Dark side

Hi i am Harshada i am 27 old now , and this is my true story. I am married women with traditional family background i stay with my hubby in a building . we have good neighbourhood around . my hubby work with hotel industry . he has shift duties . we had a small house on 4 th floor of 4 rooms total which includes 2 bed room one leaving room and one kitchen . all rooms have big size windows . kitchen and one bed room window was facing to other building beside our bulding . the window facing our window were first closed every time may be the flat was vacant and few days latter there was a Nigerian Black man started to stay in that flat , i was unknow to that but once as usual i was drying my cloths in one bedroom window , i saw him first time he was standing in his window smoking he was a tall man very dark small hairs but muscular which can be seen by his arms and shoulders . i just look at him and find him staring at me so i just did my work quickly and closed the window and went back to my work . next day it was same thing again , he was stareing at me again . i didn’t look at him but i knew he was looking at me . i finished my work quickly and closed the window now this was every day schedule he started to staire at my windows every time and when ever he find me in window he started to smile i never responded him ever . whenever my hubby use to go to work use to wave him from same window and this guy afer my hubby went stared to wave at me . i never responded his act i was worried about my neighbourhood i don’t wanted any one to notice this all and started to gossip about me wrong way
This was going on for few months now , he stared to make funny faces or started to show me some dance stapes or do some or other thing so that he get my attansion on him . now when i started to cook in kitchen he too use to come and stand in opposite window and look at me . i had never tell this thing to any one . once he had followed me to supermarket and when i was all alone there he tried to talk to me but i was so scare that i ran away and came back home quickly . that night i wanted to tell this thing to my hubby but i don’t know y i didn’t told him about anything and keep all this up to me , that day i had saw him first time closely though i was scare of all that i could remember him in details how he was talking and behaveing in super market , he was trying to be decent but it was me who got so scare and ran away he had just said “ hi how r u “. I was thinking of that till late that night whenever i close my eyes i can remember the thing happen and can see every thig again in front of my eyes repeating , i am just 5 feet tall , average physic not too chubby or not too slim had a nice figure of 34-28-36 which my hubby always complimented . fair long hairs up to my waist . and he was near by 6.11 feet tall dark black and with broad chest and wide shoulders , very muscular man he had big deep eyes and big lips.
Next day when i was drying cloths i found his window close i looked in other window but it too was closed . i thought that because of what happen earlier he now wont look or talk at me again. That whole day i secretly check him in window many times but it was closed every time , i don’t know but it was something uneasy feeling inside me whole day and also at night i was thinking of that . next day in morning i first went and check the window secretly but it was closed again . that day i kept my window open whole day and look for him in his window every now and then but there was no seen of him whole day .i didn’t knew what to do but i was always thinking what would have happen , after 2 more days my curiosity went on hike and that day after my hubby left i change my dress and wear a top and a jeans and lock my door and without any one find me i silently went in his building i very silently climb the stares and saw that his door was unlock , i didn’t know if he was in house or had left i was confused in my mind what to do i turned back and started to leave but then i thought may be he is not well so again i stop and slowly with scary feelings i knock the door there was no response from him so i turend back again and suddenly there was a noise and the door was open
As he open the door i turn back to him again and he was standing in door topless , i stood still looking at him as if a cat caught my tongue , he smiled at me i had no word to talk. My hard beet were turn heavy he ask me ‘ ohoo hi there how r u and how come u here “ i just smile and said “good” he was little confused by my behaviour he said me to get in but i was just standing in door like i was shock and keep looking what he was saying . and in sudden i heard ssome sound from the next door so without knowing them that y am i here i just went inside his house . he closed the door , his house was all mess he use to stay alone and i can smell his smoking smell inside the house even there were some alchole bottles in house and whole house was just mess with his cloths and all. He hurried and lift some cloths from his sofa and ask me to sit . i silently sit on the sofa and he was standing in front of me all in his boxer topless showing his muscular body , my throught turned dry and i didn’t know what to talk it was scilent in room he went to the window whch was closed and started to open but in sudden i shouted ‘ Pls don’t open “ and he was just shock , i didn’t want any one to look me from my building sitting at his house . he left it and he pulled a stool and sit in front of me . i was quite again he was looking at me , he handed me a bottle of water and i open it and drink it like i was thirsty from many days . he was continuesly looking at me and smiling , i again smile at him and stared to look around , he stared to talk in his broken English he said that he stay alone here and keep talking about things he is doing here and y he has visited here i was looking at him as he was talking to me . then suddenly he ask me how come i visited him and i was very shock and confused to answer i said nothing and he laugh , then he stared to ask about my hubby and he also said about the fight i had with my hubby just few days before and am i ok now and all , i was very surprised to hear all this he knew every details about me . he keep saying and then he started to speak about me and how good i look . i felt uncomfortable so i stood up , he stop speaking as i stood up and he too stand he was so tall then me i was just up to his chest . i look at him and i said i have to go now bye , saying that i start to move and he raised his hamd to shake my hand and say bye . i gave him my hand he took my hand in his big palm and while shaking he suddenly gave me hug .

i was very much surprised by that he had hug me tight and my heart was beating so fast that it could come out now . hugging me tight my face was against his bare sweaty chest he had hold me tight his hands on my back it was going too far so i just push him away and i got sepreted from him , he was looking at me and i could see his intensions in his eyes . i turned and started to move and surprisingly he hold my hand again and stared requesting me to stop but i make my hand free and quickly rush to door and open it and run outside . i started to get down on stares i could not belive what just happen in there i was wondering whats going in my hard it was beating fast my body was feeling heavy and i could not remove him from my mind i was climbing down and i could smell his sweat on my top . ohooo tht raw smell it was making me feel something in me . something was happening to me i had just came down floors and my mind said me to stop . i was just thinking about this all and i could just see him again and again in my mind , i don’t know what feeling i had that time but in seconds i turn back and started climbing steps again . i came near his door i could see the door open as i left it. I slowly push it and enter inside . he was standing in window looking at my window as i enter he looked at me i was still in the door . he said nothing and closed the window and threw his cigarette away and came near me he hold my hand and pull me inside and closed the door . i was looking at him he said nothing . may be he knew whats going in my mind but i was totely confused and in sudden he pulled me and hug me tightly this time it was so tight that when i tried to push him i could hardly move . it was very quick i tried to stop him but in sudden he had placed his big lips on my lips and started smooching me like he had never kiss any one . he pushed me to the door itself as he kept kissing my lips i could hardly breath now i had never smooched like this ever before and it was so sudden i could not do any thing then just wet to him to stop so that i could breath properly , but in sudden i coluld feel is hand touching my back and moveing down on my waist and then on my butt he was squessing it with his both hand and smouching me , then in sudden he stop kissing me i was just taking a deep breath and in sudden he just hold my top and in one move he just pulled it up and in a sec it was out from my head and out in his hands . it was so quick that i never thought it can be removed so quick and i could just cover my bra with my hands , his next move was starching my hands open and he placed his mouth on my neck and started to lick it . i just said “ No PLS “ and he was all licking my neck and my bare shoulders he ahd hold my hands on both side stretched and he started to move his long tongue over my shoulders and then on my neck and then over my cleavage and then he started to lick my armpits though it was not shaved he kept licking it like a crazy i had never got licked my armpits before and this move and turned me on and i was out of control and i started to moan which mad him more crazy he turned me and pushed me back on door and he stared to lick my backneck and shoulders and comeving down licking my back i coluld feel his big lips on my back i was pressed on the door and he was licking my back and in sudden he flipped open the hooks of my bra and with both hands pulled its strips down from my shoulders and pulled out my bra he kept licking my back from shoulders to my low waist . his hands were moveing on my tummy and in one move he turned me and i saw him knelling and in moment my bare breast were in front of him i suddenly covered it with crossing my hands but he lookat at me and hold my hands again and pull them away exposeing my breasts and then he hold it with his hands . that touch made me more excited and i closed my eyes his bag hands were playing with my breast now his fingers moveing on my nipples i could feel a shivering in my body . and in sudden i could feel his wet tongue licking my nipples and this made me un control and i wraped my hands on his neck and he placed his lips on my nipples and started to suck them like a small kid his big lips were sucking my breasts like vacume nd i was totaly in his control now i didn’t even know when he open my jeans and pulled it out from my legs next thing i knew was his hand inside my panties touching my bare cunt and finger moveing on my pussy lips , i had forgotten every thing even who i am and i was married i even forget that i was cheating on my hubby , i was just lost in lust and this black guy was enjoying my fair body licking and sucking my breasts and licking my tummy his tongue moveing in my belly button and in sudden he pulled my panties off my legs and i was all naked in front of him . shamelessly standind all naked in front of a black guy he was moveing his fingers on my hairy cunt and then sat down and placed his face between my legs and started to smell my cunt and then placed his lips on it and stayred to kiss my cunt his tongue started to move all over my pussy and between it it was making me so crazy that i liftet my one leg and he placed it on his one shoulder i was holding his head . his tongue was going deep in me this man was making me crazy i was pushing and pulling his head every time i was getting excited in sudden he lifted my other leg up and put it on other shoulder i was totaly sitting on his shoulder now and he was busy eating my pussy i was going to get orgasm so i tried to pull him away but he hold my butt and ptessed me more on his face he was looking at my reactions and kept licking my cunt his one hand was pressing my breast and i was holding his head and supported my back on wall both lesgs on his shoulder i got a great orgasm i never had before he could feel all wetness and i lil ashame of it but he was so crazy for it he kept licking and lick ever drop , after some time he pulled his face out of my legs and looked at me this was the first time i smiled at him i was dreeping in sweat all naked slowly i removed my legs from his shoulder he was still sitting and his hand was playing with my breast i was looking at him and he stretched his and take his ciagrate out and burn it and started smoking . my hubby never smoke but i felt good when he released the smoke on my face . i was standing against wall and he stood up again smoking this time he flag and came very close to me and released smoke on my face i could smell the smell of it .he was looking at me and i was looking at hi his one hand was on my waist he was smoking and he again took the flag and with the smoke in his mouth he kissed my lips and realesed all the smoke in my mouth . i had never smoke before and it caused me to cough he laughed looking at me then again he did same and this time i too tried to take it and relese it properly he was happy by that then he put his ciagrate in my mouth and told me to take a puff and i tried the same but again i cough but in few try it could take some smoke in my mouth . then he again kiss me and i left all the smoke in his mouth , this all was very new for me and i had never thaught i would smoke and all like this . he made me smoke all cagrate like that and i did as he wanted then he burn another for him the room was all filled of its smell and smoke he was touchim my breast and his hands move on my all body and doing that he tried to push me down i was unknown what he wanted to do but soon i was knelling and i knew what was next . without any time he pulled down his shorts and ohoooo my his long hard dark black cock was in front of my face , till that time i had never ever seen such thing before i was so surprised by that it was huge and looking at it was shocked and my heat started to beat fast again , i touched it with my shivering hand i could feel its vens bulging out and it was so hard and as i move my hand on it its skin moved behind and his pink tip exposed ohooooo i had never imagine this ever a dark black cock which has a pink tip and it look so excited . i was moveing my hand over it but it was so huge that it was not fitting in my small palm.

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