Daughter and Mom

hi readers i am sai back with my story i will continue my Love making to friend 2.

I had prepared myself to fuck my friend and her mom vidz and jayasree (name changed) It was a weekend morning when i went ro her home.

I had informed only to my friend about my arrival, Vidya opened the door and greeted me. Her mom was in the kitchen cooking, vidya dragged me to her room and we started smooching, we did not waste time, i asked to call her mom, she happily agreed and went to kitchen and came with her mom. jayasree was surprised to see me, I told her that i have fucked her daughter too at my home, she was astonished and stunned, she asked me “why are you here” i said i wanted to have a 3some with both mom and daughter, “how can you even think of it, i cant do it” jayasree replied, and moved towards the door, but her girl was ready for the day and pulled her back to the bed, I smooched her madly while her girl was watching eventually she replied to my kiss, her hand slid inside my denim and reached to my cock, “this is it bitch” vidya said. We broke the kiss both mom and daughter unzipped my denim, my cock was making a wet tent inside my boxers. “its so nice” said vidya, they pulled my boxers down while my cock sprang up. “oh my god, thats so real in size” said her mom, They directly put their mouths on my cock and licked my meatpole, i was moaning badly mom was sucking my testicles while daughter sucked my cock nicely later they did vice versa, “sai your balls are so big ” vidya said. both mom and daughter were pro suckers.

Vidya came on me removing her shorts she placed her cunt over my mouth to lick it, i inserted my tongue slowly inside her cunt, and slowly licked it “aaah fuck it my love” she moaned. I was lost inside vidya’s pussy, all along, later I sensed my cock was kinda wet, and had enter into something, and bend down to see, damn it was my bitch jayasree pouring castor oil over my cock and had just sat on my erected cock, lifting her nighty up.

I wondered castor oil would not get dried so soon, “aahhhh, fuck it its so pleasurable” jaya moaned. I made my hip move upside and down giving her a nice penetration, while i was eating vidya’s pussy, we ended up to 15 minutes, jayasree helped vidya remove her top, she was not wearing her bra, her boobs was medium good in size bigger than her mom, she sat on my penis while my bitch aunt gave her pussy to me, “ahhhh, sai your cock is so good” vidya moaned, while humping on it nicely. jaya was moaning like hell, she had cummed her salty juices thrice inside my mouth, before i pushed her away.

I lifted vidya by her thighs and fucked her lifting her in my arms, i was aroused by her flow. My cock was moving in and out of her small cunt, “aahhh, ahhh, my frnd your cock is so thick and long, ahhh…fuck me” she moaned, jayasree was sucking my balls “iam cumming da” vidya cried and cummed her fluid on my cock, i withdrew my cock it was glittering due to her cum, she saw my cock and exclaimed “oh sai thats so long and strong, please give me more” vidya requested “as you wish my friend” i said we smooched passionately, our tongues were rolling on each other, slowly jayasree guided my cock inside her girl’s pussy, i fucked her with more power, giving her deep strokes “this is so intense it feels so good sai” she moaned, 10 minutes we fucked and put her on bed, she was panting heavily.

“Now its your round my bitch” i said and lifted her in my arms, vidya lubricated my cock with more oil and guided my cock inside her mom’s small pussy, it hardly went it “aaahhh, romba pain ah iruku da” she cried. I kept my ear deaf, and fucked her hard and to the fullest, i smooched her madly than her daughter and shoved my 7 inch long 3 inches thick penis in and out of her honey spot. I put her on the bed, made her ass raise and fucked her with great force, we both were having dominating sex on the bed. My balls were making moment like pendulum, “aahh, aahh, yena vidu da please da” she cried. I said ” the real fun is about to happen” i poured oil on my dick and to her ass hole, slowly inserted my thick dickhead inside her ass hole. “aaahhh…..she started to shout, but vidya covered her mouth with hers i started to pound her softly inside her asshole. It was damn tight at the beginning, but after 10 to 15 deep strokes it felt incredibly pleasure, she too stopped to shout and started to enjoy the pleasure, “ahhh, romba nalla iruku da, ahhh..apidi tha .. nalla kuthu en choot ah ” she was moaning heavily, mom was sucking her own daughter’s pussy, while i was as fucking mom.

“iam gonna cum you bitch” and cummed inside her asshole and exhausted on the bed. We had fallen asleep. We woke up in the evening and was shocked to see a young guy in the room, “aunt sis what the hell is this” he shouted. “its nothing dear me and sis have been looking for pleasure and sex, it was sai my friend who showed us pleasure” replied jayasree, I waved a hi to him, she further added come on son lets have fun, she pulled him towards the bed and put him on it. while he was stunned jaya had pushed him on the bed and started to rub on his cock over pant. “aahhh, yeah…mmmm” he moaned, Slowly jayasree removed his trousers along with his undies.

His cock sprang free, damn his cock too was goo in size it was nearly 6 inches in length but thicker than mine. Wihin seconds he was nude, “oh boy you are nice in shape” vidya said. I was already nude, it was now a 4some jayasree sat on his cock while i picked up vidya for the company, we were fucking badly 2 young boys and 2 horny females. He was worried with his size i convinced him stating its all about the performance, we put mom and daughter in missionary and started to fuck them, we tried all possible postures exchanged ladies after 1 hour of intense sex, we both cummed on mom and daughter.

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