Sex with sister in law

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Hi readers, After reading so many stories here I decided to share my story here.

Part 1

My name is ganesh and I’m from Coimbatore. This is a true incident about how I became intimate with my wife’s sister. To discribe my sister in law she looks little alike to actress Athulya Ravi (body structure)

Mine is an arrange marriage and we have a okies sex life. I’m a super horny but my wife (Divya) is not much into sex. My wife’s sister (Kirthika) was just 18 when we got married. We don’t talk much just formal hi bye in the initial stage.

Things were very normal for 2 years and my wife started losing interest in sex and used to deny my approach and I have to masturbate and sleep. This became usual after that.

My wife is working in IT and belong to a village in south so she had to stay in college hostel for higher studies. Just like her Kirthika got PG admission in a college in coimbatore and she asked my wife whether she could stay in our house and attend college instead of hostel because of food problems.

We live in a 2bhk villa and my parents are in the US with my brother and used to visit us once a year. After discussion we decided it’ll be fine. She moved in to my parents room and all was good until she saw me masturbate in my bed.

My wife use to leave for work in the afternoon and comes back mid night because of her shift. And I’m a architect so I go office on and off and Kirthika goes to college in the morning and comes late evening.

This happened on a day when I took a second half of the day and came to my house and decided to make good use of the time. Normally I take at least a hour to fully finish mastrubating like I slowly start and keep watching pov until done. So I started as usual my bedroom door was slightly open but I remember locking the main door so I didn’t bother. I was almost at the reaching point and suddenly Kirthika barged into my room, I’m fully naked and holding my c*ck she went back quickly. I was so embarrassed but I remembered the way she was watching my c*ok like she has never seen one.

Then something started bothering me what if she tells my wife about this and she’ll make this a big problem so I quietly went to her room and started with sorry I didn’t know you’ll come this early and she told sorry and I asked not to mention this to divya and she agreed.

After this incident Kirthika started behaving differently, she won’t talk to me much but now she starts conversations she also stated to wear low neck t shirts which shows cleverage when she bends down. Even though I wasn’t used to this I started to enjoy this little moments and we sometimes make eye contact and her eyes be like I know you want me come on come on but this all could be my imagination.

But on this day everything changed. I was on leave and got to know Kirthika was on leave too so once my wife left to work I went to kitchen and started talking to her and she was cool I didn’t know how to take it forward so I came back to my room and after sometime she came knocking in and asked if I want anything to eat and she brought up that incident mentioning she has to knock each time as I might be doing something wrong.

We laughed and when she was about to leave I hugged her and I could feel my c*ck rubbing her thigh and I slowly started to kiss her neck and lips she responded kissing me back and we kissed few more times and she went running back to her room. It so blissful.

That is when I realized it’s not my imagination she’s into me and I started to tease her whenever my wife is not around by touching her ass and curves and she started to wear only t shirt when she comes back early from college and change before my wife comes home.. We behave very normal around her.

I started to imagine fu*king her in dreams and waiting for a chance to do it. So when ever Kirthika comes home early I’ll slowly start by touching her and move my hands on her navel and belly bottom and she will close her eyes and enjoy it. This went on for weeks but she never allowed me to do more than that.

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