Sex with My dream girl (Neighbour)

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Sex with My dream girl

Hi, my name is Ravi and I am from Guntur now staying in Hyderabad. I am a regular reader of sex stories. Today I want to share my own story which happened last week with my sex starved neighbour.

After the encounter with my aunty I started to get really horny everyday. But as I moved to Hyderabad I was unable to get any pleasure.Many people contacted me after reading my previous story. Because of my busy work schedule I was unable to get laid with any of those who contacted me. Yes yes I know, I wasted good chances. But what to do, all my eyes were upon this lady.

I stay in an apartment in Hyderabad along with my brother and his wife. They both work in mnc’s. In our apartment a new family moved in at the end of June. I learnt that they were from Guntur and so we became close in a very short time. The family consisted of lehari (my lady), her husband vipul and his parents. They were married like 2 years ago and till now they didn’t had any children. The moment I saw lehari I was awe struck. What a beauty!!! Really she was one of the most beautiful women I saw in my life. I thought vipul must be very lucky.

Coming to lehari she is an engineering graduate, aged 26, 34-26-32, excellent figure. She looks mostly like Hansika Motwani. Big lips, big boobs, big ass. Anyone would die for her beauty. From the moment I saw her my brain started to think of ways and means of getting into her bed.

Coincidentally our parking in the apartment are side by side. Vipul,lehari and I used to go to office almost at the same time. Vipul used to drop her to office daily and then he used to go to his office. They used to greet me daily and I also used to reciprocate with a big smile. During a weekend my brother thought of inviting vipul and lehari over for dinner.

That’s why I love my brother., lol. I was waiting for the arrival of my lady. They came at around 7 to our apartment. We all sat together in living room and started chatting. They both were very friendly. While they were talking I was totally blown away by her beauty. She wore a red saree and appeared like a hot bomb. I became so desperate to get laid with her.

I was continuously watching her from top to bottom. She noticed it in no time and started to adjust her saree in such a way that I can see more. She gave a naughty smile at me, I was really dumbstruck by it. In the meantime, we exchanged our phone numbers so that we can be of help at any time. That’s what neighbors are for know (really?).

We went on for dinner and later they left at around 10pm. As soon as they left I went into my washroom and jerked thinking of her. The next day as usually I started to my office,vipul & lehari came down at the same time. Vipul, very hesitantly called me and asked whether I can drop lehari on my way to office as he had to go to his native immediately because of some urgent work. I am waiting for a moment and there came a moment.

I instantly said yes and lehari and I started on my bike. She was wearing body fit jeans and a white top which made her look even hotter. During our travel I saw every single man looking at her all along till we reached her office. The moment she got down from my bike I told her ” if at all I get a chance to drop you again, I will drop you in my car”.

She blushed & went into her office. In the afternoon I called her to inquire about the time of pickup after office. She asked me to come at 6pm. I went to her office , picked her up. This time she sat very close to me and I can feel her boobs touching my shoulders. All along the way I felt like she was intentionally moving her boobs on my shoulder.

We reached home & she thanked me a lot for the ride and asked me to come to her apartment for a cup of coffee and give her company as no one was there. I was a bit surprised by that and inquired about Vipul’s parents. She said they also went along with Vipul. This made my little demon excited.

I told her that I will go freshen up and come. After 20 mins I called her number to inform that I was coming. She said she will keep the main door unlocked as she was going to bath and asked me to get in and close the door. I went to her apartment and closed the main door and sat on the sofa.

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