Co-passenger’s love for me on train

Hello readers,
Enjoy reading my true stories as I have written too many stories of my life , some true and some imaginary. I am married for 2-3 years as I am of 25-26 years with a height of 5’5 feet and lovely face ,my white complexion as well as figure of 34_26_36, make me too hot and wild. I am living in Gwalior with my hubby, an evening a phone from my mom made me happy as I came to know from my mom that i have to go there for a week .. I reached Durgapur from gwalior in the morning but what happened with me during journey? It will make readers crazy for me. I took a nice bath and after lunch i slept for whole day. In the evening my hubby came to me to wake up and he started shouting……” Oh bina you are still sleeping woke up my darling,you have to catch train in the late evening .” And his voice interrupted my fast sleep ,as I woke and moved inside washroom for refreshment . I prepared a nice coffee for us as we both have it and than I started changing my dress ,I put a red brassier on my breasts of 34C size and a G string on waist to cover my vaginal zone ,a sleeveless kurti and a skirt of knee length and lastly put a sandle on legs.we both left our home as my hubby is driving car fastly towards junction and we reached there on time to catch hubby have booked ticket in A/C-1 class as train came on time we both frisked inside the coach ,I am on my sit in the coup as my hubby left me. I can see a young guy sitting on the opposite berth as two berths are vacant .as train started moving TTE came to us and checked our tickets ,that guy asked him……”sir is this two berths vacate or
(TTE) it’s vacant ,happy journey .”and TTE left the coup.
I am sitting on my berth having a magazine on hand but watching his activities as the young guy closed the door of coup and started removing his shirt ,looking at him I am bit horny but young guy will unbutton his jeans in front of me,some how he is inciting me for sex and like a shameless guy he have removed his jeans. I can see him only in undies as his bulge of penis is making me hot ,now the young guy hold his Bermuda to put on his waist but will he remove his undies or not ? If yes than will he wrap the towel on his waist or will show me his long penis ,I am still confused ,but young guy wrapped a towel on his waist and put his hand inside his towel to remove his undies. He is standing infront of me with his face towards the coup wall and I can see his black undies coming down towards his legs and in a sudden ,I moved my hand towards his waist and pulled down his towel as I can see his nude ass . Like a hot and wild lady ,I am mentally prepared for fuck with a stranger and that young guy turned towards me and now hold his semi erected penis in his hand,looking at me………”see it you dirty lady ,you have pulled down my towel to see my penis ,see and
(Bina) but you are inciting me young guy ,now you will get the punishment .” And I stood up infront of young guy,now I hold him tightly and started kissing his lips and face ,his hand is moving on my ass as he is lifting my skirt upto waist and lastly,I took his lips in my mouth to suck and started sucking it fastly. My boobs are pressing hard on his chest as he is rubbing his palms on my nude ass,my G string have covered my vaginal parts only. He left my tongue and now I am sitting on the corner of berth as he is standing nude in front of my face,his long hard penis is in my palm and slowly I started moving it’s glans on my face and lips .a young co-passenger’s is looking at me as I took his glans and cock in my mouth to suck ,I am sucking it like a whore but my head is still and that young guy put his hand on my head and hold my hairs tightly to fuck my mouth with his penis. He is fucking my mouth with great speed as his glans is hitting my deep throat ,after a while I took his penis out of my mouth and my tongue is rolling on it for a while .
We both are sitting on berth as he started removing my clothes ,my kurti is out of my hot body as his hand is pressing my boobs hardly and my hand is on his dick ,masturbating it slowly .looking at me he started pulling down my skirt as I am semi nude,he asked……..”what’s your name hot lady ?
(Bina) I am Bina Mishra and you
(Guy) I am Rohit Bansal .” And he pushed me on berth as I slept with my legs wide spread ,he is on my top as he is kissing my face and lips ,my hand is moving on his back.lastly I removed my brassiere and Rohit took my breast in his mouth to suck,he is sucking it hard with his hand massaging other one hardly. I am screaming in joy…….”ohhhh aahhh Rohit suck my boobs hard .” And he took my other breast in his mouth to suck .my both breasts are full of milks as it’s not going to be out from it, why? Every one Rohit is moving on my hot body as he is kissing my flat tummy and navel to waist line.lastly Rohit put a pillow under my waist and made my legs wide open as he removed my G string and looking at me……”oh no what a vagina it is ? Too hot and sexy
(Bina) love it Rohit now I am your whore.” And he started kissing my vagina,labias are well distracted as his lips are kissing it,my vagina is wide opened as my fingers is on my labias and Rohit is licking my cunt with his tongue and I am shouting…..”oohhhhh aahhh Rohit fuck me hard I am feeling the heat .” And he took my labias in his mouth as he is sucking it hard till I pushed his head back to leave my hot we both are going to enjoy the fuck as I am on berth on my knees and elbows ,like a bitch I have put my hot body and my ass is on the corner of berth .now I can feel glans going inside my cunt as he is pushing his long cock in my cunt ,after a while ,he hold my waist tightly and penetrated his cock in my vagina with speed as well as power ,I screamed………”oohhhhh Rohit it’s an iron rod ,no mercy while fucking a lady like me.” And Rohit is fucking me hard ,his penis is hitting the depth of vagina as I started swinging my ass fast and both are enjoying fuck on running train . He is going hard as I am shouting…….”oohhhhh Rohit I will cum soon fuck me hard .” And his cock is now inside wet pussy. He took out his cock for a while and than started licking my cunt with his long tongue and than ,his penis is again running in my smooth vagina. He is fucking me hard as I am moving my ass to enhance our pleasure ,after 10 minutes of fuck he shouted. ….. “Oohhhhh you bitch have my cum.” And his penis ejaculated cum in my vagina and I took his penis in my mouth to taste the cum.

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