New Sister in law

This was about 23 years ago when I first met my wife, we went on a holiday and we met up with the wife’s sister it was the first time I had met her but even tho she was seven months pregnant I couldn’t keep my eyes off her she was so sexy to me at night when making love to my wife now I was thinking what it would be like to screw her sister. one night the wife was sucking my cock and I looked at the door to see it was open a jar and I saw my sister in-law Toni staring at me while touching herself as I watched. her she saw me but didn’t stop and I blew my load into my wife mouth while she watched nothing was ever said between us about it.

About a year later we was visiting my wife’s mother and Toni was there I she looked amazing lost all her baby weight her body was so hot great tits ass to die for well that was it for me I had to find a way to have her I know she wanted me the night we was on holiday so I invited her and her husband to have drinks with me and my wife but her husband couldn’t make it at the last minute so my wife told him that Toni could stay with us for the night and he could pick her up in the morning.

It was about 11pm and we all was pretty drunk except my wife she couldn’t drink so she was passed out and just Toni and myself was left alone to drink together, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her looking at her tits and she spotted me and told me I shouldn’t look at her like that as I was married to her sister to which I replied well it’s kind of unfair as you have seen my dick and I haven’t seen anything of you, I grinned as she new what I was talking about and opened her mouth to reply but then stopped and unbuttoned her blouse so I could see her tits through her bra my mouth watered and I lunged at her squeezing her tits and kissing her as she was trying to push me off but at the same time returning the kiss and I then I stopped and I looked at her as she said she cant I told her we can and will as i slid on top of her and she spread her legs for me as I slid her skirt up and I went down on her roughly pulling her thong off and sliding my tongue into her wet pussy feeling her hand on my head as she moaned my name.

I got up and removed my clothes then I leaned down and whispered into her ear I’m going to fuck your mouth your pussy and your ass she gasped in excitement and told me her husband wouldn’t fuck her in the ass even when she begged. She sat on the edge of the sofa and looked up at me as she took my very hard cock in her hand stroking it as it grew harder in her hand then she pressed her lips around the head and took me deep into her mouth deeper than my wife could making me groan as I took her hair in my hand and thrust my cock into her throat moaning oh fuck Toni Ive wanted to do this for so long as I started to fuck her face while holding her hair she gagged a little but didn’t pull away so I fucked her mouth for about fifteen minutes then I told her I was going to cum the made her pull me deeper into her mouth and my cock exploded filling her mouth with the biggest load I had ever done watching as I pumped her mouth full of cock and cum as she tried to swallow it all.

I decided to take my wife to bed at the point as I didn’t want her waking to me fucking her sister so I took her up wrapped her in her blankets and closed the door when I entered living room my mouth was wide open the site I saw Toni naked on her knees with her head down in a pillow just looking at that made my cock extremely hard again as I got down behind her and teased her pussy with the tip of my cock she looked back and said don’t forget to fuck me in the ass seriously if I hadn’t already came in her mouth just them words would have made me cum on the spot.

I decided to tease her a little more and leaned down and slid my tongue into her ass licking and slurping on her asshole then down to her pussy and doing the same I kept this up for a while till she said the words that drove me wild “Fuck me Daddy fuck me hard give me your hard cock Daddy” that was just too much I rammed my cock deep into her pussy grabbing her hips pulling her back onto me as I fucked the shear hell out of her tight pussy moaning and groaning as I felt her push back against me groaning harder Daddy harder slapping her ass as hard as I could as I pounded her cunt so hard I felt her hand reach under and massage my balls as I slammed into her over and over her ass slapping hard against my hips as she screamed feeling her orgasm approaching I drove my cock in an out of her like she had never felt before I slipped my thumb into her ass and started to thumb fuck her ass which sent her over the edge her pussy clamped around my cock as I buried every inch of my 8 inch cock deep into her pussy and blew another huge load of cum deep into her as she screamed “That’s it Daddy breed my slutty pussy” as her orgasm ripped through her body then I pulled out and sat on the sofa trying to get my breath back she crawled to me and took my sensitive cock in her mouth as I watched her suck it clean she then said don’t forget your going to fuck my ass too. I grinned and told her I was saving the best till last as I watched her suck my cock back to full mast.

She climbed up on the sofa straddling my lap as we kissed and touched each other she stroked my cock I sucked her nipples was pleased to finally suck and bite her perfect nipples with her 34dd tits squeezing them sucking biting I was in heaven as she whispered into my ear that no man had ever fucked her that good before that her husband in 4 years had never made her orgasm I looked up and asked her why she stayed with him and she told me because of there daughter I understood that and I told her that I wanted to see her more she agreed then she turned and sat on my lap with her back to me and leaned back against me wrapping her arm around my neck an kissed me moaning into my mouth fuck my ass Daddy I grinned as I pushed her forward bit lifting her ass up and lining my cock with the hole I wanted to fuck from the moment I saw her and eased it into her very tight ass I heard her wince but she kept pushing down till my entire cock was deep in her bowels she pushed herself up and down onto my cock as my hands grabbed her tits playing with her nipples moaning into her ear as I felt my cock stretch her tight ass she gasped as I thrust my hips up and made her take it all in her ass she begged fuck me Daddy fuck my slutty ass please Daddy fuck me like the whore I am, with that I lost my mind I spun her over onto her stomach on the sofa spreading her legs and driving my cock deep deep so hard into her ass fucking her frantically like I would never see her ass again feeling her ass clenching pulling me in deeper as I drove my cock into her she screamed FUCK MY ASS DADDY HARDER

I fucked her with all I had pounding the hell out of her tight ass for about 30 minutes till I knew I couldn’t take it any longer and I asked her where do you want my cum baby girl she said I’m not on the pill so I pulled out of her ass and rammed it into her pussy and immediately exploded deep inside her cunt filling her unprotected cunt with load after load of my hot thick cum, collapsing on top of her breathing heavy as she orgasmed again around my cock as I filled her with my cum she told me if she got pregnant she would tell her husband it was his I grinned and kissed her passionately then out of the blue she said I think my husband is gay……

But that’s for another story.

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