked. Now all become naked and kissing and smooching and licking. We all went into the bedroom.

After going into the room Dhanu and Rishi fell on the bed horizontally. I felt on them and squeezing and licking their boobs and squeezing their waists and rubbing their pussies They are moaning and enjoying. Their made me to turn around and lay on them. Now they both are laying under me and I am laying on them by showing my back to them. They placed their each hand on each side on my neck and wrapped them around and dragged me closer to them. They twisted my legs with their each leg from both sides. They locked me without moving anywhere and started to kiss me on my face. Slowly they started to expand my legs with their legs. I didn’t understand what they are doing. I asked them and they are not replying and keep on expanding. Even my hands are free but I am not able to do anything rather than squeezing their boobs and rubbing their pussies. They stopped expanding my legs after it reaching perfect v shape. I am not understanding what they are doing and watching what is happening by lifting my head up as much as possible. I am able to see my erected dick standing straight between my legs and huge amount of space in between my legs. One person can easily sit in between the space of my legs. I am not understanding what they are doing and keep on asking what they are doing. They are not speaking anything and kissing me on my face. Suddenly I have noticed Sony is coming by running towards me by running nakedly. She came by running and fell on me and Rishi and Dhanu moaned Ushhhh…………. Ahhhh………….. Sony started to give liplock to me. After sometime she turned into 69 and placed her pussy in my mouth and she is giving blowjob to my dick. Vandana came and moved Sony pussy from my mouth and placed her pussy on my mouth and I am licking her pussy. They all are moaning umm, umm, umm, umm, umm………… After sometime Dhanu and Rishi came out from under me and laid me down on the bed and they all are kissing and smooching all over my body. I hold Vandana and made her to sit in cowgirl position on my dick. Immediately Rishi pushed her away and came on to my dick by say I am first. Dhanu pushed Rishi away and came on to my dick by saying I am first. Sony came on to my dick by saying I am first.

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