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Hello readers this is my first story going to publish hope you like it

We moved into new area as we changed our house most of the time i live alone while my parents live abroad . My neighbours came to help me as i was new i just saw their daughter i had crush on her since that day .

I was shy to talk with her . After couple of days she came to my house and greeted me and started asking me some questions she had told me she brought food for me . Later as we talked we had exchanged our numbers .

I told her to contact me on my whtsapp at night . She had messaged me at night and we started having conversation we talked for so long and then we slept . Later next day i received her msg in the morning she greeted me i also greeted her.

The conversation went on and after couple of days i asked if she had a bf and she told me yes she has and she wants to marry him . I was abit sad but i started teasing her since that day . One day she came to my home when i was alone she started crying i had enough courage i had gave her a hug and asked her what happend she didnt respond her breath was increasing she told me her bf abused her i said its ok dont worry i am with you . Soon my penis started becoming hard maybe she noticed and she left by giving a naughty smile .

One day i asked whether we can go for mobies at first she didnt agree later she said ok . We went on our bike and watched the movie nothing happend there but on way back she started hugging me from behind she kept holded me tightly my penis got erect . I started driving my bike with one hand and touched her hand with my had we had holded hands for 5 minutes till letting it go .

One day her bf found out she was talking with me and we had a big argument he told me not to talk with her i said ok as you say . We went home and i got a text from her she told me i will still talk with you .

The conversations went on untill one day i was sad suddenly she came and saw me asked me what happend i said nothing she hugged me my face was on her breasts she holded me like thay for two minutes until she let me go and said its wrong she wanted to go back home i hugged her from behind her breath increased i kissed her neck and hand . She got angry and went home .

She didnt talk with me for two days untill one night her parents were going out and her young brother would stay with her she asked me whether i can come it was 11pm i told her i can come to your house then she said come when i say . She called me without hesitating we started kissing each other hardly we kissed for 5 minutes and i started pressing her boobs she said lets go in her room . We went there i remobed her tshirt and bra and then started licking her boobs she started moaning aaawww slowlyyyy please do it slowly after sucking for 10 minutes i told her remove her pajamas she was shy untill i i removed her pajamas my self later removed her panty she had a hairy pussy but i liked it .

I pushed my face in her pussy and started licking it she moaned aaawwwww jaaanuuuu slowly slowlllyyyy . Stop stop please i didnt stop and kept licking for 15 minutes untill she came in my mouth it was tasty . Later i romoved my clothes and she was suprised seeing my dick i asked her what happend she said i had a dick bigger than her boyfriends dick .

She started to suck aww it felt so good she sucked for few minutes she told me to fuck her . I started teasing her she kept on saying please fuck her please . Later i laid her with legs spread i started inserting my dick in her pussy it was abit tight it felt so good she moaned aaawwwww aaaaaahhh jaaanu aaaaah . She was enjoying i fucked in same position dor 10 minutes and then changed to doggy style i was fucking her again for 10 minutes until i was about to cum she told me to do in her mouth i did as she asked i loaded my cum in her mouth and later told me now go we shall meet some another day i went home jerked one time and went to sleep .

Hope you liked my story
You can contact me on [email protected]

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